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14 Best 50 Cent Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

June 15, 2023
50 cent songs

Are you a fan of 50 Cent’s music and looking to revisit some of his greatest hits?

Look no further than this list of the 14 best 50 Cent songs of all time.

From his debut album Power of the Dollar to collaborations with other artists, this list covers the best of 50 Cent’s discography.

Starting off with the iconic “In Da Club”, this list also includes fan favorites such as “21 Questions”, “Candy Shop”, and “P.I.M.P.”

But don’t think this list is just a greatest hits compilation.

It also includes lesser-known tracks like “Outta Control (Remix)” featuring Mobb Deep and “Raid” featuring Pusha T and Pharrell Williams.

No matter your level of familiarity with 50 Cent’s music, this list is sure to have something for everyone.

1. “In Da Club”

You’re gonna wanna turn up the volume and get ready to dance when you hear “In Da Club”.

This iconic song is undoubtedly one of 50 Cent‘s greatest hits of all time.

Released in 2003, it quickly became a club anthem and a chart-topping success.

The beat is infectious, and the lyrics are catchy, making it impossible not to bob your head and sing along.

“In Da Club” perfectly captures the energy and spirit of the early 2000s hip-hop scene.

It’s no wonder that it’s considered a classic and continues to be played in clubs and parties worldwide.

2. “Candy Shop”

Get ready to indulge in the seductive and provocative world of “Candy Shop”, where 50 Cent’s smooth flow and sultry lyrics will leave you craving more.

This hit song, released in 2005, features the mesmerizing vocals of Olivia and showcases 50 Cent’s ability to create a catchy hook that stays stuck in your head.

The beat, produced by Scott Storch, is upbeat and infectious, making it impossible not to move your body to the rhythm.

The lyrics, which revolve around sexual innuendos and metaphors, are cleverly crafted and showcase 50 Cent’s wit and charm.

“Candy Shop” became an instant classic and remains one of 50 Cent’s most iconic songs to date.

3. “P.I.M.P.”

“P.I.M.P.” is one of 50 Cent’s most recognizable tracks, with its infectious beat and clever lyrics about the life of a pimp.

The song is an ode to the hustle and grind.

50 Cent’s smooth flow and catchy chorus make it a hit among fans.

The lyrics delve into the world of pimps and their lavish lifestyle.

50 Cent’s ability to paint a vivid picture with his words is on full display in “P.I.M.P.”

He takes listeners on a journey through the streets where pimps and prostitutes roam.

The song’s success helped solidify 50 Cent’s place in the rap world and remains a fan favorite to this day.

4. “Many Men (Wish Death)”

You gotta listen to “Many Men (Wish Death)” if you want to hear 50 Cent’s raw and unfiltered storytelling about the dangers of the streets.

This song is a true masterpiece.

It showcases 50 Cent’s ability to captivate listeners with his vivid descriptions of violence and survival.

The beat is haunting and the lyrics are powerful, painting a picture of a life filled with betrayal, fear, and vengeance.

It’s no wonder that “Many Men (Wish Death)” has become one of 50 Cent’s most iconic tracks and a fan favorite.

This song is a must-listen for anyone who wants to understand the gritty reality of life in the streets and the resilience of those who survive it.

5. “Just a Lil Bit”

“Just a Lil Bit” showcases 50 Cent’s ability to create a catchy and upbeat song while maintaining his signature style of storytelling.

The song was released in 2005 and quickly became a fan favorite, reaching number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The beat is infectious and the lyrics are playful, with 50 Cent rapping about his prowess with women and his lavish lifestyle.

However, he also manages to slip in some clever wordplay and metaphors, showcasing his talent as a lyricist.

Overall, “Just a Lil Bit” is a testament to 50 Cent’s ability to create hit songs that are both fun and meaningful.

6. “Get Up”

“Get up” and dance to the upbeat and energetic rhythm of this 50 Cent track.

The track features a catchy hook and a driving beat that will have you grooving in no time.

50’s lyrics are confident and boastful, showcasing his signature swagger and bravado.

The song’s production, courtesy of Scott Storch, is top-notch and perfectly complements 50’s flow.

Overall, “Get Up” is a classic 50 Cent track that will get any party started and keep the energy high all night long.

7. “Hustler’s Ambition”

Feeling motivated to chase your dreams?

Take a listen to 50 Cent’s “Hustler’s Ambition” and let his lyrics inspire and empower you to hustle harder and reach your goals.

This song is a perfect representation of the hustle mentality that 50 Cent is known for.

The lyrics speak to the struggles of growing up in poverty and the desire to make something of oneself.

The beat is powerful, and the chorus is catchy, making it easy to get lost in the rhythm and feel the energy of the song.

Whether you’re trying to make it as an entrepreneur, musician, or athlete, “Hustler’s Ambition” is the perfect anthem to keep you motivated and focused on your goals.

4So turn up the volume and let 50 Cent’s words of wisdom guide you towards success.

8. “Disco Inferno”

Dancing to the beat of “Disco Inferno” is like stepping into a time machine and grooving to the funky disco era.

