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25 Best Baton Rouge Rappers (Most Famous)

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Written By Will Fenton
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25 Best Baton Rouge Rappers (Most Famous)

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The Baton Rouge rap scene has been growing since the early 2000s.

For decades, New Orleans had been the point of reference when talking about Dirty South hip-hop music for years.

But that’s slowly changing, with Baton Rouge producing great rappers that are slowly making an impact on the global stage.

Below are the 25 best Baton Rouge rappers right now. 

1. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

YoungBoy Never Broke Again is one of the most popular names in the hip-hop world and one of the best Baton Rouge rappers right now.

Since debuting in 2016 as a 17-year-old prodigy, the Louisiana native has grown into a prolific rapper, attracting a cult following for his consistently good music.

One impressive thing about the Baton Rouge rapper is the quality of his releases.

YoungBoy has delivered every time he’s entered the studio, expressing different sentiments as the emotionally intelligent rapper he is.

He articulates his feelings with the precision of an experienced rapper, securing his name among Baton Rouge’s best entertainers. 

Some of the rapper’s best songs include “Never Broke Again,” “Outside Today,” and “38 Baby.”

2. Lil Phat

The second Baton Rouge native on the list started rapping at a young age before signing with Trill Entertainment record label to start his career.

Lil Phat featured in Webbie’s “Independent” song in 2007, increasing his popularity amongst local audiences.

Later, he released “Do It Stick It,” “Watch My Shoes,” and “Rubberband Knots” as a solo artist.

Unfortunately, Lil Phat’s promising career was cut short in 2012 when he was murdered outside a Georgia hospital. 

3. Young Bleed

Glenn Clifton Jr., commonly known as Young Bleed, is a legendary Baton Rouge rapper active in the music scene since the early 1990s.

Throughout his career, he’s excelled with southern hip-hop and gangsta rap while working with Trap Door Entertainment, Strange Lane, Priority, West Coast Mafia, and No Limit record labels.

Young Bleed’s discography includes 9 studio albums, 3 collaboration albums, and 4 mix tapes. 

4. Webbie

Webbie started his career in the early 2000s with Trill Entertainment record label, announcing his arrival to the biggest stage with the “Grimme That” hit single. 

His “Swerve” and “Bad Bitch” songs and the 2004 collaboration album (Gangsta Musik) with Lil Boosie increased his popularity. 

It was impossible to ignore Webbie’s influence after his 2nd studio album, Savage Life 2 (2008), featuring the successful hit single “Independent.”

The American artist has released 4 more albums in his ‘savage life’ series to rank among the best Baton Rouge rappers in recent years. 

5. Fredo Bang

Fredo Bang’s first shot to fame was in 2018 with the “Oouuh” hit single.

His other popular project was the “Top” hit single, featuring rapper Lil Durk.

Fredo released his first studio album, Most Hated, in 2020, peaking at #110 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

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Life away from music hasn’t been peaceful for the Baton Rouge native, forced to spend time behind bars after a second-degree murder accusation in 2016.

6. Scotty Cain

Scotty Cain is the Baton Rouge rapper behind the hit singles “NBA Smoke,” “Yea With the Yea,” and “Crucial Lick.

He’s also released the studio albums K-BABY, Mafia Muzik Vol 1, Mafia Muzik 2, and Mafia Muzik 3. 

Many knew Scotty Cain through his long-standing feud with fellow Baton Rouge rapper, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, culminating in the “NBA Smoke” diss track. 

Baton Rouge natives will agree that had it not been for Scotty’s constant legal issues, he would have been one of the city’s best rappers by now.

7. Marcel P. Black

Marcel P. Black has established himself among Baton Rouge’s best rappers and veteran emcees. 

He’s become one of the city’s most sought-after rappers with his conscious lyrics the local audiences crave.

Marcel’s switch to traditional southern rap worked wonders for him, getting massive praise from rap lovers and musicians. 

8. TrueBleeda

TrueBleeda joined the long list of fast-rising Baton Rouge rappers whose careers were cut short by tragic murders.

The then 18-year-old rapper was only starting to find his feet in Baton Rouge’s rap scene before a shooting incident outside a Louisiana Mall cut short his life in February 2022.

