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15 Best Bands from Chicago (Most Famous)

May 11, 2023
bands from chicago

Chicago is considered the birthplace of many musical genres we know today. 

The Chicago music scene has thrived for decades, and it’s no wonder some of the best music bands come from that city. 

Whether it’s the hard-hitting heavy metal bands, to the classic rock and jazz bands, Chicago-based music bands have proven to be bold, iconic, and creative. 

This post delves into the 15 most famous and best bands from Chicago. 

1. Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy started their musical journey in 2001 and has become one of the most prosperous bands in the alternative rock genre.

The alternative rock band became famous for its 2005 smash hit “Sugar, We’re Going Down,” which achieved top ten status on the Billboard Charts and earned them worldwide recognition.

Despite this early triumph, the band has released seven studio albums, with a combined global sales figure of 8.5 million copies.

While their musical style has transitioned from emo-rock to pop-rock, Fall Out Boy remains active in the music industry. 

2. Urge Overkill

Established in 1986, Urge Overkill derived its name from the lyrics of the Parliament song “Funkentelechy.”

The group produced seven studio albums, with their most recent offering, Oui, debuting in 2022, which marked ten years since their previous music release.

The album Saturation features their top hit, “Sister Havana,” and was a commercial success, selling over two hundred thousand copies in the United States alone.

Today, Urge Overkill is still celebrated as one of the finest rock bands to emerge from Chicago and regularly makes appearances at award shows.

3. Disturbed

Disturbed is a heavy metal band that features Dan Donegan on guitar, David Draiman on vocals, Mike Wengren on drums, and John Moyer on bass.

Their music is renowned for Draiman’s unique singing style, Donegan’s powerful guitar riffs, and strong, driving rhythms.

Some of the most recognized hits by Disturbed include “Down with the Sickness,” “The Sound of Silence,” and “Stricken.”

Disturbed has sold millions of albums worldwide, and their passionate live performances have garnered them a devoted fan base.

As the band continues to produce new music and embark on tours, it has cemented its status as one of the most successful heavy metal bands of the 21st century.

4. Survivor

Survivor, another prominent figure in the music industry with origins in Chicago, gained popularity with their hit single “Eye of the Tiger,” which featured in the third Rocky film.

This song remained at the top of various charts for six consecutive weeks and won a Grammy award for best rock performance.

Although the band is frequently associated with this hit, they have produced other chart-topping tracks demonstrating their musical prowess and dispelling notions of being a one-hit-wonder.

The band was founded by Jim Peterik and Frankie Sullivan in 1978.

Since then, numerous members have joined and left over the years, with Peterik notably departing in 1996.

Nevertheless, Sullivan continued to perform with newer bandmates.

5. Ministry

Ministry is an industrial metal band hailing from Chicago, established in 1981.

The group was founded by Al Jourgensen, who has remained the only consistent member throughout the band’s existence.

Their music is characterized by heavy, distorted guitar riffs, electronic beats, and Jourgensen’s politically charged lyrics.

Ministry’s music often deals with themes of social and political injustice, and they have been recognized for using samples from speeches and news broadcasts in their songs.

Their most acclaimed albums include Psalm 69 and The Land of Rape and Honey, both of which were commercial and critical triumphs.

Despite several lineup changes and breaks over the years, Ministry has remained a pioneering influence in metal and continues to create new music and tour regularly.

6. Wilco

Wilco was established in Chicago in 1994 after the dissolution of Uncle Tupelo, an alternative country music group.

The group eventually changed its name to Wilco, an abbreviation for “will comply.”

They have since produced twelve studio albums, with Yankee Hotel Foxtrot being their best-selling one. 

“I Am Trying to Break Your Heart” is one of their most popular songs, and it inspired the film’s name about the band and its history.

Wico has received multiple nominations for their outstanding work and won two Grammy awards for their fifth album, A Ghost Is Born.

The band’s musical style has evolved over the years, incorporating elements of country rock, classic pop, and alternative rock.

7. The Jesus Lizard

The Jesus Lizard was initially formed in Austin, Texas, and eventually relocated to Chicago in 1989.

With Yow’s frenzied vocals and Denison’s discordant guitar riffs, The Jesus Lizard is renowned for their intense, jagged sound.

Their live performances were often chaotic and provocative, with Yow frequently diving into the crowd and engaging in outrageous behavior.

Notable songs from their discography include “Mouth Breather,” “Glamorous,” and “Puss.”

