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15 Best Ashley Mcbryde Songs Of All Time (Greatest Hits)

August 10, 2023
ashley mcbryde songs

Since Ashley McBryde first emerged on the country music scene in 2006, her unique blend of Southern-style country music has earned her fans around the world.

Since then, she has released several hit songs that have become beloved by fans of country music.

This article will examine the top 15 Ashley McBryde songs.

It will explore the reasons why these songs have become so popular, as well as how they reflect the singer’s style of music.

By analyzing each song, the article will demonstrate why McBryde’s music has become so popular.

The article will also discuss how these songs represent McBryde’s musical career.

1. “One Night Standards”

One Night Standards” is a song by Ashley McBryde released in 2020, which showcases her distinctive style of combining elements of country and rock music.

Set in a slower tempo, the song features a melancholic and melancholic melody, coupled with a poetic and melancholic lyric that reflects McBryde’s own personal experiences.

The song also features a unique blend of electric and acoustic guitars, creating a unique texture and sound.

While the song is melodic and melancholic in nature, it also features a strong and powerful message about the consequences of living in the present and not taking life too seriously.

2. “A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega”

Situated in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, the titular bar in the song “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega” provides the backdrop for a tale of love and heartbreak.

The song’s country-folk style paints a vivid picture of the bar’s atmosphere, where the singer, a former lover, and their memories all linger.

The lyrics are filled with sorrow and regret, as the singer reflects on the mistakes they made in their relationship and the heartache it caused.

The song’s poetic imagery and strong melody make it an emotionally powerful track, and an excellent addition to Ashley McBryde’s body of work.

3. “Martha Divine”

“Martha Divine” is a track from Ashley McBryde‘s critically acclaimed debut album, Never Will.

It is a powerful and moving story that showcases her raw vocal abilities.

Lyrically, it tells the story of a woman who has suffered a traumatic loss and is struggling to cope with the pain.

Musically, it is a ballad with a slow tempo and simple instrumentation, with a focus on McBryde’s emotive vocals.

The song has been praised for its honest and heartfelt lyrics, as well as its thoughtful musical arrangement.

4. “Girl Goin’ Nowhere”

The stirring ballad “Girl Goin’ Nowhere” from Ashley McBryde’s debut album offers an emotionally charged narrative of loss and resilience.

Its lyrics depict a young woman who has suffered a devastating loss and is struggling to find strength in her pain.

Musically, it is a mid-tempo country song that builds on both traditional and modern elements.

McBryde’s powerful vocals convey the emotion of the story, while the instrumentation combines elements of folk, rock, and blues.

Despite its sorrowful lyrics, “Girl Goin’ Nowhere” is ultimately an uplifting song that celebrates the strength and courage of the human spirit.

5. “Andy (I Can’t Live Without You)”

An emotionally captivating composition, Ashley McBryde’s “Andy (I Can’t Live Without You)” is an ode to the strength of love and its ability to endure despite life’s obstacles.

Lyrically, McBryde paints a vivid picture of a relationship that has endured through both good and bad times.

The song’s chorus, in particular, highlights the couple’s commitment to each other, with an emphasis on the idea that one person cannot survive without the other’s love and support.

Musically, the song is rooted in traditional country instrumentation, but the production also incorporates modern elements, such as synthesizers and electric guitars, to create a unique sonic atmosphere.

Overall, “Andy (I Can’t Live Without You)” is a testament to the power of love and its ability to transcend life’s difficulties.

6. “Hang In There Girl”

A powerful anthem of resilience, Ashley McBryde’s “Hang In There Girl” celebrates the strength of individuals and encourages them to keep fighting, regardless of the challenges they face.

The song is driven by a simple guitar riff that is accompanied by a chorus of backup singers.

McBryde’s vocals are strong and emotive, delivering a message of perseverance and strength.

The lyrics describe a person who is struggling through a difficult time but is determined to keep going.

The chorus conveys the message of never giving up.

This song is an uplifting reminder of the power of resilience and perseverance when faced with difficult times.

7. “American Scandal”

After the empowering anthem of “Hang In There Girl”, Ashley McBryde’s “American Scandal” offers a more somber look at the current state of the nation.

McBryde masterfully captures the urgency of the moment with her lyrics, offering a stark reminder of what is at stake in the fight for unity.

8. “Never Wanted To Be That Girl”

Analyzing the theme of personal identity, “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” by Ashley McBryde paints a vivid picture of the struggles of growing up.

It explores the idea of an individual trying to find their place in the world.

The song focuses on the feeling of being different and not fitting in, while also expressing the desire to become the person one wants to be and not who is expected by society.

McBryde’s song serves as a powerful reminder of the journey of discovering oneself and the importance of not conforming to what everyone else expects.

