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15 Best Alice Cooper Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

June 1, 2023
alice cooper songs

Alice Cooper is one of the most iconic figures in rock ‘n’ roll and has been entertaining audiences for over five decades.

His music is instantly recognizable, from his hard-hitting guitar riffs to his flamboyant stage presence.

Throughout his career, he’s released some of the most memorable songs in rock history, and in this article, we’ll be taking a look back at 15 of his greatest hits.

From early classics like “School’s Out”, to later releases like “Poison”, these are the Alice Cooper songs that have stood the test of time and still get audiences rocking today.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best Alice Cooper tracks ever created.

Enjoy our list of the best Alice Cooper songs!

1. “School’s Out”

“School’s Out”, by Alice Cooper, is without a doubt one of the most iconic and recognizable songs in rock history.

Blending hard-hitting riffs and Cooper’s trademark shriek, it became an instant classic upon its release in 1972.

The track is an anthem of defiance and rebellion for outcasts everywhere, with its memorable chorus declaring that school’s finally out for summertime.

Its impact on the rock genre cannot be understated – even today, the song remains a live staple at concerts and festivals around the world.

It’s no wonder “School’s Out” has become one of rock music’s greatest hits; it encapsulates everything that makes Alice Cooper such a legendary artist.

2. “Bed Of Nails”

“Bed of Nails” is a powerful track from Alice Cooper’s 1989 album Trash.

It’s a song that showcases Cooper’s signature hard rock sound and his talent for writing anthemic, memorable choruses.

The lyrics tell the story of a man pushed to his limits by relationships gone sour, and it features some crushingly heavy guitar riffs and thunderous drums to punctuate the feelings of desperation.

“Bed Of Nails” is an unforgettable song that proves why Alice Cooper is one of the most iconic figures in rock music history.

His influence on the genre can still be felt today, making this song an essential part of any greatest hits collection.

3. “Welcome To My Nightmare”

Continuing Alice Cooper’s electrifying career, 1975’s “Welcome to My Nightmare” is undoubtedly one of the American rocker’s most iconic songs.

It begins with an eerie intro that builds up to a powerful chorus, perfectly capturing the essence of Alice Cooper.

Themes of horror and evil are explored throughout the song, combined with an upbeat tempo and loud guitars, creating a sound unlike any other in rock music.

This is one track that will surely stay with you long after it ends.

With its dark lyrics and heavy melodies, “Welcome to My Nightmare” is a must-have on any Alice Cooper greatest hits collection.

4. “Is It My Body”

Alice Cooper’s iconic track “Is It My Body” is an absolute classic – a song that has stood the test of time and been covered by countless artists.

It’s hard to overstate just how amazing this song is, with its heavy riffs and driving beat.

The lyrics are also cleverly crafted with wordplay that gives the track a certain depth.

All in all, “Is It My Body” is an essential addition to Alice Cooper’s greatest hits collection and an absolute must-hear for fans of classic rock.

5. “Caught In A Dream”

Alice Cooper shifts gears with the pop-rock and whimsical lyrics of “Caught in a Dream”.

This track has a much softer sound than its predecessor, with an upbeat tempo and infectious melodies.

The song’s catchy chorus is sure to become a favorite of fans, as its infectious energy is easy to get lost in.

Lyrically, the song follows Alice Cooper’s signature style of whimsical and tongue-in-cheek storytelling.

Its underlying message speaks to the idea that life can be like a dream if you don’t take it too seriously.

As such, this track stands out as one of Alice Cooper’s most memorable songs, making it an essential part of any greatest hits collection.

6. “Go To Hell”

From the opening chords of “Go to Hell”, Alice Cooper’s classic track off his 1975 album Welcome to My Nightmare, it’s clear why this song has become one of his greatest hits.

With an ominous soundscape and a powerful message, it’s no wonder that fans have continued to flock to this song over the years.

His lyrics provide a strong challenge for those who stand in his way.

The song is further enhanced by its driving guitar riffs and pulsating rhythm section, making it an undeniable rock anthem.

It’s easy to see why “Go To Hell” has become one of Alice Cooper’s most beloved songs, packing all the power of his live performances into one tight package.

7. “It’s Me”

“It’s Me” is a true classic from Alice Cooper, an infectious and powerful track that packs an emotional punch.

With its driving guitar riffs and soaring vocals, the song captures the essence of Cooper’s unique style perfectly and stands out among his greatest hits.

Its darkly humorous lyrics are full of wit and attitude, making it one of the most memorable songs in his repertoire.

Whether you’re looking for a catchy tune or something with more substance, “It’s Me” is sure to satisfy you.

