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15 Best Recording Studios in Atlanta

July 21, 2023
recording studios in atlanta

Ah, the shining, shimmering beacon of the Peach State.

A financial and business mecca of the South. But a musical Eden?

Don’t let the secret out, but Atlanta has had something of a creative facelift as of late.

Atlanta has been called hip hop’s center of gravity, but it doesn’t limit itself to this domain.

Earlier in its history, it was the center of country music until Nashville outpaced it mid-century.

Today, it plays host to the intriguing, buzzy genres of neo-soul and crunk, and has a tenacious and gregarious garage and indie rock scene. 

Whether you’re more of an Outkast or an Alan Jackson, you’ll find a musical mecca for you in Atlanta, the postmodern creative Atlantis of the American South.

Enjoy our picks of the best recording studios in Atlanta!

1. Super Sound Studios

Super Sound Studios

Super Sound opened in 1996 under a different name and was designed by acoustic architectural legend Russ Berger, who won a 1996 Texas Society of Architects award for his work on the interiors of the studio. 

That same unyielding commitment to vision, technical discipline, and craft goes into all of the output of Super Sound.

And the propulsive, charismatic star power is never far away – the owner is none other than the swaggering prince of Southern rap, T.I.

Their A-Suite has been dubbed the best-sounding room in the country and features a suite of beautifully-kept vintage analog gear and the best digital wizardry available, such as the 64-channel Solid State Logic 4000 G console.

Several fixtures of American music have come by to experience the dizzying acoustics and sonic purity for themselves, such as Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, and Lionel Ritchie.

Contact them for rates and appointments.

2. 11th Street Studios

11th Street Studios

This two-level, 7000-square-foot megalopolis was opened in 2006 and quickly blew the competition out of the water with its sheer audacity, spacious studio space, and state-of-the-art equipment.

Owner Steve Fisher has worked on 100 certified gold and platinum releases and has been personally responsible for 50 Billboard chart toppers. 

With six private recording rooms, you’ll have a personalized, intimate experience, and you’ll be treated to a compelling array of recording and post-production tools, like Neumann microphones and Avid consoles.

It also has an in-house record label, which specializes in rap, EDM, gospel, and pop – if that sounds like you, then saunter over to 11 Street, where you’ll be treated to a full-service experience from the first rung of the ladder to the last. 

Rates range from $60 to $200 per hour.

3. Patchwerk Studios

Patchwerk Studios

The opulent studio opened by former Atlanta Falcon Bob Whitfield in 1995, Patchwerk has established itself as a luxe and high-end option for serious hitmakers and mainstream aspirants.

They have recorded over 60 Gold and Platinum records for the likes of Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, and Beyonce, and they specialize in R&B, hip hop, and radio-friendly hits with heart.

With a staggering 10,000 square feet of recording, production, and engineering space, you’ll be short of words as they take you on your intro tour.

Patchwerk has five studio rooms, the crown jewel of which is Studio 9000, which features a drum room, three isolation booths, and the only SSL J9000 console you’ll find in the whole sun-dappled state.

Their elevated interiors and glitzy services set them apart from the competition, and in addition to vocal tuning, workshops, and mastering, they have a gourmet chef on site.

Contact them for rates.

4. Icon Studios

Icon Studios

Icon was founded by husband and wife team Stone and Tashia Stafford in 2007 with the sole mission of fostering a generative space that is financially accessible to the creative masses.

The kitschy-futuristic decor has a whimsical, iconoclastic ambiance, with neon lighting, arresting wall murals, and record arrangements. 

With 10,000 square feet of space, four recording rooms, a conference and rehearsal area, and two dedicated pre-production rooms, you’ll have more than enough legroom to let the muses strike you.

The staff live and breathe music and innovative approaches, and they showcase their benevolent love for sound by offering workshops, panels, conferences, and internships 

They do their best work with radio-friendly pop and hip-hop, and Justin Bieber, Ludacris, Akon, and DJ Khaled have graced their space.

Contact them for rates.

5. Tree Sound Studios

Tree Sound Studios

Tree Sound is famous for its philosophy of championing a diverse array of artists, each with their own eccentric, visionary approaches.