9. “Gospel Night At The Strip Club”

Building upon the previous subtopic, “Never Wanted To Be That Girl”, Ashley McBryde’s “Gospel Night At The Strip Club” is a song that explores the dichotomy between faith and secular lifestyles.

McBryde’s unique perspective examines the juxtaposition between sinners and saints, highlighting the moral complexities of modern life.

She crafts a narrative that is both thought-provoking and entertaining, as she draws attention to the social issues that arise when religion and partying clash.

10. “First Thing I Reach For”

In Ashley McBryde’s song, “First Thing I Reach For”, she analyzes the appeal of intoxication and how it affects those who succumb to it.

Through her heartfelt lyrics, McBryde describes the desire to escape reality, the idea of looking for a quick fix, and the consequences of such choices.

She also highlights the idea of addiction and how it can take over one’s life.

The song is a powerful reminder of the damaging effects of alcohol and other substances, and a cautionary tale of the potential dangers of letting them become the first thing one reaches for.

11. “The Jacket”

Continuing with Ashley McBryde’s extensive catalog of hits, one of her most iconic songs is “The Jacket”.

Released in 2018, this song is a powerful exploration of life’s struggles and the need to find solace and hope.

The song features McBryde’s signature mix of country, blues, and rock, with lyrics that are vivid and haunting.

Musically, the song is an emotionally-driven track set to a slow tempo, with McBryde’s powerful vocals at the forefront.

The instrumentation of the song is simple yet effective, emphasizing the bluesy and country influences.

Overall, “The Jacket” is a song that captures the raw emotion of the human condition.

12. “Tired Of Being Happy”

Offering a unique perspective on the human condition, Ashley McBryde’s song “Tired of Being Happy” explores the struggles of life and the search for hope.

The track centers around the idea of being exhausted by having to be content and the desire to have true happiness.

McBryde’s lyrical imagery conveys the complexity of the emotion of being overwhelmed by constant contentment and the need for something more.

The song reflects the idea that true joy comes from within rather than from external sources.

McBryde’s work is a reminder to appreciate the small moments in life and to practice self-care.

13. “Light On In The Kitchen”

The upbeat country song “Light On In The Kitchen” by Ashley McBryde paints a vivid picture of the carefree joys of life.

The song’s lyrics are tinged with nostalgia, as the narrator compares their current life to a simpler, happier time.

Musically, the song is driven by a catchy guitar riff and a steady drum beat, providing an upbeat background for McBryde’s wistful vocals.

The song’s themes of nostalgia, freedom, and joy are further emphasized by the singer’s passionate delivery.

Altogether, “Light On In The Kitchen” is a wonderful ode to simpler times and serves as an uplifting reminder to appreciate the beauty of everyday life.

14. “Sparrow”

“Sparrow “is a song by Ashley McBryde that explores themes of resilience and hope in the face of adversity.

It is a compelling narrative of a woman who stands strong despite hardship, which is depicted through the metaphor of a sparrow, a bird that is resilient and resourceful in difficult times.

The song’s lyrics are poetic and emotive, providing a vivid image of the woman’s struggles and her determination to stay the course.

The musical arrangement is equally powerful, combining a country feel with a more modern sound to create an atmosphere of hope and encouragement.

Overall, “Sparrow” is an inspiring and uplifting song that reminds listeners that even in difficult times, there is still the potential for growth and triumph.

15. “Learned To Lie”

“Learned To Lie” is a song by Ashley McBryde that explores themes of regret and resilience in the face of mistakes.

The song is a reflection of the singer’s own experiences, as she recounts her mistakes and the lessons she learned from them.

The lyrics are powerful and thought-provoking, as they address the difficult emotions that come with making mistakes.

The song is set to a catchy and upbeat melody, which helps to emphasize the message of the song and create a positive atmosphere.

McBryde’s vocal delivery is passionate and convincing, as she conveys both regret and understanding of her mistakes.

The overall effect of the song is inspirational, as it encourages listeners to accept their mistakes and learn from them.

Best Ashley Mcbryde Songs Of All Time – Final Thoughts

The Ashley McBryde discography is a collection of gems that have been adored by fans of all ages.

From the classic “One Night Standards” to the more upbeat “Girl Goin’ Nowhere”, Ashley McBryde has crafted a unique sound that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

Each song tells a story that is both personal and universal, and each is unique in its own way.

The sheer range of emotions expressed in her music, from sorrowful to joyous, is remarkable.

Whether you listen to her music for the upbeat numbers or the heart-wrenching ballads, you are sure to find a song that resonates with you.

Ashley McBryde has proven that she is a master songwriter and her music is an essential part of any music lover’s collection.

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