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14 Best Aaron Lewis Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

December 19, 2023
Best aaron lewis songs

I’ve selected the best Aaron Lewis songs of all time, a collection of his greatest hits that showcase his deep, soulful voice and powerful songwriting.

This article is a journey through the tracks that have established Aaron Lewis as a prominent figure in both rock and country music.

Top Aaron Lewis songs of all time

  • “Burnt The Sawmill Down”
  • “Tangled Up In You”
  • “Stuck In These Shoes”
  • “Whiskey And You”
  • “Folded Flag”
  • “Am I The Only One”
  • “Sinner”
  • “The Road”
  • “Granddaddy’s Gun”
  • “Endless Summer”

1. “Burnt The Sawmill Down”

Aaron Lewis’ “Burnt The Sawmill Down” is a classic track that’s filled with amazing lyricism and instrumentation.

It features an impressive mix of country, folk, and rock elements, making it an ideal way to kick off any greatest hits collection.

The song tells a story about a crazed man who burns down the sawmill due to his frustration with his life.

The lyrics are vivid and powerful, giving listeners insight into what drives someone to commit such an act.

Musically, it features some great guitar riffs and heavy percussion that add a sense of urgency to the track.

All in all, this is one of Aaron Lewis’ best songs ever, and it deserves its place as the opening track on any greatest hits album.

2. “Tangled Up In You”

“Tangled Up In You” by Aaron Lewis ft. Alexa Carter is an enduring masterpiece that has withstood the test of time.

This acoustic ballad features a simple yet profoundly moving melody, capturing the depths of longing and heartbreak that accompany a failed romance.

The song’s minimalistic instrumentation and sincere lyrics contribute to its immense popularity and beloved status among Aaron’s repertoire.

With Aaron Lewis’ emotionally charged vocals and Alexa Carter’s heartfelt contributions, the song paints a vivid portrayal of a shattered heart, resonating with anyone who has experienced the pain of a broken relationship.

While it may not have achieved mainstream acclaim, “Tangled Up In You” undeniably earns its place as one of Aaron Lewis’ greatest hits, a true classic deserving of recognition.

3. “Stuck In These Shoes”

Aaron Lewis’ song “Stuck In These Shoes” is an emotionally charged masterpiece showcasing his incredible vocal range and lyrical prowess.

His voice evokes a sense of sadness that is almost palpable, and it’s clear that this song was written from the depths of his soul.

There’s no denying the raw emotion present in this track, making it one of Aaron Lewis’ greatest hits.

This heartfelt ballad has endeared itself to fans across the globe and will remain a favorite for years to come.

4. “Whiskey And You”

Aaron Lewis’ song “Whiskey And You” is a timeless classic of modern country music.

It beautifully captures the emotion of heartache and longing, as Aaron Lewis sings about his lover who left him for another man.

His vocals are raw and vulnerable, with a sincerity that few singers can achieve.

The instrumentation is simple but effective – the strings softly wash over the gentle guitar, creating an atmosphere of desperate nostalgia.

The song’s message is clear when life gets tough and love fails, whiskey is always there to turn to.

“Whiskey And You” is an enduring reminder that sometimes it’s okay to rely on vice for comfort.

5. “Folded Flag”

Folded Flag” is a somber, moving tribute to fallen soldiers, with Aaron Lewis’ powerful voice and emotional lyrics acting as the perfect accompaniment.

The song’s message of honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country is clear, and it’s hard not to be moved by its haunting melody.

Aaron Lewis’ delivery is masterful, conveying the gravity of the subject matter in a way that few other artists can match.

In short, “Folded Flag” stands out as one of Aaron Lewis’ best songs and an important reminder of those who have sacrificed for our freedom.

6. “Am I The Only One”

“Am I The Only One” by Aaron Lewis is a powerful and emotive song, providing listeners with a mix of hard rock and country influences.

With its hard-hitting lyrics, the song manages to bring together both genres with ease.

The guitar riffs are powerful and intense, while the drums provide a steady beat throughout.

Combined with Aaron Lewis’ passionate vocal delivery, this song is an undeniable classic and easily one of his best songs of all time.

It’s a must-have for any music fan wanting to experience some of Aaron Lewis’ greatest hits.