Before his untimely death, TrueBleeda’s popularity was increasing on YouTube and Spotify, having established himself with the “Hood Rich” hit single.

9. HD4President 

HD4President has built a cult following in Baton Rouge’s rap scene with his unique style that blends hip-hop music with pop, R&B, and soul elements.

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, the American artist got his inspiration from personal experiences besides learning from his favorite rappers, Jay-Z, juvenile, and Soulja Slim.

One of his best-ever songs, “Touch Down 2 Cause Hell (Bow Bow Bow),” went viral on TikTok, besides racking up over 14 million YouTube views. 

His other viral song, “Can’t Stop Jiggin,” put him among Baton Rouge’s best rappers. 

10. Max Minelli

Max Minelli is another Baton Rouge rapper who started his career with the Concentration Camp.

Minelli was best known for his songwriting prowess, rising to fame in the 1990s before featuring on Young Bleed’s My Balls & My Word album.

The Baton Rouge native announced his retirement in 2019 with the Say Goodbye album, before making a surprise comeback a few years later to continue his successful career.

He’s still going strong in 2023 as one of the best wordsmiths to ever grace the Baton Rouge rap scene.

11. Sherwood Marty

Sherwood is a prolific Baton Rouge rapper who has distinguished himself with catchy lyrics and smooth flow.

He launched his career in 2016 with the Stuck in the Trenches: Self Made, Vol. 1 mix tape, featuring the popular hit single, “Everything.”

He capitalized on the newly found fame to release another viral hit song the following year, “Sherwood Baby.”

Everybody could remember Sherwood’s name by the time he released the “Suicide” and “SOS (Smashed on Sight)” hit singles. 

12. TEC

TEC has built a loyal following with several hit singles and successful collaborations.

He is a member of The Luciano Family and is best remembered for the hit songs “This Feeling,” “Spider Bang,” and “Part Of Me.”

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TEC had to take a forced break from the music industry after releasing the No Limit mix tape in 2012 because of his legal issues.

But he’s back with a bang, with 3 successful projects in 2020: Web Live Vol. 2, Web Savings, and 8 Legged Explosive. 

13. C-Loc

C-Loc is one of the best gangsta rappers from Baton Rouge.

He founded the CampLife Entertainment record label and has released 12 studio albums, including Concentration Camp, Thuggin from the Inside, and It’s a Gamble.

You can find C-Loc’s songs on Spotify and YouTube, where he boasts over 15 million total video views.

14. Boosie Badazz

Torrence Ivy Hatch Jr., commonly known as Boosie Baddaz, has been flying the Baton Rouge flag since the 1990s when he started rapping as a Concentration Camp hip-hop group member.

He embarked on a solo career in 2000, adopting the Lil Boosie stage name before releasing his debut album, For My Thugz, the same year.

He’s been the face of southern hip hop in Baton Rouge, with 13 studio albums, 44 mix tapes, and 7 collaborative albums.

While Boosie deserves a place in Baton Rouge’s rap scene, her controversial life hasn’t appealed to all audiences.

The American rapper has been in the spotlight for all the strangest reasons, including his homophobic comments in 2020, which elicited mixed reactions from local audiences. 

15. Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates is the closest thing you will find to Drake in Baton Rouge’s rap scene, bringing a reflective style that often appeals to his audience.

He debuted in 2016 with the Islah studio album, peaking at #2 on the Billboard 200.

Gates’ long list of mix tapes has drawn attention in recent years, including Stranger Than Fiction (2013), By Any Means 2014), and Luca Brasi 2 (2014).

Kevin’s career began in 2007, finding initial success with fellow Baton Rouge rappers Webbie and Boosie Badazz.

However, his progress was derailed by persistent legal issues, staying behind bars for 31 months after he was imprisoned in 2008.

16. Foxx

Jonathan Reed, commonly known as Foxx, is a Baton Rouge rapper who debuted in 2007 with Street Gossip (Foxx album).

He’s worked with Milliyone, Str8 Up, Trill, Atlantic Records, Asylum, and Warner Bros record labels.

Foxx’s discography includes 2 studio albums, 4 collaboration albums, and 14 mix tapes, putting him among the best Baton Rouge rappers. 

17. Nussie

Nussie will always be a Baton Rouge rap legend.