Even after their breakup in 1999, The Jesus Lizard’s impact on underground rock and noise music persists, and they continue to be regarded as one of the most distinct and uncompromising bands of the 1990s.

8. Rise Against

In 1999, the American punk rock band Rise Against was formed in Chicago and has since continued to create successful music.

The band has so far produced nine studio albums.

As a punk rock band, Rise Against is known for its political name and lyrics.

Their most popular song to date, “Savior,” comes from the album Appeal to Reason.

The song has sold over a million copies and was certified platinum in 2010, marking Rise Against’s most successful period.

Additionally, they have received numerous Grammy nominations.

9. Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins is a rock band that started as a duo and later expanded into a quartet.

They gained recognition with their first hit single, “I Am One.”

The group then became one of the most prominent rock bands of the 90s, selling over 30 million albums.

Smashing Pumpkins received eleven Grammy nominations and won multiple awards.

However, they had their share of challenges, including internal disagreements and songs that did not chart well.

The band disbanded in 2000 but later reunited and still tours today.

10. The Sea and Cake

The Sea and Cake is an indie rock band known for its complex and jazz-inspired instrumentation.

Their music is often described as polished and relaxed, blending electronic and acoustic sounds.

Some of the band’s most popular songs include “The Argument,” “Four Corners,” and “Jacking the Ball.”

The Sea and Cake have released multiple albums and are considered a staple of the indie rock scene, known for consistently delivering exceptional and distinctive music.

11. Earth, Wind & Fire

This band was originally known as The Salty Peppers and later rebranded to Earth, Wind & Fire.

Despite producing songs that failed to gain commercial success, their fortunes changed after signing with Columbia Records.

The band’s music seamlessly blends R&B, pop, and soul elements.

Their discography boasts numerous hits, among them the iconic “September.”

Earth, Wind & Fire remains a highly influential band today, known for their versatility and ability to blend different genres.

Their impressive list of accolades includes six Grammys and four American Music Awards.

In 2000, Earth, Wind & Fire was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame.

12. Russian Circles

Russian Circles is a post-metal band from Chicago that formed in 2004.

The band is renowned for its heavy, atmospheric sound and for using intricate guitar riffs and dynamic, pounding rhythms in their music.

Often described as cinematic and emotionally potent, their songs feature a blend of intense, crushing passages and quieter, more contemplative moments.

Notable tracks in their discography include “Youngblood,” “309,” and “Mladek.”

Russian Circles has gained a reputation as one of the most respected and acclaimed instrumental metal bands, frequently releasing new music and touring.

13. Chicago

Chicago is one of the most enduring and successful bands from the 1960s.

Originally called The Big Thing, they changed their name to Chicago Transit Authority after relocating to California.

However, they shortened it to Chicago in 1969 due to legal reasons.

Chicago has sold over a hundred million records worldwide, with their album Chicago 17 and hit single “Free” ranking at #1.

In 1992, the band received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, solidifying their status as one of the most legendary rock bands ever.

14. The Redwalls

The Redwalls, a rock band from Deerfield, a suburb of Chicago, formed in 2001 and disbanded in 2013. 

This band was widely known for its retro sound, heavily influenced by 1960s British Invasion bands like The Kinks and The Beatles.

Their music was characterized by catchy hooks, rich vocal harmonies, and jangly guitar riffs.

The Redwalls released numerous albums during their career and toured with prominent bands like Oasis, The Strokes, and Keane.

Even though their career was relatively short, The Redwalls remain a cherished and influential band in the Chicago rock scene, with popular songs such as “Thank You,” “Modern Diet,” and “Robinson Crusoe.”

15. Styx

Styx is a rock band officially formed in 1972 by the Panozzo twins.

As more members joined, they became known as TW4 and later changed their name to Styx after signing with Wooden Nickel Records.

The band achieved its breakthrough in 1977 with the release of its album, The Grand Illusion.

This album reached #6 in the US and Canada and featured their #1 hit single, “Come Sail Away.”

Over the years, the band has been active in the music scene and released an impressive collection of 17 studio albums and various live and compilation albums.

Despite some members’ departure and others’ passing, their music continues to be celebrated.  

Best Bands From Chicago – Final Thoughts

Chicago’s notoriously cold weather hasn’t stopped these legendary bands from producing great music. 

Although some of these bands have broken up, their legacy remains and continues to inspire people all over the world. 

The music produced by these bands is still played on radio stations and has influenced other bands. 

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