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14 Best Air Supply Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

August 4, 2023
air supply songs

Air Supply is an iconic Australian soft rock duo that has left a lasting mark on the music scene.

Their signature sound and romantic lyrics have captivated millions of fans around the world for decades.

In this article, we’ll be looking at 14 of their greatest hits and why they remain so beloved.

It’s impossible to talk about classic love songs without mentioning Air Supply.

From their slow ballads to their more upbeat tracks, Air Supply has created some of the most unforgettable melodies of all time.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering them, these 14 best Air Supply songs will give you a glimpse into the band’s timeless legacy.

1. “All Out Of Love”

For over 40 years, Air Supply’s classic ballad “All Out Of Love” has remained one of the most beloved love songs of all time.

The 1980 hit single, off their fifth studio album Lost In Love, features a beautiful combination of vocal harmonies and an upbeat melody that is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Lead singers Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell deliver a powerful performance as they express the feelings of longing and desperation that come with losing someone you love.

Although it may not be as flashy as some of their other hits, “All Out Of Love” will continue to be remembered for decades to come as one of Air Supply’s greatest hits.

2. “Goodbye”

“Goodbye” is the perfect way to end an epic playlist of the best Air Supply songs.

It’s a somber yet powerful ballad with soaring melodies and heartbreaking lyrics.

The song pays tribute to the idea that no matter how hard it is to say goodbye, it’s often necessary in order for us to move on.

With every word, singer/songwriter Graham Russell captures the pain of knowing that something beautiful must come to an end.

“Goodbye” is a timeless classic that will remain relevant for years to come; a fitting conclusion to this greatest hits collection.

3. “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All”

Moving on from the bittersweet “Goodbye”, we come to one of Air Supply’s most beloved hits: “Making Love Out of Nothing at All”.

This timeless classic has been covered by countless artists since its release in 1983 and still captivates listeners today.

It showcases the band’s signature soaring harmonies and heartfelt lyrics that speak to the power of love.

The song also features a powerful instrumental arrangement full of entrancing guitar riffs and an impressive drum solo.

In short, “Making Love Out of Nothing At All” is a testament to Air Supply’s ability to capture emotion in music and make it last forever.

4. “Lost In Love”

“Lost In Love” is an iconic song from Air Supply that has become a classic in the hearts of many.

It is a beautiful and romantic tune that tells a story of true love.

The band’s vocalists, Graham Russell, and Russell Hitchcock, deliver the lyrics with passionate emotion and heartfelt delivery.

The acoustic guitar-led melody is gentle yet powerful, showcasing their musical chemistry together.

The orchestral arrangement and background vocals give the song a cinematic feel that transports listeners to another realm.

“Lost In Love” is a timeless piece of art, perfect for any romantic playlist.

It is no surprise this song remains one of the most beloved hits from Air Supply’s greatest hits collection.

5. “Without You”

Continuing the romantic journey, the next track to take listeners on a nostalgic ride is “Without You”.

This 1991 hit from Air Supply captures the essence of heartbreak and loneliness in a beautiful manner.

The lyrics express that even when one’s loved one has moved on, they will still love them forever.

The vocal duet between Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell is what makes this song so special – their harmonious voices blend together like velvety textures of chocolate and cream.

As the chorus kicks in, listeners are swept away into an emotional abyss and almost can’t help but sing along to the unforgettable chorus.

“Without You” is an all-time classic that will continue to make its mark in music history for years to come.

6. “Even The Nights Are Better”

Even the Nights Are Better” is an iconic 80s love song from Air Supply.

It features a soaring melody and powerful, heartfelt lyrics that tug at the heartstrings.

The song stands out among Air Supply’s greatest hits for its ability to evoke strong emotions in listeners, making it one of their most beloved songs.

Through its lyrical story of hope and love, the track captures the essence of what makes Air Supply so special: an unparalleled sense of romanticism and optimism.

Even after all these years, this timeless classic continues to be an inspiration for generations of music lovers.

7. “The One That You Love”

“The One That You Love” is one of the most iconic love songs of all time.

Air Supply released this single in 1981, and it has been a staple of romantic playlists ever since.

Russell Hitchcock’s soulful vocals combined with Graham Russell’s heartfelt lyrics make this song stand out from the crowd.

It’s an unforgettable classic that will live on forever as a reminder of true love.