This iconic track is from 50 Cent’s second studio album, The Massacre, and is one of his most popular and well-known songs.

Released in 2005, “Disco Inferno” quickly became a club favorite with its catchy chorus, infectious beat, and clever lyrics.

The song samples the Trammps’ disco classic of the same name and incorporates 50 Cent’s signature flow and swagger.

With its high-energy vibe and party atmosphere, “Disco Inferno” is a timeless classic that continues to get people dancing and grooving today.

9. “I Get Money”

You’ll be pumped up by the electrifying beat and powerful lyrics of “I Get Money”, a track from 50 Cent’s third album that celebrates his success and encourages you to chase your dreams.

The song boasts a catchy hook and a confident flow that captures the essence of 50 Cent’s persona.

It’s a classic anthem that resonates with anyone who’s striving for greatness and overcoming obstacles.

The track’s production, courtesy of Apex, is top-notch, with a thumping bassline and crisp percussion that complement 50’s rhymes perfectly.

“I Get Money” is a timeless record that showcases 50 Cent’s musical prowess and his ability to inspire listeners with his words.

10. “Hate It Or Love It (with The Game)”

If you’re a fan of classic hip-hop, you’ll appreciate the smooth flow and nostalgic vibes of “Hate It Or Love It”, a collaboration between 50 Cent and The Game.

This song is a classic that showcases the lyrical prowess of both artists as they trade verses over a soulful beat.

The hook is catchy and the verses are filled with vivid imagery, making it easy to get lost in the storytelling.

This song was a massive hit when it was released in 2005 and it still holds up today as a testament to the golden era of hip-hop.

If you haven’t heard it yet consider this your official invitation to check it out and see why it’s one of the best 50 Cent songs of all time.

11. “How We Do”

With its infectious beat and confident lyrics, “How We Do” transports you to the streets of Los Angeles and gives you a taste of 50 Cent and The Game’s West Coast swagger.

The song opens with a thumping bass line and a catchy whistle melody, immediately drawing you in.

The Game’s smooth flow sets the tone for the rest of the track, while 50 Cent’s gritty verses add a layer of intensity.

“How We Do” is a quintessential West Coast hip-hop anthem and a highlight of 50 Cent’s discography, showcasing his ability to craft a hit song with a killer hook and undeniable energy.

12. “Outta Control (remix)”

Listen up, you’re in for a treat with the “Outta Control (remix)”, featuring a fiery verse from Mobb Deep’s Prodigy that takes the already intense track to new heights.

This is the kind of collaboration that hip-hop fans dream of, as two powerhouse artists come together to create an unforgettable track.

The beat is hard-hitting and gritty, with 50 Cent delivering his signature flow in a way that only he can.

Prodigy’s verse is a standout moment, showcasing his lyrical prowess and adding a level of depth to the track.

Overall, “Outta Control (remix)” is a standout track in 50 Cent’s discography and a must-listen for any fan of hip-hop.

13. “Raid” ( With Pusha T and Pharrell Williams)

Now that you’ve enjoyed the Outta Control remix, let’s talk about another great collaboration from 50 Cent – “Raid” featuring Pusha T and Pharrell Williams.

This track, produced by The Neptunes, was released in 2011 and is known for its catchy beat and clever wordplay.

With Pusha T’s gritty verses and Pharrell’s smooth chorus, Raid is a must-listen for any 50 Cent fan.

14. “Window Shopper”

You’ll love the catchy beat and clever lyrics of “Window Shopper”, a standout track on 50 Cent’s 2005 album, The Massacre.

This song showcases 50 Cent’s ability to create a catchy hook and combine it with witty lines that talk about the struggles of fame and fortune.

The beat is infectious and keeps you grooving throughout the entire song.

“Window Shopper” also stands out because of its music video, which features 50 Cent walking through a mall and being followed by paparazzi.

The video perfectly captures the theme of the song and adds an extra layer of depth to it.

Overall, “Window Shopper” is a great representation of 50 Cent’s talent as a rapper and producer and is definitely one of his best songs of all time.

Best 50 Cent Songs – Final Thoughts

Great job!

You’ve just finished listing the 14 best 50 Cent songs of all time (greatest hits).

It’s clear that 50 Cent has left an indelible mark in the world of hip-hop and has become one of the most iconic rappers of all time.

His music is known for its catchy hooks, hard-hitting beats, and raw lyrics that resonate with fans all over the world.

As you’ve mentioned, some of his most popular songs include “In Da Club”, “21 Questions”, “Candy Shop”, and “P.I.M.P.” These tracks have become classics in their own right and have cemented 50 Cent’s place in the pantheon of hip-hop legends.

Additionally, his collaborations with other artists such as Pusha T and Pharrell Williams on “Raid” and “Outta Control (remix)” have further solidified his reputation as a formidable force in the industry.

Overall, it’s clear that 50 Cent’s impact on hip-hop culture cannot be overstated.

His music has inspired countless artists and has helped to shape the sound of modern rap.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just a casual listener, there’s no denying the power and influence of 50 Cent’s greatest hits.

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