Its timeless quality ensures that it will remain a fan favorite for years to come.

8. “Freedom”

After the intense, personal self-reflection of “It’s Me”, Alice Cooper takes a hard left turn with “Freedom”.

This hard rock anthem rages against the forces that try to limit our freedoms, as Alice belts out a passionate chorus of defiance and rebellion.

With its driving guitar riffs and thundering drums, this track is an adrenaline-fueled burst of energy that captures the spirit of freedom in all its raw glory.

The song’s uplifting lyrics and powerful performance deliver a timeless message that resonates just as strongly today as it did when it was first released.

It’s an unforgettable classic that shows why Alice Cooper is still one of the most influential rockers of all time.

9. “Elected”

Elected” is one of Alice Cooper’s most beloved songs and it’s easy to see why.

With an anthemic chorus, infectious guitar riffs, and Cooper’s signature vocals, the track has become an essential part of the rock music canon.

The lyrics tell the story of a man who rises from rags to riches, overcoming adversity with sheer determination.

It’s a classic tale of survival in the face of tremendous odds and it resonates with listeners everywhere.

While it may not be as heavy as some of Cooper’s other hits, “Elected” remains an iconic song that will live on for generations to come.

10. “Under My Wheels”

“Elected” is an iconic Alice Cooper song, and it has been covered by many other popular artists.

But just as electrifying, “Under My Wheels” offers a similarly driving beat and vibrant chorus.

The track’s verses feature a clever and sardonic twist as Alice sings about his own fame coming back to bite him, while the chorus propels the song forward with its anthemic power chords.

It’s a classic example of Alice Cooper’s hard-rocking sound and one that still resonates with fans today.

The track is a fan favorite for good reason; it’s infectious energy and snarling lyrics make it an essential inclusion in any Alice Cooper greatest hits collection.

11. “Blue Turk”

From the off-the-wall theatrical numbers to the hard rock anthems, Alice Cooper’s greatest hits are a testament to his diverse musical style and singular vision.

His 1972 track “Blue Turk” is no exception.

A bluesy hard rock number with a hint of psychedelia, it features an infectious groove and some truly scorching guitar work.

The lyrics are full of wit and wry humor, making for one of Cooper’s most memorable songs.

It may not have been as popular as other tracks from the era, but “Blue Turk” is an essential part of Alice Cooper’s greatest hits collection that will put a smile on any fan’s face.

12. “My Stars”

Alice Cooper’s iconic hit “My Stars” is a classic of the rock genre.

With its classic riff and undeniable groove, it has become one of his most beloved songs.

The lyrics are simple yet powerful, and the instrumentation is perfectly balanced with Cooper’s signature voice.

This song truly encapsulates what makes Alice Cooper so great: his knack for writing catchy tunes that stay with you for years to come.

This timeless rock anthem will remain a favorite among fans for years to come; its energy and emotion will never fade away.

It’s no wonder “My Stars” remains an all-time favorite from Alice Cooper’s greatest hits collection.

13. “Killer”

“Killer” is a masterclass in hard rock that showcases Alice Cooper’s unrivaled ability to captivate audiences.

From the opening riff to its thunderous finale, the song immediately draws listeners in and doesn’t let go.

Cooper’s vocals cut through the walls of sound, elevating the track to legendary status.

It’s no wonder it remains one of his most beloved classics all these years later.

No fan of hard rock should be without this classic Cooper song.

Killer” is an essential addition to any greatest hits collection, with its timeless appeal ensuring it will remain a classic for generations to come.

14. “Be My Lover”

“Be My Lover” is an absolute classic that has been a staple of Alice Cooper’s live shows for decades.

This song starts off with a driving chord progression and tough vocal delivery that captures the listener in an instant.

The chorus is catchy and memorable, with plenty of attitudes to make it stand out from the rest of Cooper’s catalog.

It’s no surprise this track has gone on to become one of his most beloved hits, as its explosive energy and hard-hitting attitude make it an enduring fan favorite.

Whether at an arena show or listening to the studio version, “Be My Lover” always gets the crowd going – and it will continue to be a timeless classic in Alice Cooper’s discography for years to come.

Best Alice Cooper Songs – Final Thoughts

I have to say, Alice Cooper has always been one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll artists of all time.

His songs are timeless classics that will never be forgotten.

From “School’s Out” to “Be My Lover”, Alice Cooper truly knows how to pen a hit song.

Every single song on this list is evidence of his immense talent and ability as a musician.

It’s no wonder why he’s held in such high regard among rock fans around the world!

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend listening to these 15 best Alice Cooper songs – they’re sure to put a smile on your face and get your feet tapping in no time!

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