7. “Sinner”

Moving on from the contemplative emotions elicited by “Am I The Only One”, “Sinner” provides a hard-hitting reflection of Aaron Lewis’ own struggles.

Although it may seem like a fairly typical rock song at first glance, it’s ultimately an incredibly honest and heartbreaking exploration of guilt and redemption.

The powerful chorus melody is punctuated by heavy drum and guitar riffs that really drive home the song’s message.

It also features one of Aaron Lewis’ most passionate vocal performances, full of emotion and vulnerability.

As he sings out his pain and regret, it’s impossible not to be moved.

This track shows why Aaron Lewis is one of the greatest contemporary rock artists of all time, he has an unrivaled ability to make us feel deeply while still rocking out with unmatched intensity.

8. “The Road”

“The Road” is one of Aaron Lewis’ most memorable hits, and it’s easy to see why.

Its unique combination of acoustic guitar and soulful vocals creates a song that is both heartfelt and captivating.

The lyrics are heartbreakingly honest, detailing the struggles that come with walking down life’s paths.

This track stands out as an example of Aaron Lewis’ songwriting talents and his ability to create timeless music that speaks directly to the listener’s heart.

9. “Granddaddy’s Gun”

As soon as you press play on “Granddaddy’s Gun”, you can’t help but be overcome with emotion.

Aaron Lewis’ weathered vocals and hauntingly honest lyrics tug at your heartstrings as he croons about his grandfather’s legacy and the importance of family.

The track is a moving tribute to generations past, one that will remind many listeners of their own grandparent’s stories.

With its nostalgic twang and classic country sound, this song is sure to remain an all-time favorite in the Aaron Lewis discography for years to come.

10. “Endless Summer”

Aaron Lewis’s “Endless Summer” is an instant classic, a timeless track that captures the nostalgia of summertime like no other.

The energy of the song, combined with thoughtful lyrics and an alluring melody, makes for an irresistible piece of music.

Whether you’re looking for something to motivate you during a workout or just need something to lift your spirits on a summer day, this is the perfect track for any occasion.

11. “Forever”

Aaron Lewis’s “Forever” is a masterpiece that stands out among his greatest hits.

From its hauntingly beautiful introduction to its anthemic chorus, it captures the fragile beauty of life and loves with a poignancy rarely seen in music.

The song’s impact is only amplified by its raw emotion and unforgettable melody, making it an essential addition to any Aaron Lewis fan’s playlist.

12. “Party In Hell”

Switching gears from the soulful, reflective mood of “Forever”, Aaron Lewis takes us to a wilder place with the rowdy and raucous “Party In Hell”.

This high-energy rocker finds him roaring through its verses like a man possessed, delivering anthemic choruses that will have you raising your fists in no time.

His vocals are snarling and aggressive, while his bandmates provide a wall of sound behind him.

It’s an absolute barnstormer that shows off the full range of Lewis’ musical talents – it’s definitely one of his best songs.

13. “That Ain’t Country”

A rugged, poignant anthem for the traditional country fan, “That Ain’t Country” is an impassioned plea from Aaron Lewis.

His plaintive vocals and vivid lyrics capture the listener’s attention and draw them into the song’s narrative of regret and nostalgia.

The blues-infused chorus drives home its message that modern country music has strayed too far from its roots.

It’s a powerful reminder of how far down the path of pop-country we’ve gone, and a stirring call to return to a simpler sound.

A timeless classic destined to become an enduring addition to Aaron Lewis’ greatest hits collection.

14. “Vicious Circles”

Aaron Lewis’ “Vicious Circles” is an emotional roller coaster.

With his distinctively raw vocals and hauntingly honest lyrics, Lewis paints a vivid picture of life on the fringes.

His unique blend of country and rock is perfectly suited for this album, giving it a sound all its own.

Whether you’re in the mood for something upbeat or heartbreakingly slow, “Vicious Circles” has something for everyone.

It’s no surprise that this album stands among Aaron Lewis’ greatest hits – it’s an absolute must-listen.

Best Aaron Lewis Songs – Final Thoughts

Overall, Aaron Lewis has a long list of great songs that have been hailed.

His songs are a perfect blend of country and rock, and his lyrics are incredibly powerful.

He’s created a lasting impact with his music and continues to be one of the most beloved artists in the country genre.

I highly recommend exploring Aaron Lewis’ greatest hits for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

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