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15 Best Songs About The Morning

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15 Best Songs About The Morning

Morning is often associated with the beginning of a new day, providing a sense of renewal and hope for the coming hours.

Music is one of the most powerful means of expressing feelings and emotions, and the morning offers a plethora of potential lyrical topics.

This article will provide an overview of 15 of the best songs about the morning, highlighting the unique ways in which each artist uses the morning as a backdrop for their creative work.

Each song will be evaluated on its lyrical content and musical composition, providing insight into how the morning is depicted in the song.

Through a comprehensive examination of these songs, readers will gain a better understanding of how the morning is used as an effective tool of expression.

1. “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5

‘Sunday Morning’ by Maroon 5 is a popular song that evokes a feeling of relaxation and optimism through its peaceful, melodic sound.

It features gentle, delicate guitar chords and a steady, light beat.

Lead singer Adam Levine’s voice is soothing and uplifting, with soft, airy vocals.

The lyrics evoke a sense of contentment and ease, conveying a positive outlook on life and the beauty of the morning.

The song also conveys a theme of appreciation for the day ahead, with optimism and anticipation for the future.

Overall, the song captures the essence of a peaceful morning and provides a soundtrack for a calm, refreshing start to the day.

2. “Good Morning Friend” by Johnny Cash

In his song “Good Morning Friend”, Johnny Cash croons with a heartfelt melody about the beauty of a new day.

His rich baritone voice emphasizes the importance of beginning a day with an attitude of gratitude.

Cash’s lyrics create a positive and uplifting tone.

The song has an acoustic sound that is further enhanced by Cash’s distinctive voice.

The simple, yet meaningful lyrics capture the joy of a new day and the optimism that comes with it.

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Cash’s masterful songwriting and performance make “Good Morning Friend” an unforgettable morning anthem.

3. “Train Leaves Here This Morning” by Eagles

The Eagles’ song “Train Leaves Here This Morning” is a timeless classic that pays homage to the power of life’s journeys.

It conveys the idea of freedom and new beginnings, as the protagonist is about to embark on a new journey.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the anticipation of a new start, as the protagonist is ready to leave the past behind.

The song’s instrumentation is composed of a simple acoustic guitar and a harmonica, which adds to the nostalgic, homesick feeling of the song.

The track beautifully captures the idea of a new beginning and the sense of adventure that comes with it.

4. “In the Morning” by The Coral

The Coral’s song, “In the Morning”, is a dreamy, melodic track that takes listeners on a journey through a wide range of emotions.

The song features a gentle guitar and piano accompaniment, with a distinctive rhythm that creates a sense of nostalgia.

Lyrically, the song reflects on memories of the past, as the lyrics capture the beauty of the morning light.

The vocal performance is outstanding and emotive, with the singer’s voice conveying a sense of longing and hope.

This track is a great example of how music can capture the essence of the morning, with its intricate melodies and vivid lyrics.

5. “Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina & The Waves

Katrina & The Waves’ hit single, “Walking On Sunshine”, is an uplifting anthem of joy and good vibes.

Released in 1983, the track’s cheerful beat and catchy guitar riffs were a hit with audiences around the world.

The song’s optimistic lyrics provide a refreshing reminder that life is full of possibility and hope.

The song’s prominent use of synthesizers gives it a unique sound that further contributes to its cheerful, uplifting sound.

“Walking On Sunshine” is an inspiring, feel-good anthem that celebrates the joys of the morning.

6. “Daylight” by Harry Styles

Harnessing elements of folk, pop, and rock, Harry Styles‘ 2022 single, “Daylight”, is a heartfelt ode to self-confidence and perseverance in the face of adversity.

The song’s upbeat tempo and optimistic lyrics encourage the listener to focus on the light of the day instead of the darkness of the past.

The lyrics reflect the idea that, while the morning can be a difficult time, it is also a time of renewal and hope.

Musically, the song is driven by a strong rhythm section, a catchy chorus, and an uplifting guitar solo.

Styles’ vocal delivery is powerful and emotive, conveying a sense of optimism and inspiring listeners to find peace within themselves.

