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14 Best Songs With Purple In The Title

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Written By Will Fenton
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14 Best Songs With Purple In The Title

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The color purple has often been associated with royalty, nobility, and luxury.

It is also a favorite among many artists, musicians, and singers, and has been used as a source of inspiration in the creation of many songs over the years.

This article will explore 14 of the best songs with purple in the title, from classic 1960s hits to modern-day chart-toppers.

It will analyze how the color purple has been used in the lyrics and the musical composition of the songs, as well as the cultural and historical context of each selection.

Finally, it will compare the different songs in order to determine which one stands out the most.

1. “Purple Reindeer” by Steve Altman

The track “Purple Reindeer” by Steve Altman is an upbeat, blues-influenced Christmas song that features elements of jazz and swing.

Its cheerful, jazzy sound is driven by a bright piano melody and a lively tempo.

The lyrics contain references to the traditional Christmas story, creating a festive atmosphere.

Altman’s vocals are engaging and full of energy, adding a unique touch to the track.

His playful, light-hearted take on the classic holiday theme is sure to be a hit with music fans of all ages.

2. “Deep Purple” by Donny and Marie Osmond

Donny and Marie Osmond‘s “Deep Purple” is a popular track that pays homage to the color.

The song follows a traditional pop format, with a catchy chorus and a bouncy rhythm.

Lyrically, the song invokes the imagery of the color purple, with references to a twinkling night sky, a sun-kissed morning, and a soothing breeze.

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Musically, the track is backed by a steady beat, and the production is smooth and polished.

In sum, “Deep Purple” is an upbeat, joyous song that celebrates the beauty of the color.

3. “Purple Heather” by Rod Stewart

Capturing the essence of Scottish culture, Rod Stewart‘s “Purple Heather” is a heartfelt tribute to the majestic landscape and vibrant culture of Scotland.

With its traditional Scottish melody and poetic lyrics, the song speaks to the beauty of the land and the resilience of the Scottish people.

Stewart’s emotive delivery of the song’s lyrics adds to its charm, transporting the listener to the hills and glens of Scotland.

“Purple Heather” is a classic example of Stewart’s ability to capture the spirit of Scotland in a song.

4. “Purple Snowflakes” by Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye’s “Purple Snowflake”s is a soulful love song that celebrates the beauty of wintertime.

The song is composed of a blend of instruments to create a mellow and romantic atmosphere.

Gaye’s vocal performance is tender and the lyrics are poetic.

The metaphor of snowflakes in the title alludes to the fragility of love and the fleeting of time.

The song is a timeless classic that continues to captivate listeners.

5. “Biff the Friendly Purple Bear” by Mac Davis

Mac Davis’ “Biff the Friendly Purple Bear” is a lighthearted children’s song that celebrates the joys of friendship.

It tells the story of a purple bear who has many adventures with his friends, and the song encourages children to be kind and friendly to others.

The song is upbeat and catchy, with a memorable chorus.

The lyrics are simple and easy to understand, making it a great choice for younger listeners.

It is a fun and positive song that encourages children to be kind and to foster friendship.

6. “Purple Rain” by Dwight Yoakam

Dwight Yoakam’s “Purple Rain” is an iconic and influential country-rock song that celebrates the power of love.

Its popularity is due to its catchy melody and Yoakam’s passionate vocal performance.

Lyrically, it is a meditation on the beauty and strength of love, and its ability to transcend difficulties and bring people together.

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It is an anthem of resilience and hope, and its message has resonated with people around the world.

7. “Purple Rain” by Prince

Released in 1984, Prince’s “Purple Rain” is an iconic and timeless ballad that has become a staple of pop music.

The song is a melancholic reflection of love and loss, with its ethereal, melodic sound and Prince’s unmistakable voice.

Lyrically, “Purple Rain” speaks of the pain of heartbreak and showcases Prince’s songwriting prowess.

The song’s success has endured over the decades, with the song being covered by a multitude of artists, making it an international hit.

Prince’s “Purple Rain” is a classic example of how a song can have a lasting impact and stand the test of time.

8. “Purple Swag” by A$AP Rocky

“Purple Swag” is a hip-hop song released in 2013, and is widely considered as one of A$AP Rocky’s breakthrough songs.

The lyrics of the song feature references to the color purple.

The song is noteworthy for its catchy beat and unique production, which sets it apart from other songs released at the time.

9. “Purple” by Russ

Russ’ single, “Purple”, is a soulful track that has been praised for its passionate delivery and emotive lyrics.

It is a deeply personal song, with the artist exploring his own emotions, and expressing how he is feeling.

The song is a slow-paced R&B track, featuring an explosive chorus that provides a moment of release.

The production of the song is minimalistic, adding to its powerful and intimate atmosphere.

It was released to great acclaim and has become a fan-favorite, with many praising its relatable, heartfelt subject matter.

10. “Pale Purple” by Ani DiFranco

Having discussed the hip-hop track “Purple” by Russ, this paper now turns to the folk rock song “Pale Purple” by Ani DiFranco.

The track is a melancholic reflection of a former relationship, with a slow-tempo melody and sparse instrumentation of guitar and keyboard.

DiFranco’s emotive vocals are accompanied by an evocative lyricism, with the artist expressing an appreciation of the beauty of the past.

The track’s title itself alludes to the fading memory of the relationship, with the color purple signifying a sense of nostalgia.

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11. “Purple People Eater” by Sheb Wooley

Sheb Wooley’s 1958 novelty rock song “Purple People Eater” is a memorable song of the era for its playful narrative and humorous lyrics.

The song follows a humorous story of a purple people eater, an alien-like creature, who is looking for a place to stay.

Wooley’s unique lyrics and catchy melody have become a classic example of the rock ‘n’ roll genre.

The song’s popularity has endured the test of time, and it has been covered by multiple artists since its original release.

Wooley’s iconic song is an important part of rock ‘n’ roll’s history.

12. “Purple Stain” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 1999 track “Purple Stain” is an energetic rock song that stands out from their other work.

Featuring an aggressive guitar riff and powerful drumming, the song is a complex blend of funk, rock, and rap.

Lyrically, the track sees the band exploring themes of angst and alienation.

The song is further elevated by Anthony Kiedis’ passionate delivery, conveying an urgent intensity.

“Purple Stain” is an exemplary example of the band’s eclectic and inventive style.

13. “A Man in a Purple Dress” by The Who

The Who’s 2006 track “A Man in a Purple Dress” is a blues-infused rock song that exhibits a unique blend of genres.

With its intricate instrumentation and soulful vocals, the song is an exploration of identity.

It features an unusual juxtaposition of blues and rock, creating a melancholic and dreamy atmosphere.

The lyrics explore themes of personal loneliness, conveying a sense of longing.

The song is a compelling piece of musical art that reflects on the complexities of life.

14. “Purple Kisses” by The Dream

Released in 2007, “Purple Kisses” by The Dream is a sensual R&B track that evokes a sense of romantic longing.

The song is composed of heavily-layered synths and a steady beat, providing the perfect backdrop to lyrics about a passionate relationship.

The song is a reflection of the singer’s desire to be with someone and the clever use of the color purple as a metaphor for a passionate love affair.

Best Songs With Purple in the Title – Final Thoughts

The list of songs that have purple in their title is vast.

From classic tracks like “Deep Purple” by Donny and Marie Osmond to more modern selections like “Purple Stain” by Red Hot Chili Peppers, there is something for everyone.

Each song paints its own musical landscape while paying homage to the color purple.

In the end, it is up to the listener to decide which of these fourteen songs is their favorite.

Whichever one it may be, it is sure to be a beautiful, meaningful, and memorable experience.

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