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24 Best Arizona Rappers (Most Famous)

December 22, 2023
arizona rappers

I’ve put together a list of the best Arizona rappers, showcasing the most famous and influential artists who have emerged from the Grand Canyon State.

This collection highlights the unique voices and styles that define Arizona’s contribution to the hip-hop scene.

Top Arizona rappers

  • Futuristic
  • Mega Ran
  • Judge Da Boss
  • Sincerely Collins
  • Ali Tomineek
  • Lil Prada
  • The Desert Baby
  • Kill Stacy
  • Dann G
  • Yung Face

1. Futuristic

Of all the names in Arizona’s rap scene, Futuristic is doubtless the most influential figure right now.

He’s an accomplished rapper born in Illinois in 1991 before relocating to the Copper City with his family at 15.

Futuristic debuted with the Dream Big studio album, building his fan base steadily to become one of Arizona’s best rappers.

The celebrated rapper has broadened his audience in recent years, enjoying a massive following outside the American state.

2. Mega Ran

Mega Ran is a legendary American underground nerdcore rapper born in Pennsylvania in 1977.

He composed his first song in the early 1990s and worked as an engineer in Philadelphia until the mid-2000s, when he relocated to Phoenix, Arizona.

The rapper’s Mega Man stage name was inspired by a 2000s video game series of the same name.

He’s released 11 solo albums and 8 EPs, and featured in 14 collaborative projects, becoming one of the best Arizona rappers in recent years.

3. Judge Da Boss

Robert Louis Carr III, commonly known as Judge Da Boss, is a Phoenix-based rapper who developed a strong interest in poetry and hip-hop in childhood.

He crafted his rapping skills for years before getting into the studio for his first-ever recording in high school.

Judge Da Boss got off to a perfect start after winning “The Chosen One” rap competition, thrashing over 100 local artists to claim the coveted crown.

This was the major turning point in his life and career as he would later sign to Amar’e Stoudemire’s record label after impressing the NBA legend with his rapping skills.

He capitalized on the opportunity to release his debut mix tape, The Chosen One.

One of the rapper’s best songs from his earlier days, “Stat and Melo,” is still in many people’s minds.

4. Sincerely Collins

Sincerely Collins is a self-proclaimed alien, genius, wizard, and visionary from Phoenix, Arizona.

He’s divided fans with his unusual style, often attracting praise and criticism in equal measure.

Collins has seen it all, from living without a father to surviving his mom’s disappearance and becoming homeless.

He knew the only way out would be through his rapping talent, and his harrowing experiences serve as an eye-opener to many Arizona youth.

The Arizona rapper is best known for the hit singles “Proper Season,” “Light Work,” and “Listen.”

His songs are about hardship, joy, pain, belief, and anything else to inspire the younger generation.

5. Ali Tomineek

Ali Tomineek is an Arizona rapper who’s entertained his fans with songs such as “No Punch,” “#OneTake,” and “Yikes.”

His fast-paced rapping style shines in many songs, which is the bare minimum for a guy who crafted his freestyling skills at 13.

He’s always wanted to become a rapper and spent much of his time perfecting his skills.

In 2011, Ali started posting online videos showing his performances.

It wasn’t long before the Arizona rapper caught many people’s attention, releasing his first album to capitalize on the increasing popularity.

Tomineek has been one of the most influential figures in the Arizona rap scene, using his voice and status to raise awareness on difficult subjects such as bullying.

He’s performed in schools, donated to charities, and done everything right to put Arizona on the global map.

And it’s only befitting that he gets his place among the state’s best rappers right now.

6. Lil Prada

There’s no perfect place for a young talented, upcoming rapper than 51 West Venue in Tempe, Arizona, exactly where a young Lil Prada started his career.

He’s the Arizona rapper behind the hit songs “MARKSMAN,” “Glock In The Moshpit,” and “Hot Cars.”

