best acoustic guitars for beginners

Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners 2023 

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Written By Will Fenton

Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners 2023 

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Do you want to learn how to play guitar but don’t know where to start?

Finding good guitar lessons is a must, but first things first – you need to buy a guitar!

And although this might seem a bit confusing for newcomers (there are so many of them out there, we know), buying a first guitar can actually be quite exciting.

To help you find what you’re looking for, we rounded up the best acoustic guitars for beginners.

There’s a bit of everything on this list, so you’ll surely find an instrument that meets your needs.

Let’s dive in – here are the best beginner acoustic guitars!

1. Fender CD-60S – Overall Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Fender CD-60S - Overall Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners.

Fender is widely known for manufacturing high-quality guitars – so, if you’re looking for a reliable entry-level acoustic guitar, you can’t go wrong with Fender CD-60S.

Thanks to its dreadnought construction, this classic beauty provides a full, balanced sound and great volume. 

In terms of comfort, it’s rather easy to play – the neck profile is especially suitable for beginners and younger players.

It’s also well-built and durable, featuring a solid mahogany top and laminated mahogany back and sides.

But one of the best things about this guitar is the price – the CD-60S is hands down one of the cheapest acoustic guitars for beginners.

In the musical instrument market, cheap price sometimes means trouble; but this is not the case with Fender’s entry-level guitars.

Although it doesn’t provide the same highlights as some other more expensive models, the CD-60s is a great option for those who want to learn how to play guitar.

2. Epiphone DR-100

Epiphone DR-100, one of the Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners.

Epiphone DR-100 is another well-made acoustic guitar for beginners. 

Just like Fender, Epiphone is widely known for manufacturing quality acoustic and electric guitars.

Their DR-100 is regarded as one of the best acoustic guitars for beginners – and we definitely agree.

The DR-100 produces a nice, well-balanced tone.

It has a spruce top and mahogany back and sides, which is pretty standard even for more professional acoustic guitars. 

The price is rather low, so if you’re on a budget, you can put the DR-100 on your shortlist.

3. Yamaha FG800

Yamaha FG800 acoustic Guitar for Beginners.

The Yamaha FG800 is hands down one of the most popular acoustic guitars out there.

And it’s often referred to as one of the top acoustic guitars for beginners. 

The FG800 is a best-selling guitar for a good reason – it has excellent build quality, and it delivers top performance.

That said, it’s suitable for beginners as well as experienced players. 

It’s made from high-quality woods – a solid spruce top and nato/mahogany back and sides – so it produces a beautiful tone.

Thanks to its dreadnought body shape, the FG800 is capable of producing powerful volume.

That said, it’s suitable both for home practice and live performances.

Last but not least, it looks amazing – classic and elegant, yet recognizable and unique.

And considering how well it’s made and what it has to offer, it’s actually quite affordable.

4. Taylor GS Mini

Taylor GS Mini compact acoustic guitar for beginners.

If you’re looking for a compact acoustic guitar for beginners that you’ll be able to easily carry to your guitar lessons, you should check out the Taylor GS Mini.

This mini grand symphony guitar has a Sitka spruce top, Sapele neck, and laminated Sapele back and sides.

So, it’s well-built and durable, and it offers excellent playability.

Although it’s a travel-sized acoustic guitar, the GS Mini has plenty to offer in terms of quality.

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After all, it’s a beloved guitar among newbies as well as seasoned guitar players. 

Moreover, the Taylor GS Mini is very comfortable, and that’s another thing to factor in when choosing an acoustic guitar.

All things considered, this small but powerful acoustic guitar is ideal for students looking for their first acoustic guitar.

5. Martin LX1 Little Martin

Martin LX1 Little Martin small acoustic guitar for beginners.

Speaking of smaller-sized beginner acoustic guitars, we can’t skip the Martin LX1 Little Martin.

Martin Guitar is an iconic brand known for making the very first steel-string acoustic guitar, and Martin guitars are still the first choice for many professional musicians around the world.

That being said, if you’re looking for an affordable Martin guitar for beginners that will help you get through your first songs, you should opt for the Little Martin.

Little Martin is not too big, so it’s also suitable for younger players.

On the other hand, it delivers a powerful tone and allows guitarists to play with dynamics.

Finally, Ed Sheeran plays Little Martin, so it’s safe to say it’s one of the best-sounding acoustic guitars out there.

6. Epiphone Hummingbird

Epiphone Hummingbird professional acoustic guitar for beginners.

Epiphone Hummingbird is one of the most popular acoustic guitars for beginners. 

But Hummingbird is not a cheap, entry-level guitar – it was used by the Rolling Stones, after all.

This iconic dreadnought guitar features a solid spruce top (something to look for in an acoustic guitar) and select mahogany back and sides.

It also has soft nylon strings which is good for guitar beginners.

Hummingbird also produces a beautiful, clear sound that will satisfy even the most experienced ear.

That said, if you’re searching for a reputable acoustic guitar that will last you a long time, you should consider Hummingbird.

