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35 Best Father’s Day Songs to Play for Dad

March 1, 2023
Best father's day songs

Fathers mean the world to us.

But ask anyone about dad’s favorite gift, and they’ll struggle to respond.

It’s not like the situation changes on father’s day, anyway. 

“Should you just buy him another tie to complete his wardrobe?”

Or a new grill to match his newly found passion for cooking?

What if he doesn’t like it? 

Fortunately, a bespoke playlist does the trick all the time. 

And below are the 35 best father’s day songs about dads to make the old man a little emotional on his big day. 

Table of Contents

1. “My Father’s Eyes” by Eric Clapton

Here’s an instant tearjerker every dad wants to avoid. 

But one worth playing with dad to appreciate his role in your life. 

Tears flow freely as Eric Clapton describes the dad he never met. 

My Father’s Eyes” is the perfect song to dedicate to the man who stepped up, even if not your biological dad. 

2. “Your Joy” by Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele’s beautiful song for dad hits right where you need it. 

It is the one to complement those daddy-daughter dances at wedding ceremonies and other family events. 

3. “Song For Dad” by Keith Urban

A father’s love is priceless, even if they rarely show it.

And nobody sums up unconditional affection better than the Australian-American country singer.

4. “My Old Man” by Zac Brown Band

“My Old Man” is the first single from Zac Brown Band’s 2017 Welcome Home studio album. 

And it is sung from the heart as an admiration for the father figure in the narrator’s life. 

The old man led an exemplary life. 

And the narrator only wants to follow in his footsteps. 

Play this with your dad if he greatly influenced your life. 

5. “Daddy Come And Get Me” by Dolly Parton

Which daughter won’t turn to their father in times of need?

When the woman in Dolly Parton’s song is put in a mental institution, she believes only her father can save her. 

That’s the epitome of a father-daughter bond, as The Book Lady narrates. 

6. “The Sweetest Gift” by Sade

Children are a blessing. 

And Sade’s song is about those unbreakable bonds we create with our little ones. 

As the crooning continues, the listener goes through a stream of emotions, thinking about all the good times shared with dear ones. 

7. “Build Me A Daddy” by Luke Bryan

Do you want to pump dad’s ego on his special day?

This is the one. 

Luke Bryan’s song for dad makes everyone cry. 

The lyrics express the singer’s deep longing for a dad.

Such is his yearning that he begs a toy maker to build him a father. 

The song will make you appreciate the old man even more. 

And if it leaves you shedding a tear, remember it was meant to do just that. 

8. “Father And Daughter” by Paul Simon

The father-daughter bond is eternal. 

And this 2002 classic rock track finds Paul Simon responding to his daughter’s endless questions about an inevitability. 

The lines “there could never be a father/Love his daughter more than I love you” perfectly sum up any dad’s genuine feelings about their little angel. 

9. “You Should Be Here” by Cole Swindell

Dads are special no matter the occasion.

And this Cole Swindell’s tune is for those occasions when you miss the old man dearly. 

The singer’s heartache only worsens with every passing day.

10. “Dance With My Father” by Luther Vandross

Dads will do anything to make their little ones happy. 

And Luther Vandross’s best dad memory is dancing together in the house.

It’s a touching tribute for reminiscing the good old days.

And one that never misses in any father’s day celebration. 

11. “Daddy” by Beyoncé 

Beyoncé penned a heartfelt tribute to her father in one of the best singles from her Dangerously in Love studio album. 

She analyzes the father-daughter bond in a relatable way and acknowledges the old man’s commitment to his family.

It’s clear to see that this man had a significant impact on Queen B’s life 

12. “He Didn’t Have To Be” by Brad Paisley

The narration in Brad Paisley’s song is about a single woman rejected by many men because of her little boy. 

When she finally meets an understanding and compassionate man, Paisley writes a song about it. 

It is a heartfelt story about the fathers who stepped up. 

Some men don’t need the biological title to leave a lasting impact on a child’s life.

We call them father figures. 

And this is a special tribute to them. 

13. “Daddy Lessons” by Beyoncé and Dixie Chicks

Another great addition to your father’s day playlist from Queen B.

Only this time, she teams up with one of the greatest country acts.

The daddy lessons in this song are relatable to Beyonce’s fans worldwide. 

14. “My Old Man” by Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco’s alternative song is just what you need to compliment dad’s playlist. 

The narrator gives us a view of his relationship with his father. 

The old man is an addict and drug abuser.

Unfortunately, Mac is his dad’s best reflection. 

Perhaps it’s only a harsh realization of his aging. 

15. “Daughters” by John Mayer

John Mayer urges all fathers to take good care of their daughters because it reflects their future.

The love they get is the love they show in adulthood. 

So, treat them like the little queens they are. 

“Fathers be good to your daughters/Daughters will love like you do.” 

16. “My Father’s House” by Bruce Springsteen 

This one doubles as a perfect regret song

Bruce Springsteen pays tribute to his dad while attempting to right the wrongs from his past life. 

This is not the first time the singer gives us a glimpse of his relationship with his dad. 

And it’s fair to say it was tumultuous. 

17. “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw

Let Tim McGraw’s heartfelt tribute do the talking when emotions get high on dad’s special day. 

The “Don’t Take The Girl” hitmaker is known for his high-pitched voice and usually melodic, heartfelt hits. 

But on this one, he gets a little emotional when assuring her little girl that he will always be there for her.