The young rapper is already getting recognized for his spirited performances, giving his audience genuine experiences every time he gets to the stage.

The Arizona rapper distinguishes himself with unique beats meant to get anybody on the dance floor or at least make the song stick in their head.

7. The Desert Baby

The Desert Baby is one of Arizona’s most loved rappers in 2023.

The Phoenix-born and raised artist is from a bi-racial background and is hungry to make it in the city’s rap scene.

He began rapping in his teenage years before his musical aspirations almost ended when he was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

But now that he’s back, bigger and better (and probably wiser), the Phoenix native has decided to push his limits.

His style is influenced by Tupac Shakur and Bun B, and he is destined to leave his mark on the Arizona rap scene.

8. Kill Stacy

Kill Stacy is another artist lighting up the Arizona rap scene with an insane flow and effortless rapping.

He’s already released 10 EPs and is well on his way to conquering the state’s rap scene.

Some of Kill Stacy’s best songs include “Gunslinga,” “STUDDED STRAP,” and “PUSSYMILK.”

9. Dann G

If you know “Cabo Vibes,” you surely remember the man behind the popular tune.

It was one of Arizona’s most popular hip-hop songs in 2020, featuring Megawatts and Alexcis.

With a diverse style that suits every taste, Dann G has established himself as one of the best Arizona rappers in 2023.

He’s performed on the same stage with big-name artists and hip-hop groups such as Migos, Gucci Mane, and Lil Uzi Vert.

Check out his other popular hit, “Rally the Valley,” dedicated to the Phoenix Suns basketball team.

10. Yung Face

Shaquan Brown, or Yung Face, has been one of the most successful Arizona rappers in recent years.

He lost his mother when he was young and grew up under the care of his relatives before moving to a foster family until he turned 18.

With hard work and determination, Yung Face has built a successful music career as one of Arizona’s best rappers.

He’s known all over Phoenix as a talented rapper with a youthful face, inspiring his adopted stage name.

11. SwinDoe

SwinDoe’s story goes back to the 2000s when his eponymous debut studio album peaked at #123 on the Billboard 200.

He’s an ever-evolving artist who managed to sell his albums via a smartphone.

12. Isaiah Toothtaker

Isaiah Toothtaker is more than just a rapper.

He’s an American designer, tattoo artist, and the co-founder of the Machina Muerte hip-hop collective.

He was born in Tuscan, Arizona, and started rapping as a teenager.

He’s released 7 studio albums and 3 EPs to put his name among the best rappers born in Arizona.

13. Roqy Tyraid

Roqy Tyraid hails from San Diego, California.

He grew up in California before moving to Los Angeles in high school.

He moved to Arizona for his college studies and started his music career at the same time.

While in Phoenix, Roqy started engaging in record battles while releasing new singles.

He slowly started dominating the scene, building a solid fan base that would eventually earn him a place among the city’s most accomplished entertainers.

The rapper’s best-ever project was the 2016 album, The Dichotomy of RoQy TyRaiD, which placed 3 songs on the indie college charts.

14. Bag of Tricks Cat

Bag of Tricks Cat is a Glendale-born rapper with a musical background.

He comes from a supportive family starting with his grandmother, Ann Bennett who guided him through the pitfalls of the music industry. 

Bag of Tricks has been in the Arizona rap scene since 2012, but only became popular in 2014 thanks to The Cat That Never Came Down EP.

He promoted the EP in the UK through extensive tours with fellow Arizona rapper Mega Ran, before the duo collaborated on a new album, Emerald Knights: The Album in 2015. 

15. Foreknown

Foreknown is the only Christian hip-hop rapper on this list.

He perfected his rapping skills in the late 2000s before releasing his debut album, Ornithology, in 2014.

He grew up in Alhambra, California, before moving to Peoria, Arizona, where he currently stays with his family.

Foreknown’s best songs include “Little Miss So and So,” “Minivan,” and “Bird In Hand.”