Born Chris Jackson, the American artist was murdered in a shooting incident in February 2009.

He was 33 at the time and constantly performed at the local clubs alongside friends and fellow Baton Rouge rappers.

Nussie had three albums and was destined for unprecedented fame in the Baton Rouge rap scene before his life was cut short in the tragic incident.

18. Lil Cali

Lil Cali is on course to becoming one of the best rappers in the Louisiana music scene if his recent projects are anything to go by.

He started his career with the Asylum/Warner Bros record label, representing the American city as a fun-loving rapper and songwriter committed to meeting the audiences’ expectations.

Cali has always looked at the commercial side of everything he does, building a loyal following in the Baton Rouge rap scene to increase his net worth.

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The rapper’s “Money Right” hit single became one of his best-ever projects, gaining massive radio play throughout Baton Rouge.

Cali’s collaborations with fellow Baton Rouge rappers Webbie and Lil Boosie have increased his popularity, showcasing his versatility every time he gets on the stage. 

19. Lil Handy

Christopher Handy, commonly known by his Lil Handy stage name, was a Baton Rouge rapper affiliated with the Grind Tyme Entertainment record label.

He’s best remembered for his posthumous album, Rap Hustlin, which spawned several hit singles, including “Big Boi,” “Cut Tha Lights On,” and “Watching My Life Go Down.”

Sadly, Lil Handy’s life was cut short by a fatal car crash on May 19th, 2004. 

20. OBN Jay

OBN Jay is widely recognized as the future of rap music, currently doing everything to put Baton Rouge on the global map.

The Louisiana-based rapper started gaining attention in the 2010s with his “Chess Not Checkers” and “Big Ole” singles.

He delivers powerful lyrics about his experiences, having grown up in a tough neighborhood plagued with crime, violence, and drugs. 

OBN started releasing music in school, with Boosie Badazz and Tupac Shakur as his biggest influences.

21. BWay Yungy

You probably didn’t know that YoungBoy Never Broke Again has a rapper sibling in the Baton Rouge rap scene.

BWay Yungy is rapper NBA YoungBoy’s younger brother from a different mother.

The young rapper first rose to prominence in 2020 and has since released the “Message Sent,” “Sin Again,” and “Trap Talk” singles. 

BWay oozes authenticity in his songs, with lyrics inspired by his tough childhood in Louisiana. 

22. KayyKilo

Not everybody can boast of signing to rapper DaBaby’s Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment record label.

Not even the established names.

But KayyKilo certainly has all the bragging rights, proudly representing the popular record label as one of the fastest-rising female rappers from Baton Rouge. 

KayyKilo distinguishes herself with honest lyrics, cherishing an eventful journey that began many years ago with her love for poetry. 

The Baton Rouge rapper looked up to Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliott, and Lauryn Hill before getting her fame with her “Freestyle” single. 

23. Mista Cain

Mista Cain is another Baton Rouge rapper who’s impressed audiences with his street origins and successful collaborations.

He founded the Cain Music Mafia to push local music before his never-ending legal issues curtailed the journey.

Cain’s best songs include “Homicide” and “Boss Man Shyt.” 

He is also remembered from Kevin Gates’ Stranger Than Fiction mix tape. 

24. NBA Meechy Baby

NBA Meechy Baby became famous with his 2020 hit single, “Talk My Sh*t,” featuring fellow Baton Rouge rapper NBA YoungBoy.

He’s a powerful force in the Louisiana rap scene, pairing his straight-talking style with excellent storytelling attributes. 

25. Quadry

Quadry is nothing like his peers.

His lyrical delivery makes him the closest thing you will ever find to Kendrick Lamar in the Baton Rouge rap scene.

The American rapper is best remembered for the “Cardinal,” “Che Guevara,” and “Pirelli” hit singles.

Best Baton Rouge Rappers – Final Thoughts

Baton Rouge is called the Red Stick City for a reason, and you will love the city’s rap music just as much as its distinctive culture. 

Baton Rouge is slowly but quietly producing some good rappers, from YoungBoy Never Broke Again to Lil Cali. 

And that will only get better in the coming years.

That was our guide to the 25 best Baton Rouge rappers right now.

Make sure to check out the best rappers on our list and enjoy their good music. 

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