It’s a genuine love confession and the best tune to play with the old man on the big day. 

18. “These Three Words” by Stevie Wonder

We promise you this one will get daddy pumped up for the day. 

This is not an outright dad’s song, but the powerful message is the only affirmation you want from the old man on father’s day. 

19. “I’m Her Daddy” by Bill Withers

Bill Withers went full heart and soul on this one. 

The “Lean on Me” singer confronts an ex-lover who’s blocked him from seeing their daughter.

He wonders if the little one still remembers him. 

Throughout the narration, Withers paints the picture of a sad man consumed by his lonely life.

And we can see why.  

20. “Just The Two Of Us” by Will Smith

Will Smith’s touching tribute to Trey Smith is just what you need to spice up a father’s day celebration. 

It is a must-listen when compiling dad’s playlist. 

And everything is made special by the creative music video. 

21. “Like Father, Like Son” by The Game

The Game’s song gives us a glimpse of the 50 minutes preceding the birth of his firstborn child, Harlem Caron Taylor.

He’s excited by the impending changes in his life and can’t wait to see his little man. 

22. “Babyfather” by Sade

What a great feeling to be a parent!

Of course, it’s challenging with its ups and downs. 

But Sade assures the listeners that any person can be a parent and enjoy the privilege. 

Everybody assumes the male figure in Sade’s hit is her longtime partner, Ian Watts.

23. “The Best Day” by George Strait

It’s hard to listen to George Strait’s songs and not assume they are about a certain phase in his life.

That’s the same for his 2000s country song about his relationship with his son. 

The chart-topping song is the ultimate tune to bring the feel-good factor on dad’s special day. 

24. “I Learned From You” by Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus

Miley Cyrus sings to that one special mentor in her life.

And that can only be his dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. 

The addresses taught her crucial life lessons even though none made sense to her then. 

25. “Father To Son” by Queen

This is a fan-favorite song by the British rock band

It is a powerful ballad-hard rock combo written from a father’s perspective. 

26. “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars

A father’s sacrifice is underrated. 

And Bruno Mars’ song is for those dads who sacrifice everything to give their kids the best life.

If your dad belongs in that category, this surely is the song to lift his mood on father’s day.

It brings joy to friends, siblings, and parents worldwide. 

27. “Carried Me With You” by Brandi Carlile

Tear-jerking is how we would describe Brandi Carlile’s song for dads. 

It is “a song about not taking love for granted-accepting love even when you don’t feel like you deserve it,” says the singer. 

28. “The Greatest Man I Never Knew” by Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire’s song is a touching tribute that makes everyone sob uncontrollably. 

It is about a man’s relationship with his busy father.

The father doesn’t seem to care until it’s too late. 

The powerful message is; always find time for your loved ones. 

29. “Daddy Could Swear, I Declare” by Gladys Knight and the Pips

Gladys Knight and the Pips’ song is for those dads who struggle with dirty language in their kids’ presence.

It’s not like any other father’s day song on this list, which makes it a must-have on your ultimate playlist. 

“He loved us all, and we knew it/Though he showed it in a very funny way/For most of the time/He was cussin’ and fussin.’”

30. “They Don’t Make ‘Em Like My Daddy Anymore” by Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn’s song is the highest form of praise any dad can ever get. 

The narrator is convinced that dad’s the best and the world would be better with more men like him. 

The song reached #4 on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. 

31. “Color Him Father” by The Winstons

“Color Him Father” is the most appropriate tune for a father’s day celebration. 

In the beginning, it looks like a typical father’s day song for any biological dad.

But the lyrics take a somber mood as the crooning continues when the narrator clarifies that his true father “got killed in the war.”

It will leave you appreciating the role of father figures in your life, but not before shedding a tear for the innocent young man. 

32. “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna

What are dad songs without a controversial hit from a decorated Queen of Pop? 

The 80s was a time when everybody shunned away from controversial topics like teenage pregnancy. 

Then came the daring Madonna with her endless reinvention, versatility, and class. 

Not only did she attract controversy with her dad’s song, but she also cemented her name in the pop music industry. 

33. “Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)” by Billy Joel

Billy Joel’s song is about a parent’s connection with a little angel. 

The instrumental break sounds take everyone on an emotional ride. 

And the singer assures that he will always be there for the little one, no matter the circumstances. 

34. “Papa Don’t Take No Mess” by James Brown

A tough father isn’t every child’s wish. 

But every kid deserves one. 

This 1974 funk song is about a tough but loving father.

He wouldn’t tolerate any mischief but loves his children unconditionally. 

That’s the type of father every kid looks up to. 

35. “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder

We can’t finish without mentioning Stevie Wonder’s iconic ballad. 

The song’s lyrics express a dad’s love.

And in this case, Stevie is mesmerized by this cute little angel. 

It’s hardly surprising this hit appears in any list of the best songs about dads.

Best Father’s Day Songs – Final Thoughts

Fathers are the best friends anyone could ever ask for. 

They are the protectors of the family and the shield in times of trouble. 

But for some, the father-child bond gets complicated, marred by painful confessions of regret. 

Many artists have been inspired by their dads, stepdads, and all the father figures who made a lasting impression on their lives. 

And our playlist of the 35 best songs about fathers songs tells the story. 

Whether the loving type or the stepdad who stepped up, these father’s day songs are perfect for playing with dad on a special day.

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