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15 Best Songs About Tigers

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15 Best Songs About Tigers

Tigers are majestic animals that have been celebrated in many forms of art, from literature to music.

Throughout the years, many songs have been written about tigers, each with its own unique style and message.

In this article, fifteen of the best songs about tigers will be discussed.

The songs range from classic hits like “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor to modern favorites like “Tiger” by Emeli Sandé.

Each song offers a unique perspective on the beauty and power of tigers, and the influence they have had on the world of music.

Through analyzing the lyrical content and musical style of each song, it is possible to gain a better understanding of why tigers have been such an important symbol for so many generations.

1. “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

The song “Eye of the Tiger” by the band Survivor has become a classic due to its iconic lyrics and intense beat.

Released in 1982 as part of the soundtrack to the movie Rocky III, the song has gone on to become a staple of pop culture.

The lyrics evoke images of strength and resilience, while the song’s driving beat provides a sense of energy and motivation.

Survivor’s combination of powerful lyrics and an infectious tune makes “Eye of the Tiger” the perfect song to represent the strength and courage of tigers.

2. “Tiger” by ABBA

In ABBA‘s song “Tiger”, the lyrics explore the idea of a creature that is both feared and admired.

The song is a metaphor for the struggles that one faces in life and how they can be overcome.

The lyrics emphasize the importance of perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity.

The song also conveys the message that we should respect and appreciate the beauty of nature and not be too quick to fear it.

The use of imagery to convey these themes is also effective, with the tiger representing strength and courage.

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The overall message of the song is that we can face any challenge with courage and determination.

3. “Roar” by Katy Perry

Katy Perry‘s hit single “Roar” conveys a message of self-empowerment, encouraging listeners to be courageous in the face of adversity.

The song begins with a tiger growling, a metaphor for self-confidence and courage.

The lyrics speak of standing up to one’s fears and speaking out, avoiding being silenced.

A powerful, rhythmic beat and an uplifting chorus give the song an inspiring, anthemic quality.

The song’s message of self-empowerment is further reinforced by the music video, which portrays Perry as a brave and strong tiger.

Overall, “Roar” is an empowering anthem that encourages listeners to stand up for themselves and be brave.

4. “Like a Tiger” by The Ricochets

The Ricochets’ song “Like a Tiger” conveys the same message of self-empowerment and courage as Katy Perry’s “Roar”.

Musically, the song is driven by an upbeat and lively rhythm while lyrically, it contains a message of resilience and strength.

The song’s lyrics speak of someone who has faced adversity and yet has overcome it with the courage and tenacity of a tiger.

It is this sentiment of resilience and strength that makes the song a powerful anthem of self-empowerment.

5. “The Weeping Tiger” by Cilvaringz & Various Artists

Cilvaringz and Various Artists’ track “The Weeping Tiger” is an emotional song that speaks to the struggles of life with a powerful message of resilience.

Lyrically, the song speaks to the idea of rising above adversity with a strong sense of determination.

Musically, the track is a combination of hip-hop and R&B, featuring a booming bassline and soaring vocals that give the song a powerful and anthemic tone.

The song is a perfect example of how music can be used to address difficult topics, while still maintaining an uplifting and inspiring message.

6. “Tiger in Your Tank” by Muddy Waters

The transition from Cilvaringz & Various Artists’ “The Weeping Tiger” to Muddy Waters’ “Tiger in Your Tank” is marked by a change from a modern, melancholic ode to a tiger to a classic rock and blues song.

“Tiger in Your Tank” is a song about a person being so in love with someone they feel like the other person is a tiger, with a driving, mid-tempo blues-rock groove that features a prominent electric guitar, harmonica, and drums.

The song is a reflection on how powerful love can be, and how it can be like a tiger in someone’s tank.

7. “Tame My Tiger” by T. Rex

T. Rex’s “Tame My Tiger” is a hard-hitting rock song that delves into the complexity of a passionate, yet volatile relationship.

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Its lyrics emphasize the need for balance between giving and taking in a relationship, with the singer warning his beloved that he can only take so much of her wild and unpredictable behavior.

The song’s driving rhythm and prominent electric guitar riffs give it a sense of urgency, while a recurring guitar solo further emphasizes the singer’s plight.

The song’s message is clear: in order to maintain a successful relationship, both parties must learn to temper their emotions.

8. “I’m a Tiger” by Lulu

The glam rock of T. Rex’s “Tame My Tiger” is followed by the feisty and empowering “I’m a Tiger” by Lulu.