It’s not the cheapest acoustic guitar out there, but it’s not too pricey either.

7. Ibanez AW54CE

Ibanez AW54CE acoustic guitar for beginners.

Ibanez is another popular guitar brand.

If you’re new to playing guitar, you should check out their AW54CE.

This beautiful cutaway dreadnought guitar features a solid mahogany top, mahogany back and sides, and rosewood fingerboard.

It also features top-notch electronics, including Fishman Sonicore pickup and Ibanez AEQ210TF preamp with an onboard tuner.

Thanks to its excellent build quality, the AW54CE delivers a nice, rounded tone.

It’s certainly one of the best acoustic guitars for newbies in the market, and it will undoubtedly meet your needs.

8. Seagull S6

Seagull S6 solid acoustic guitar for beginners.

This is another beautiful beginner-friendly acoustic guitar.

It has a solid cedar top, wild cherry back and sides, and silver leaf maple neck.

It has excellent build quality, which is not always the case with beginner guitars – so you can rest assured you’ll get a durable, premium-quality instrument.

However, you’ll have to check if this is in your price range since it costs a bit more than other entry-level guitars.

Nevertheless, it’s definitely worth the money, and considering what it has to offer, it’s not even that expensive. 

Seagull S6 is a beautiful and reliable acoustic guitar that will last you for many years to come 

9. Gretsch G5024E Rancher

Gretsch G5024E Rancher acoustic guitar for beginners.

If you’re looking for a beginner acoustic guitar with a unique shape and vintage feel, look no further than the Gretsch G5024E Rancher.

The Rancher features a solid spruce top, a mahogany neck, and an onboard tuner.

And with its electric guitar sunburst finish, it’s very eye-catching.

That said, if you’re ready to improve your guitar skills and play your first songs in a local bar, you can be sure you’ll get noticed.

But the Rancher is so much more than unique looks – it’s capable of producing a beautiful, balanced tone, and it’s versatile enough to handle any style and genre you like.

10. Ibanez AEWC400-TKS

Ibanez AEWC400-TKS acoustic guitar for beginners.

The AEWC400-TKS is another Ibanez guitar for beginners we recommend.

This dark beauty has a flame maple top, mahogany neck, and rosewood fingerboard.

It also comes with quality electronics.

In terms of ergonomics, the AEWC400-TKS has a rather unique shape and asymmetrical neck, so it might not be ideal for every beginner, but many players find it very comfortable and intuitive.

It all depends on what you’re looking for.

But if classic dreadnought guitars don’t seem like a good fit for you, perhaps Ibanez has a solution for you.

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One thing is for sure – in terms of quality and performance, the AEWC400-TKS won’t disappoint you. 

How to Choose Your First Acoustic Guitar 

We hope our reviews of the best acoustic guitars for beginners helped you narrow down your search.

Nevertheless, finding the right acoustic guitar for you might be a bit daunting.

Luckily, the fact that you’re looking for an entry-level acoustic guitar already makes your list of options a bit smaller.

Beginner acoustic guitars are usually easier to play, and they tend to be less expensive than professional, high-end guitars.

But don’t opt for the cheapest beginner acoustic guitar.

Of course, if you’re on a budget, you’ll look for something affordable – but if the guitar won’t meet your needs or last you long enough to achieve your goals, then it’s not really worth the money – even though it’s cheap.

Now, besides your budget, there are some other things you should factor in. 

What Acoustic Guitar Size is Best for Beginners?

One of the most important factors that will affect your decision is the guitar’s size.

Acoustic guitars come in different shapes and sizes, so it all depends on your needs and preferences.

But what type of acoustic guitar should you choose if you’re a beginner?

Acoustic Guitar Sizes

Smaller-bodied acoustic guitars tend to be easier to play for beginners.

Some experienced players like them for their tight, precise sound. 

They’re also more portable, which is great if you plan to take it with you to your guitar lessons.

But players with smaller hands might find smaller-sized guitars like mini or baby acoustics somewhat inconvenient. 

Also, larger-sized guitars usually have a more powerful sound.

In other words, the bigger the guitar, the bigger the sound.

Dreadnought and Jumbo guitars usually deliver a deeper sound and an increased volume and tone – and that’s why they’re preferred by solo singers-songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Sheryl Crow, and so on.

Dreadnought is probably the most popular as well as versatile guitar shape, offering a blend of excellent playability and beautiful sound.

At the end of the day, you should opt for an acoustic guitar that fits your goals and preferences. 

What Is the Best Wood for Acoustic Guitars?

There are many different types of wood used to make acoustic guitars, and the type of wood the guitar is made of affects the tone.

It’s possible that wood is different for the top (soundboard) of the body, the back and sides of the body, the neck, the fretboard, and the rest of the guitar.

Since they’re highly resonant, spruce and cedar are the most frequently used woods for the soundboard of an acoustic guitar.

Spruce is a rather strong and sturdy wood that helps produce a clear, bright tone, and when it comes to the sides and the back of the guitar, mahogany gives an earthy, mid-range sound.