This track has earned its place among the greatest hits of Air Supply and is sure to remain a fan favorite for many years to come.

8. “Every Woman In The World”

A gentle ode to life-long love, “Every Woman in the World” by Air Supply is an unmistakable classic.

With an infectious melody and heart-warming lyrics, this song speaks to any listener who has ever yearned for a connection that transcends time or place.

This timeless tune is sure to tug at your heartstrings, as it paints a picture of never-ending adoration and devotion – it’s no wonder it remains one of the band’s most beloved hits over four decades later.

There’s simply no denying the power of this romantic ballad – a must-hear for any fan of Air Supply!

9. “Here I Am”

A bittersweet ballad about lost love, “Here I Am” is one of Air Supply’s most powerful and moving songs.

With its melancholic melody and emotive lyrics, the song brings out the pain of a broken heart in a way that few other bands have been able to capture.

It’s no wonder why this song has been a staple in Air Supply’s live performances over the years; it’s simply a classic.

As such, it has become an essential part of any greatest hits album from the band and is sure to remain so for many years to come.

10. “I Can’t Let Go”

The 1985 power ballad “I Can’t Let Go” by Air Supply is a beautiful testament to the pain of a broken heart.

Lyrically, it captures the feelings of someone who is struggling to move on after being left behind in a romantic relationship.

Musically, it features lush synthesizers and a powerful chorus that perfectly accentuates the lyrical content.

This song is an undeniable classic from Air Supply’s greatest hits album and stands as one of their most beloved songs ever recorded – a timeless masterpiece that will remain in listeners’ hearts forever.

11. “Lonely Is The Night”

“Lonely Is the Night” is an emotional rollercoaster of a song from Air Supply.

The lyrics take us on a journey through heartache and isolation but ultimately give us hope that love can be found again.

The songwriting duo of Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock capture the essence of a relationship gone wrong in their powerful storytelling.

Musically, the track builds on a simple, yet memorable guitar riff backed by dynamic drums and lush synths.

There’s something hauntingly beautiful about this piece that has made it one of Air Supply’s most beloved songs among fans and critics alike.

It’s one of those timeless numbers that will continue to resonate with listeners for years to come.

12. “Having You Near Me”

“Having You Near Me” is a timeless classic from Air Supply that transcends generations and styles.

A perfect example of the band’s ability to craft beautiful music, this song captures the emotion of being in love and being in a state of blissful peace.

The lyrics are simple yet powerful, telling a story of two people who have found each other and are never going to let go.

The instrumentation is excellent with its soaring guitars and lush strings, adding an extra layer of sentimentality to the track.

It’s no wonder why this is one of Air Supply’s most beloved songs – it speaks directly to the heart of anyone who has ever experienced true love.

This record will remain a staple in any fan’s collection for years to come.

13. “One More Chance”

“One More Chance” by Air Supply is an incredible ballad that showcases the band’s signature style and romantic lyrics.

It has all the ingredients of a classic love song — heartfelt emotion, a catchy melody, and a passionate vocal performance from Graham Russell.

The song captures the pain of lost love, but also offers hope for reconciliation, making it an inspiring anthem for anyone going through a difficult time in their relationship.

The lyrics are especially powerful, as they convey a powerful message of redemption and forgiveness.

The beautiful music accompanying the words adds to its emotional impact, creating an unforgettable track that will stay with you long after it’s over.

Air Supply has truly outdone itself with this one; “One More Chance” is sure to remain a fan favorite for years to come.

14. “Young Love”

“Young Love” is the epitome of air supply’s timeless romantic music.

This classic song is a gorgeous combination of sweeping melodies and heartfelt lyrics that have the power to make any listener feel like they are in love.

The beauty of this song lies in its simplicity, as the chorus builds to a stunningly beautiful crescendo that will bring tears to your eyes.

It’s an all-time favorite and one of Air Supply’s best, capturing the essence of young love in all its innocence and glory.

A true masterpiece that will stay with you forever.

Best Air Supply Songs – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Air Supply’s music has stood the test of time.

Their songs are beloved by fans and continue to be featured on radio stations worldwide.

It’s no mystery why their music has been so popular: their heartfelt lyrics, powerful vocals, and melodic rhythms have created a sound that is timeless.

As a music critic, I can confidently say that these 14 songs are some of the best Air Supply has ever produced.

Whether you’re an old fan or just discovering their music for the first time, these greatest hits will not disappoint.

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