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14 Best Barry Manilow Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

December 11, 2023
Best barry manilow songs

I’ve handpicked the best Barry Manilow songs of all time, a collection that celebrates the timeless melodies and heartfelt lyrics of this iconic artist.

This article revisits the tracks that have made Barry Manilow a beloved figure in the world of music.

Top Barry Manilow songs of all time

  • “I Write The Songs”
  • “Could It Be Magic”
  • “Looks Like We Made It”
  • “It’s A Miracle”
  • “Ships”
  • “Lonely Together”
  • “Mandy”
  • “Copacabana”
  • “One Voice”
  • “Memory”

1. “I Write The Songs”

“I Write The Songs” is undoubtedly one of Barry Manilow’s most iconic tunes, and it’s easy to see why.

Manilow’s signature vocals are as smooth and velvety as ever, backed by a soulful arrangement that takes you back to the days of disco.

The lyrics are both poetic and powerful, making this an anthem for anyone who loves music.

You can’t help but be moved by its infectious beat and memorable chorus.

“I Write The Songs” is an all-time great that will continue to inspire generations to come.

2. “Could It Be Magic”

There’s no denying it “Could It Be Magic” is one of Barry Manilow’s greatest hits.

From its infectious chorus to the captivating lyrics, this classic tune captures Manilow’s signature sound perfectly.

The song features an upbeat tempo that makes it impossible not to dance along, while the heartfelt lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia and joy within the listener.

With its impressive production and memorable melody, it’s no wonder why this track has become a favorite among fans for decades.

This song truly encapsulates all that is great about Manilow’s music – and it will no doubt remain a fan-favorite for years to come.

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3. “Looks Like We Made It”

It’s hard to talk about Barry Manilow without mentioning his classic hit “Looks Like We Made It”.

This track remains one of the most beloved and iconic songs.

Its powerful lyrics, layered with Manilow’s soaring vocals and sweeping melodies, create a feeling of joyous triumph that resonates with listeners to this day.

Without a doubt, “Looks Like We Made It” is one of Manilow’s greatest achievements and stands as evidence of his timeless talent.

4. “It’s A Miracle”

“It’s A Miracle” is the perfect combination of Barry Manilow’s signature sound and incredible storytelling.

From its driving rhythms to its heartfelt lyrics, this track is a standout among his greatest hits.

It’s a song that speaks to the power of hope, resilience, and the strength of human connection.

With its soaring melodies and moving message, this song is sure to bring tears to your eyes and stir your soul.

Manilow captures the spirit of what it means to be alive with this classic tune; it is truly a miracle of music.

5. “Ships”

One can’t deny the impact that Barry Manilow has had on the music industry over the past few decades.

But there’s something special about his song “Ships”, which is why it’s one of his greatest hits.

It captures the emotion of longing for a loved one, while also conveying a sense of hope in the chorus.

The lyrics are simple yet powerful, making them easy to relate to and easy to remember.

The music is catchy and upbeat, but with a hint of melancholy that adds depth to the song.

There’s no doubt that this is one of Barry Manilow’s best works and should be included in any list of his greatest hits.

6. “Lonely Together”

Ah, “Lonely Together”.

It’s a song that speaks to us all – about how we sometimes feel lonely even when we’re surrounded by people.

Manilow captures this emotion so perfectly, singing of how two hearts can be “Lonely Together” in spite of being side by side.

There’s something about his velvety voice that just brings out the raw emotion in this song – it’s truly a masterpiece!

7. “Mandy”

Mandy” is an iconic Barry Manilow classic that has been embraced by music lovers all around the world.

It’s a powerful, emotional ballad with lush instrumentation and soaring vocals that hit you right in the heart.

Manilow’s trademark plaintive, yet buoyant delivery of the lyrics perfectly encapsulates the bittersweet sentiment of love lost but never forgotten.

The song has endured for decades and remains one of his most beloved hits – it’s no wonder why this timeless classic continues to bring joy to millions of listeners worldwide.

8. “Copacabana”

We come to one of Barry Manilow’s most iconic songs “Copacabana”.

This timeless classic is a perfect example of Manilow’s unique style that seamlessly blends pop, rock, and Latin musical elements.

The lyrics tell a story about love lost and found on the dance floor at the “Copacabana” nightclub, making it an instant romantic classic.

With its memorable chorus and driving beat, this song continues to be one of Manilow’s most beloved hits.

9. “One Voice”

“One Voice” is a timeless classic from Barry Manilow and is an absolute must-have on any of his greatest hits playlists.

It’s a heartfelt ballad that speaks to the power of believing in yourself and never giving up on your dreams, no matter what life throws at you.

The lyrics are incredibly moving and the melody is beautiful, offering a perfect balance between poignancy and optimism.

Manilow’s vocals carry the song with emotion and grace, making it one of his most beloved tunes and a true standout among his greatest hits.

10. “Memory”

There’s no denying that Barry Manilow has a knack for creating timeless ballads.

His song “Memory” is one of his most beloved works and rightfully so.

From the moment the first piano chords begin, you’re instantly drawn into its melancholic melody.

The lyrics are simple yet powerful as they evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing, making it an ideal soundtrack for anyone who’s ever been in love or lost someone they deeply care about.

It’s the kind of song that stays with you long after it ends, leaving you with a bittersweet feeling of joy and sadness at once.

11. “Some Kind of Friend”

When it comes to Barry Manilow, there’s no denying that “Some Kind of Friend” is one of his greatest hits.

This heartbreaking ballad tells the story of a man reminiscing about a lost love, and it’s truly a masterpiece.

Manilow’s voice is tender yet powerful as he croons about love and loss, and the arrangement is positively haunting.

The melody will stay with you long after you’ve heard it, and the lyrics are so raw and honest that they’ll bring tears to your eyes.

It’s simply one of those songs that stick with you forever.

12. “Even Now”

Continuing in the same vein of Barry Manilow’s heartfelt music, “Even Now” is a perfect example of his ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level.

With its soaring chorus and gentle melody, this song is a beautiful tribute to the power of love even after it has been lost.

The lyrics are particularly poignant, exploring how memories can remain long after relationships have come to an end.

Manilow’s masterful performance on this track helps emphasize its heartfelt message and makes it one of his greatest hits of all time.

13. “Weekend In New England”

His classic hit “Weekend In New England” has been a favorite among fans for years.

The lyrics tell a simple story about two lovers enjoying their time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, which many can relate to.

There’s something comforting about this song, as though Manilow is singing directly to you, telling your own story back to you in his signature crooning style.

It’s no wonder that this is one of his most beloved tunes and an absolute classic for any fan of Barry Manilow.

14. “Somewhere Down The Road”

“Somewhere Down The Road” is a classic Barry Manilow that perfectly encapsulates his signature style.

It’s a beautiful, romantic ballad with lyrics that will make you feel like you’re in love with somebody all over again.

With its sweeping strings and gentle piano playing, this track has all the elements of a timeless love song.

The combination of Manilow’s strong, heartfelt vocals and the lush instrumentals creates an atmosphere that is both captivating and unforgettable.

This is one of those songs that will stay with you long after it’s done playing – it’s truly one of Barry Manilow’s greatest hits!

Best Barry Manilow Songs – Final Thoughts

Barry Manilow is an iconic singer-songwriter and performer.

His music has been beloved for decades and will remain timeless for years to come.

His ability to capture emotion and create a connection with his audience is unparalleled and his legacy will live on forever.

In short, these 14 songs are just a glimpse of what makes Barry Manilow so special – they are among the best he has ever written.

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