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14 Best Songs With Green In The Title

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Written By Will Fenton
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14 Best Songs With Green In The Title

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The color green has long been associated with a variety of concepts, from nature to luck and renewal.

It has been used in literature, art, and music to evoke feelings of hope, harmony, and vitality.

In this article, we will explore the 14 best songs with Green in the title.

From Lorde’s “Green Light” to Joe Diffie’s “John Deere Green” and Sheb Wooley’s “Purple People Eater,” these songs feature a range of musical styles and themes.

We will also look at how the color green is used to convey different meanings and explore the different interpretations of these songs.

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of the significance of the color green in music and its importance in conveying messages, feelings, and emotions.

1. “Green Light” by Lorde

The upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics of “Green Light” by Lorde have captivated audiences worldwide, inspiring them to embrace the joy of living in the present.

It speaks of the desire to move forward and move on from the past, with a vibrant, upbeat sound that echoes its message.

The song has a universal appeal with its simple yet powerful lyrics, setting a tone of hope and possibility.

The song is an anthem for starting anew and a reminder to take chances as the future awaits.

Its influence is undeniable and speaks to the power of music to motivate and uplift.

2. “Green Jeans” by The Fabulous Flee-Rekkers

Released in 2000, “Green Jeans” by The Fabulous Flee-Rekkers is an iconic rock-and-roll track that has become a classic among fans of the genre.

The song features a signature guitar riff from lead guitarist Dave Edmunds, a driving rhythm section, and a catchy vocal refrain.

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Its popularity has endured over time due to its simple yet infectious melody and upbeat, lively tempo.

The track has been covered by various artists and also appears in a number of films and television shows.

“Green Jeans” remains a timeless classic and is sure to get toes tapping and bodies rocking for years to come.

3. “John Deere Green” by Joe Diffie

Joe Diffie‘s 1993 single, “John Deere Green”, is a popular country-rock tune that has become a staple of the genre.

Lyrically, it is a light-hearted, humorous story of a man trying to win the heart of a woman by buying her a John Deere tractor with his life savings.

Musically, the song is driven by a strong guitar riff and a catchy chorus.

Diffie’s performance is full of energy and humor, making it a great listen.

The song is indicative of the time period, meshing traditional country music with a modern rock sound.

It is a classic example of the genre that still resonates with audiences today.

4. “Apple Green” by June Valli with Belford Hendricks Orchestra

Featuring a lively vocal performance by June Valli and a swingy big-band sound, “Apple Green” is a catchy 1960s tune that highlights the beauty of the color green.

Its production values are top-notch for its era – the arrangement is clean and buoyant, and the instrumentation is full and vibrant.

The lyrics are simple and sweet, recalling a calm and peaceful day in the countryside.

The melody is delightful and memorable, making it a great choice for any gathering.

All in all, “Apple Green” is an enjoyable song that captures the essence of the color green.

5. “Evergreen” by Barbara Streisand

Barbara Streisand‘s 1976 hit single “Evergreen” is a tender love song with an infectious melody and lush production.

With its simple lyrics and carefully crafted melody, it showcases Streisand’s signature vocal style and emotionality.

The song is arranged in a traditional pop style, with a gentle orchestral accompaniment.

The lyrics capture the power of love to transcend time and the inspiration to keep love alive.

Its timelessness is reflected in its success, with it topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart for three consecutive weeks.

The song has since become a classic and is an enduring testament to Streisand’s artistry.

6. “Little Green Apples” by Bobby Goldsboro

Bobby Goldsboro’s 1968 song “Little Green Apples” is a reflective and poetic ode to the beauty of life.

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Written and composed by Goldsboro himself, the song is a melancholic yet hopeful narrative of a man’s memories of his childhood and his longing for a simpler, better life.

The song is also known for its catchy, upbeat melody and clever lyrics, which paint a vivid picture of the singer’s journey of self-discovery.

The song’s enduring popularity is a testament to its timeless message of appreciation and optimism.

7. “Collard Greens & Cornbread” by Fantasia

Fantasia’s 2010 single “Collard Greens & Cornbread” offers a nostalgic look into the soulful culture of the American South.

The song is a blend of contemporary R&B and traditional soul, with a groovy beat that reflects the soulful nature of the South.