They don’t pledge allegiance to any one genre, and they have worked with Korn, Aerosmith, Kenny Rogers, Roger Waters, Matchbox 20, Collective Soul, Fergie, Damian Marley, and TLC.

At 18,000 square feet, it is one of the most imposing studio spaces in Atlanta (and the entire state of Georgia), and the space is well-stocked with a 64-input Solid State Logic 4064 G+, a Yamaha C5 Conservatory grand piano, and a Pro Tools HD system.

Owner Paul Diaz has spearheaded an environmentalist approach with his designs and eco-initiatives like a herb and veggie garden and a solar-powered grid.

Rates range from $85 to $225 an hour, and you’ll be getting 30 years’ worth of expertise and reliability which should help ease the credit card out of the wallet.  

6. Hot Beats Studio

Hot Beats Studio

With a campy-glam aesthetic – stocked with more fuzzy pillows than you can shake a stick at – and alluring mood lighting, you’ll be feeling leisurely and eclectic as heck.

Hot Beats features three recording rooms, isolation booths, and sumptuously appointed lounge areas where you can soak in some leisure between creative bursts.

The space, which is a veritable mecca, also features extensive rehearsal space and a second-floor conference room.

As the name might suggest, Hot Beats is something of a hip-hop star machine and has been graced by names that sell out stadiums: Drake, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Usher, Kanye West, and Gucci Mane.

Here’s an excuse to go back and listen to his whole catalog – Hot Beats gets name-dropped in one of Drake’s raps.

Contact them for rates.

7. Stankonia


The name of the studio may not ring a bell, but the owners sure do: Andre 3000 and Big Boi from the quirky, irreverent hip-hop duo Outkast.

The studio used to be Bobby Brown’s Bosstown Studios, where Outkast would record their debut tracks in the mid-nineties, but when Bosstown filed for bankruptcy Outkast bought it out to honor the studio’s impact in their own recording journey.

They focus their formidable creative energies on hip-hop, rap, and R&B, and some of their glitziest peers stop by to record their own compulsive fare: Beyonce, Nelly, Jay-Z, and Usher.

Like its namesake album, Stankonia is funky, cheerful, and spirited, and the decor and ambiance inspire easygoing and lighthearted expressionism.

The facility contains three recording studios, event spaces, and groovy lounge areas where you can hang back and scout some famous faces.

Contact them for rates.

8. Blue Room South

Blue Room South

With a supple and evocative wood-paneled recording space and control room, Blue Room is a deeply atmospheric hip-hop Eden where artists can get into a creative trance-like state and dish out their best and most inspired.

They base their actions and mission on the values of authenticity and integrity, which manifests in creative risk-taking, unconditional artist support, and genuine feedback and mentorship at every turn.

The studio features the buzzy and acclaimed Neve BCM 10/2 MK 2 16-channel console (what a mouthful, no?) – the only one in the state of Georgia.

Artists like Childish Gambino, Kelly Rowland, James Blake, and Andre 3000 trust Blue Room with their unconventional, emotive tracks.

An hour with an engineer will set you back $180, so go take out that line of credit already.

9. Loud House Studios

 Loud House Studios

Decked out in sensual, dusk-inspired shades of deep purple, royal blue, and lipstick red, Loud House scores ten on the ambiance report card.

Loud House is the first and last word in rap and hip-hop, and their reputation and clientele extend far beyond the Atlanta city limits, with arena-sellouts like Chance The Rapper, Young Thug, Travis Scott, and Future trusting their tracks in Loud House’s hands.

But newbies do not despair, Loud House also champions and promotes independent artists and those who are just looking for their wings through conferences, networking events, and internships.

Its four studio rooms vary in size, from intimate and cozy to spacious and imposing, so you can ease your way in or jump in head first.

The prices range from $90-150 per hour for the different studio rooms and services.

10. Soul Asylum Studios

Soul Asylum Studios

With a reputation that precedes it internationally, Soul Asylum is like your sleek, in-the-know, trendsetting neighbor who nails aesthetics, decor, and cultural forecasting like none other.

They are revered for their insatiable passion and verve and their tireless efforts to transform today’s unknown faces into tomorrow’s biggest names.

They’ve sustained a healthy, modest buzz since 1995, and their flexible digital and analog offerings allow creators to pick their poison.