16. Injury Reserve

Injury Reserve is one of Arizona’s most recognizable hip-hop groups.

The group’s lineup comprised Ritchie with a T, Parker Corey, and Stepa J. Groggs.

The trio specialized in jazz rap, experimental hip hop, abstract hip hop, and alternative hip hop, becoming one of the best rap groups from Arizona.

The band’s discography includes 2 albums, 3 mix tapes, and 2 EPs.

They also collaborated with other artists on the hit songs “Mutual Destruction,” “Campfire,” “Fetus,” and “Aquarius.”

17. Murkemz

Murkemz became a breath of fresh air in the Arizona rap scene with his sharp lyricism and sense of humor.

He blended fast-style rapping with a magical flow to become one of the fastest-rising rappers in Arizona.

18. Willy Northpole

William Kenneth Adams, commonly known as Willy Northpole, released his debut album, Tha Connect, in 2009.

He’s an Arizona native who began his career at Family Tree Entertainment under Tiffany J.

Willy worked with the Ludacris-affiliated Disturbing Tha Peace Records in the mid-2000s before leaving in 2012.

19. MC Magic

MC Magic is a Mexican-American rapper, record producer, and songwriter who raps in English and Spanish languages.

He owns NastyBoy Records, NB Ridaz, and Nastyboy Klick Records and has been a household name in the Arizona rap scene for years.

MC Magic was born in Mexico and raised in Phoenix, Arizona after his family moved to the US when he was 5.

He learned drumming from his best friend, Rob and started his career as a DJ.

Today, MC Magic has released 5 studio albums and multiple hit singles to engrave his name in many people’s hearts.

20. Alexcis

Alexcis is an Arizona rapper with Mexican-American roots.

He’s best known for his high-profile collaboration with rapper Wiz Khalifa on the “Chico” hit single, which has since garnered over 700,000 YouTube views.

His other best singles include “My Party,” featuring G-Eazy, and “Until the Day,” alongside T-Pain.

21. Dela Preme

Dela Preme is a talented rapper and MC from Glendale, Arizona.

He’s loved for his electrifying performances and crazy punchlines that often leave fans begging for more.

22. C-Thug

C-Thug is another Arizona rapper proudly representing the American state on the biggest stage.

The rapper’s 2009 I Am Arizona album was his most successful project, spawning the hit singles “Same Old Shit,” “Im Wet,” “I Am Arizona,” and “2 The Top.”

23. Rezcoast Grizz

Rezcoast Grizz is one of the best rappers from Arizona.

The American rapper has succeeded on the local stage, standing out with the versatility that often sees him switch between alternative and rap music.

Rezcoast Grizz established himself in the Arizona rap scene many years ago, resonating with younger audiences as one of the city’s best rappers.

Grizz’s music is packed with emotion, a sweet melody, and, sometimes, heart-wrenching truth that hits you right where you need it.

24. Slim Billions

Slim Billions became one of the fastest-rising hip hop stars in 2018 with his “Slide Down” hit, showing immense creativity and versatility for a then 23-year-old.

He’s been on the rise ever since, delivering musical masterpieces that any Arizona native would find impossible to ignore. 

His other best songs include “42 Bars” and “Bounce Back,” both of which have endeared him to local audiences.

Best Arizona Rappers – Final Thoughts

Overlooked for the better part of history or probably ‘swallowed’ by the larger areas of the West Coast, such as Los Angeles, it’s obvious the Arizona rap scene doesn’t attract much attention.

And that’s not because there aren’t many great rappers from the region.

The Copper State is home to some of the most promising names in rap music and should be your one-stop destination for a taste of some hidden talent in the hip-hop world.

Of course, some notable names from Arizona are already making it on the biggest stage.

But as you can see, there’s still plenty to explore from the Canyon State.

Hopefully, our guide to the 24 best Arizona rappers has shed more light on the state’s rap scene and will help you identify these massive talents before they explode on the international stage.

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