The lyrics recall the singer’s childhood memories of growing up in the South and eating collard greens and cornbread.

The upbeat melody and catchy chorus make the song a popular choice for sing-alongs.

This classic soulful song is an ode to the traditional cuisine and culture of the American South.

8. “A Certain Shade of Green” by Incubus

Transitioning from the R&B song “Collard Greens & Cornbread” by Fantasia to the rock song “A Certain Shade of Green” by Incubus, it is clear that the two genres have different interpretations of the color green.

Incubus’s song brings a much more upbeat, energetic, and positive interpretation of the color, while Fantasia’s song has a more somber and reflective tone.

The lyrics of “A Certain Shade of Green” illustrate the narrator’s journey to self-discovery and a newfound appreciation for life.

The song’s overarching message of hope and optimism speaks to the power of the color green.

9. “Green Grass of Texas” by The Texans

The Texans’ song “Green Grass of Texas” is a classic country and western tune.

Written in 1961 by Don George, it has since been covered by numerous artists, becoming a well-known anthem of the genre.

The lyrics of the song are reminiscent of the traditional cowboy lifestyle, with imagery of cattle and horses running wild.

The song is a slow waltz, with a gentle guitar and string accompaniment that creates a relaxed atmosphere.

It is a timeless classic that continues to be a popular choice for country music fans.

10. “Greensleeves” by Mantovani and His Orchestra

Mantovani and His Orchestra’s rendition of the traditional English folk song “Greensleeves” has been a long-standing favorite of many listeners.

The song is a melancholic melody with a hauntingly beautiful instrumental arrangement.

Its lyrical content speaks of unrequited love and heartache, making it a timeless classic.

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The song is often performed in a slow tempo, which adds to its reflective and sorrowful tone.

It has been covered by numerous artists over the years, and its iconic status is due in part to its longevity.

11. “Green Machine” by KYUSS

KYUSS’ hard-hitting rock track “Green Machine” is an explosive anthem of rebellion, evoking a sense of freedom and energy with its intense riffs and powerful drums.

The song’s lyrical content is a call to stand up and fight for what is right, with its bold and daring sound driving the message home.

The song’s guitar solo is particularly noteworthy, as it serves to further emphasize the idea of rising up and taking action.

“Green Machine” is an aptly-named song, serving as a reminder that collective action is necessary to achieve change.

12. “Green Hell” by The Misfits

Moving on to another song with the word ‘green’ in the title, “Green Hell” by The Misfits is a punk rock anthem rendered in the signature style of the genre.

It features a strong and driving beat, contrasted against a melodic chorus, and its lyrics are both meaningful and lighthearted.

The song is a critique of society’s materialism and consumerism, while also playing with the idea of being mired in the world of greenbacks.

It serves as an ode to the band’s punk roots and is a popular song amongst fans.

13. “Golden and Green” by The Builders and the Butchers

The Builders and the Butchers’ song “Golden and Green” is an emotional folk-rock ballad that reflects on the ever-changing nature of life.

The lyrics explore themes of loss, regret, and the search for meaning in the midst of chaos.

Musically, the song is built around a simple acoustic guitar riff, with lead vocals and harmonies providing additional texture.

The melody is melancholic and uplifting at the same time, a reflection of the bittersweet reality of life.

The song is a thoughtful exploration of the human experience.

14. “Green Disease” by Pearl Jam

The Builders and the Butchers’ “Golden and Green” is a folk-rock anthem of hope and optimism.

Similarly, Pearl Jam’s “Green Disease” is an upbeat rock song.

The song’s lyrics explore the idea of hope and renewal in the face of struggle.

Its strong musical hooks and anthemic chorus make it an ideal choice to evoke the same sense of hope as “Golden and Green.”

Best Songs With Green In The Title – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a selection of songs with the word green in the title can be found across a range of musical genres.

From the classic “John Deere Green” by Joe Diffie, to the jazz-inspired “Apple Green” by June Valli with Belford Hendricks Orchestra, these songs demonstrate how the term ‘green’ has been used in music over a number of decades.

With such a wide variety of songs to choose from, it is clear that ‘green’ remains a popular choice of topic for those seeking musical inspiration.

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