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7 AI tools that can help you as a musician

November 23, 2023
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Artificial Intelligence is transforming every industry, and the music industry isn’t left out, offering tools that simplify and enhance the creative process for many artists.

From streamlining production to connecting with fans, AI is an invaluable ally in today’s growing industry. 

In this article, we look at AI tools essential for any modern musician. Enjoy the read!


Built on top of Magenta’s open-source models and tools, Magenta Studio is a set of music plugins. Magenta is a music generation tool that utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. It can be used as an Ableton Live plugin or a standalone application. 

After downloading, you’ll see a list of five applications to select from: With the help of the music transformer tool Continue, users can add more sounds to a MIDI file to make it longer. Drumify is a tool that generates drum patterns from bass or imputed melodies. Generate functions similarly to a random note generator thanks to its training on millions of melodies. Groove examines a drum track and adjusts the rhythm using Magenta, resulting in a looser, more “human” feel. Lastly, interpolation creates a sound to connect two different MIDI melody tracks.


Amper is made to need the least amount of input possible to produce a distinctive musical piece. Before being composed, performed, produced, and recorded for use by content creators of all stripes, the music is created entirely from scratch. No licensed music, pre-made loops, or pre-made content are present. 


AIVA creates poignant music for films, video games, and advertisements. The software can be used to create original songs and remix pre-existing ones. The AIVA music engine eliminates the need for music licensing, greatly simplifying the process of producing corporate or social media videos.


WavTool was the market’s first text-to-music AI tool. WavTool, easily accessed through your browser, provides users with an AI assistant to help with effect control, midi composition, and sound generation. To see whether WavTool’s chatbot feature can assist you in creating the next big hit, you can test it out for free with a finite number of daily prompts! 

It has pre-programmed instrument settings and a panel that lets users configure devices that adjust parameters like EQ and reverb. Text prompts are used to control and modify the devices. A piano roll interface that displays the notes played on screen is included. Although there is no sign-up cost, free accounts are limited to a certain amount of AI prompts. Monthly subscriptions begin at $20, or slightly more than £15.50.

Brain. fm

Brain. fm, created by scientists, creates music with artificial intelligence to increase concentration and productivity. According to Brain, the music composed using their AI composer can have an impact in as little as ten to fifteen minutes. You are unable to compose music on Brain. fm at this time. This platform is intended more for individuals who need help with focus.

Ecrett music

Ecrett Music composes songs according to mood and scene. The scenes and moods include parties, travel, fashion, happiness, and seriousness. After selecting your preferred option, click the “Create Music” button, and the platform will automatically create the music for your video. 


Boomy is a community for AI music generation where users can produce original music and get paid for it on social media. The ability to upload those songs to YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, and other streaming services makes Boomy a beneficial AI production tool. 

The service creates and modifies tracks in various customizable styles using cutting-edge AI algorithms. Pre-set styles like Electronic Dance, Lo-Fi, Rap beats, and Global Grove are available for users. The DAW can generate unique, customized styles based on each user’s preferences. The platform’s “seamless integration with popular streaming platform” makes distribution possible, giving beginners a professional edge and enabling their music to be heard by millions worldwide, with the potential to earn royalties.


Will AI Tools replace Music professionals?

No. AI tools will not replace professionals because they need more empathy and experience to create music that reaches the core of humans. Instead, artificial and Natural Intelligence will collaborate to produce fast, brilliant, and genuine music.

Will AI Tools replace record labels?

It is impossible to do the music business alone with AI tools. What goes into the music business is beyond what is seen in the news. Record labels help seal ambassadorial deals for their artists; they prepare for tours, press releases, and album launching. So, there is so much that AI tools can handle. AI tools can not replace record labels.

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