Other popular woods for guitars include Koa, Maple, and Rosewood. 

Person playing acoustic guitar

When it comes to budget-friendly acoustic guitars for beginners, there’s a high chance you won’t come across high-quality materials.

In most cases, entry-level guitars are fully laminated – so, you won’t hear much of a difference between different materials.

Of course, solid wood is a better option, but if you’re just starting out, getting an affordable beginner-friendly acoustic guitar made of cheaper materials will do you just fine.

Do You Need a Guitar Pickup?

Compared to their electric companions, acoustic guitars produce a quiet, tender sound. 

But if you want to amplify your acoustic guitar, you can get a guitar pickup.

Using a built-in pickup is the most convenient way to enhance your sound, but you can also buy a guitar pickup for your beginner guitar. 

There are many awesome acoustic guitar pickups to choose from, and which one suits you best depends on your budget and your preferences.

How Much Should You Spend on a Beginner Acoustic Guitar?

Thankfully, there are many affordable acoustic guitars for beginners worth checking out.

Also, beginner acoustic guitars usually don’t cost more than $500. 

In fact, most good entry-level acoustic guitars cost around $200.

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It’s also possible to get an acoustic guitar for $100, but don’t expect a lot from it – if you want to get a reliable instrument for your guitar lessons, avoid the cheapest options. 

Either way, beginner guitars are not very expensive. 

But if you want to get a more professional, high-end guitar, you’ll definitely have to be ready to spend more money. 

For intermediate and advanced players, acoustic guitars usually cost between $400 and $1200, and professional acoustic guitars can go up to $10,000. 

Nevertheless, if you know a bit about instruments, this shouldn’t be very surprising – pro instruments tend to be quite pricey.

But if you’re looking for an entry-level acoustic guitar, don’t worry – you’ll have to invest some money in it, but it won’t break the bank.  

How to Take Care of Your Acoustic Guitar

If you’re ready to buy your first acoustic guitar, you should learn how to take care of it.

Expensive acoustic guitars are well-built and durable, but if you want them to serve you well for a long time, you’ll need to take proper care of them.

Even cheaper acoustic guitars require proper care, and that usually includes: 

  • Cleaning your hands before playing
  • Wiping the strings down after practice
  • Changing the strings regularly
  • Storing your guitar in the right way
  • Keeping it properly humidified 
  • Avoiding scratches (keep it in a case when traveling)

If you take good care of your acoustic guitar, it will pay you back and serve you well for many years to come!

How to Tune a Beginner Acoustic Guitar

Generally, an acoustic guitar can be tuned ‘by ear’, by using a reference note from another instrument to tune one of your strings.

But if you’re a beginner, this might be challenging – and that’s where guitar tuners come in!

There are plenty of great clip-on guitar tuners to choose from, and they’re excellent solutions for newbies.

Chromatic tuners are the most common type of tuners, and they can tune to each of the 12 notes of Western music’s chromatic scale.

Finding Beginner Guitar Lessons 

Once your new acoustic guitar is safe in your hands, you’re ready to start playing!

But starting out is not always easy.

Acquiring guitar skills can be a challenging task, and that’s why you should think about the best ways to learn how to play guitar.

Luckily, learning guitar has never been easier – there are many different options and formats to choose from, including:

  • Guitar learning apps
  • Online guitar lessons
  • Traditional learning (music schools)
  • Lessons with a private teacher
Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners 2023  1

If you want to learn how to play acoustic guitar in a quick and convenient way, you can opt for online guitar learning.

Online guitar classes and guitar learning apps offer lessons that are usually short and fun, but they’re designed in a smart and effective way, so you can be sure to learn something.

However, many students prefer in-person lessons – this certainly has the advantage of being able to communicate with your teacher in real-time and get valuable direct feedback.

Getting feedback is crucial in the beginning, as it allows you to work on your weak spots. 

Music learning apps and online programs tend to provide feedback as well, but that kind of feedback is usually based on notes, rhythm, and so on – and learning how to play the guitar well is more than just playing the correct notes.

Either way, online learning is definitely a cheaper and more flexible option; after all, you can take lessons from the comfort of your home.

Moreover, online guitar programs have evolved a lot over the past few years, so it’s possible to find a reliable source that will help you achieve your goals.

But don’t expect to become a guitar pro overnight – gaining guitar skills takes time, and you shouldn’t rush it.

So, find a source that suits you best, take your time, and practice regularly.

Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners – Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many amazing entry-level acoustic guitars to choose from.

From budget-friendly acoustics to well-built acoustic guitars that will serve you well for many years to come, our list of the best acoustic guitars for beginners has something for everyone.

And once you find a perfect guitar for you, you can start looking for guitar lessons.

Luckily, now is a great time to start learning guitar – with the emergence of online guitar lessons, apps, and programs, guitar learning has become affordable and convenient. 

So, pick a guitar that meets your needs, find a good learning source, and start playing!

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