This upbeat track was released in 1971 and tells the story of a young woman who is unafraid to take control and stand up for herself.

The song features a strong, commanding vocal performance from Lulu, as well as a driving rhythm section and an impressive brass section, creating a bold and empowering anthem.

Lulu’s lyrics express her newfound strength and determination, making it an anthem for female empowerment and independence.

9. “Patient Tigers” by Fox

Fox’s “Patient Tigers” is a reflective yet uplifting track that celebrates the strength and courage of those who persevere despite tough circumstances.

The song’s instrumentation is simple, utilizing guitar-driven melodies that feature subtle percussion and strings.

The lyrics also stand out, with a powerful chorus that conveys a message of hope and resilience.

The track is a powerful reminder that even in the face of adversity, one can remain strong.

Its message is one of strength and perseverance, and it serves as a powerful anthem for those times when the going gets tough.

10. “Tiger Dub” by The Aggrovators

Combining elements of dub, reggae, and funk, The Aggrovators’ “Tiger Dub” is an energetic track that is sure to have listeners up and dancing.

The song is characterized by its deep bass tones and a steady, syncopated drum beat that are both integral to the song’s overall sound.

The lyrics are simple and repetitive, but they are also catchy and provide the perfect backdrop for the song’s lively instrumental.

“Tiger Dub” is an upbeat track that is capable of creating an exciting atmosphere and igniting a party.

11. “Taking Tiger Mountain” by Brian Eno

Continuing with the previously discussed song about tigers, another intriguing option is Brian Eno’s “Taking Tiger Mountain”.

Eno’s track is a unique blend of instrumental and experimental elements, creating a soundscape that is both lush and complex.

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The song itself is a musing on the idea of balance and harmony, as well as a contemplation of the struggles of life.

The result is a track that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

12. “Tiger In The Sun” by The Cult

The Cult’s “Tiger In The Sun” offers a captivating take on the themes of tigers, blending guitar riffs and melodic vocals to create an anthemic sound.

It features driving rhythms and soaring guitars, as well as a dreamy chorus and emotive lyrics that paint a vivid picture of a tiger in the sun.

The song builds to an epic conclusion, with a passionate guitar solo over a heavy beat.

The overall effect is a powerful and captivating track, showcasing the band’s musicianship and songwriting prowess.

13. “Neon Tiger” by The Killers

Drawing on the themes of tigers, “Neon Tiger” by The Killers is a high-energy track with intricate guitar riffs, anthemic melodies, and catchy vocal hooks.

The song is set around the idea of a tiger as a metaphor for an independent, strong-minded individual.

Brandon Flowers’ vocals emphasize this theme, while the driving drums and guitar lines build the energy of the track.

The chorus is a rousing call to action with its repeating lyrics, highlighting the theme of self-determination.

Overall, “Neon Tiger” is an uplifting track that celebrates its subject.

14. “Tiger Feet” by Mud

Boasting a powerful disco beat, Mud’s “Tiger Feet” is a classic track that celebrates freedom of expression.

It was released in 1975 and quickly became a hit, reaching the number-one spot on the UK Singles chart.

The song’s lyrics reflect the power of the tiger, with the strong beat representing the animal’s strength and courage.

It also speaks to the idea of not being afraid to express oneself, which is a central theme of the song.

The track is a reminder that we all have the power to be fearless and to live life to the fullest.

15. “Tiger” by Emeli Sandé

Released in 2012, Emeli Sandé’s “Tiger” is an emotive track that carries a strong message about personal strength and resilience.

The song’s lyrics depict a person who is suffering from a difficult situation but finds strength to overcome it.

Musically, the song features a piano-led melody, backed with a catchy beat.

Sandé’s powerful vocals contribute to the song’s emotional impact, creating a sense of hope and courage.

The song’s strong sentiment is further highlighted by its catchy chorus, providing a powerful and inspiring message.

Best Songs About Tigers – Final Thoughts

Tigers have been an inspiration for many songwriters over the years.

From Survivor’s iconic “Eye of the Tiger” to The Cult’s powerful “Tiger In The Sun”, these songs all capture the beauty and majesty of the tiger.

From pop to rock to hip-hop, these songs demonstrate the diversity of musical styles that can be used to reflect on the awe-inspiring power of the tiger.

While each track has its own unique message, all of them are united in their appreciation of the tiger’s strength and beauty.

In short, these 15 songs are a testament to the enduring influence of tigers in popular music.

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