Their live room is beyond well-stocked, with pre-mic’d house drums and guitar amps, and they allow creators 24-hour access to the studio space for late-night or early-morning sessions.

They specialize in Atlanta’s most prominent genres, rock, radio pop, R&B, modern gospel, and rap, and they provide a supportive space for both the fresh-faced and the been-there-done-that crowds.

11. Grimaldi Sound Studios

Grimaldi Sound Studios

You know you’re in good hands with Grimaldi, seeing as the artists who have passed through their doors have had over +350 million streams.

They pride themselves on “connecting the dots” and offering a transcendental, immersive full-service aesthetic, branding, and recording experience.

The staff is personable, approachable, and possesses the kind of energetic charisma that is hard to come by.

They want to inspire the best in their clients in the most authentic and generous way possible.

They specialize in indie rock, alternative country, and any eclectic mash-up genre blend in between, and tomorrow’s most covetable artists, like Amberly, Erick Dayz, Nave, and Wardach, are Grimaldi mainstays.

Contact them for rates.

12. M.A.D Studios Atlanta

M.A.D Studios Atlanta

Legendary record producer Cory Mo opened the studio in 1999 with the aim of cultivating a laidback and open-hearted space for hip-hop, rap, and R&B artists.

With painted walls, wood-paneled floors, and a cocktail bar at happy hour ambiance, you wouldn’t be blamed for overstaying.

This is A-Ok, really, as the studio focuses on the most famous export of Atlanta: Southern hospitality.

Mo justifiably considers himself the reigning tastemaker of Southern rap, and he has a sturdy reputation amongst rappers, producers, and cultural critics in the know.

M.A.D is one of the most affordable options, where you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality – studio time without an engineer starts at $50 per hour, while a session with an engineer will run you $65.

13. Lokey Recording Studios

Lokey Recording Studios

A low-key space with high-key credentials, this Atlanta record studio has a singular vision: to marry their passion for musical expression with their dedication to customer service.

The interiors are futuristic-minimalist, with blue-toned lighting, thoughtfully designed wood panels, and sleek marble tablespace for lyric assistance and mentorship sessions.

Lokey specializes in promoting and celebrating new talent, and they are the first point of contact for underground indie rappers and hip-hop creators who take an unorthodox approach.

Lokey is at the center of the radiant, DIY street culture of Atlanta, and they offer a range of price points, starting at $65 with no engineer and capping out at $120 an hour in their largest studio with a skilled engineer.

14. aBs Studios

aBs Studios

ABs Studios offers competitive pricing perfect for independent artists or those who aren’t yet relying on their labels’ expense accounts.

Their blue room is like being immersed in a heady tonic echo chamber of creativity, and their futuristic decor and design features will give you spaceship vibes.

The studio is sleek, minimalist, and stocked with cutting-edge gear like touchscreen monitors, Apple Mac Pros, TubTech CL1B compressors, and spacious vocal booths.

They focus on rap and hip-hop and have worked with some hot underground names like Lil Baby, 30 Roc, and 21 Savage.

Studio A is $75 per hour, while Studio B is $60 per hour.

15. End of Autumn Studio

End of Autumn Studio

The 24/7 mecca of End of Autumn is sleekly designed and focused on the intricate, technical aspects of sound.

EOA focuses less on fancy, distracting interiors and more on cultivating a safe and laid-back environment for newcomers to the game.

EOA prides itself on being minority-women owned and spearheading a movement to foster inclusivity and vibrant expressionism in the Southern music world.

They offer three well-appointed studios with eyewatering gear like Agspurger 215H mains and an SSL 9000J console, and a suite of stunning, top-of-the-line pianos.

Rates vary significantly, with the more affordable C-Room going for $65+ an hour and the spacious, elegant A-Room going for $135+ per hour.

Best Recording Studios in Atlanta – Final Thoughts

Atlanta shines like a city on the hill for aspiring artists near and far.

Whether you’re from the rural South, the chilly Northwest, or the distant Midwest, go to Atlanta and take in the sun, the shimmer, and the swaggering music scene.

Whether you rap, saunter, or swirl, there is a studio prophet waiting by the phone for your call. 

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