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In this way, “Daylight” is an uplifting anthem, perfect for those looking for motivation and courage to face a new day.

7. “Morning Dew” by Jeff Beck

Moving from Harry Styles’ “Daylight” to Jeff Beck’s “Morning Dew”, the latter is an instrumental blues song popularized by Beck himself.

The track is composed of a fusion of electric and acoustic guitar lines, with a slow and atmospheric soundscape.

The song is a great way to start the day, providing a sense of calmness and serenity.

It is a perfect soundtrack for a morning sunrise, as the blues melodies serve as an ideal accompaniment to a tranquil scene.

8. “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles

The Beatles’ classic hit “Here Comes the Sun” is a joyful celebration of the sun’s arrival, providing a bright and uplifting contrast to the downbeat blues of Jeff Beck’s “Morning Dew.”

The song’s upbeat melody and optimistic lyrics reflect the optimism of the new day, while the acoustic guitar and organ accompaniment create a sunny, cheerful soundscape.

The Beatles’ harmonies and George Harrison’s lead vocals are especially memorable, providing a warm and comforting atmosphere.

Overall, “Here Comes the Sun” is a timeless classic that captures the joy of the morning.

9. “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens’ “Morning Has Broken” is an uplifting and inspirational ode to the beauty of a new day.

The song features a gentle, acoustic guitar-driven melody combined with Cat Stevens’ soothing vocals, providing a peaceful soundscape.

The lyrics celebrate the joy of a new morning and the hope of a better day.

The song was originally written as a hymn, and its uplifting and spiritual themes have made it a beloved favorite for many over the years.

10. “Beautiful Day” by U2

U2’s “Beautiful Day” is a powerful and uplifting song that celebrates the beauty of life.

It is a song about joy and hope, with lyrics that express gratitude for a new day, regardless of what difficulties one may face.

The song starts with the bright and optimistic sound of Adam Clayton’s bassline, followed by the uplifting chorus which is backed by a choir.

The lyrics are simple yet profound and contain references to the beauty of nature, the power of faith, and the importance of hope.

These elements come together to create a song that uplifts the spirit and brings hope to the listener.

11. “Wake Me Up” by Avicii

Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” is an upbeat song that celebrates the joys of living life to the fullest.

It features a combination of folk music, dance beats, and a driving beat that creates a dynamic and energetic track.

The lyrics are uplifting and focus on the importance of appreciating the present moment and using each day for its potential.

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Overall, the song is an infectious and positive anthem that can help listeners start the day with energy and enthusiasm.

12. “Turn Up the Sunshine” by Tame Impala and Diana Ross

Tame Impala and Diana Ross’ collaboration, “Turn Up the Sunshine”, is an upbeat and uplifting song that encourages listeners to embrace the joys of life and appreciate each day.

The combination of Tame Impala’s psychedelic rock sounds and Diana Ross’ soulful vocals creates a mesmerizing and captivating aura that is sure to please the ears of any listener.

The lyrics of the song speak of embracing the morning and all its beauty, and it serves as an anthem for the joys of life and the power of positivity.

The song is sure to bring a smile to any listener’s face, and its optimistic message is sure to bring some sunshine into any morning.

13. “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire

Transitioning to a completely different genre, Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” is an alternative rock anthem that is particularly effective for mornings.

The track is characterized by a driving, upbeat beat accompanied by passionate vocals.

The lyrics are particularly meaningful, offering a message of hope and optimism, urging the listener to seize the day.

The song is a great way to start the day, as the combination of positive lyrics and powerful music creates an uplifting, energizing effect.

14. “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” by Van Morrison

Van Morrison’s classic blues-rock song “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” provides a bluesy soundtrack to greet the morning.

The lyrics describe an older man’s longing for a young schoolgirl, and the song’s title provides a play on the traditional phrase ‘good morning.’

Musically, the song features a slow, bluesy tempo and is driven by Morrison’s soulful vocals and a blues guitar line.

The song also makes use of some unique sound effects, such as a bell and a train whistle.

Overall, “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” is a great choice for those looking for a bluesy start to their morning.

15. “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down” by Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson’s renowned country-folk song “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down” poignantly captures the feeling of loneliness and desperation on a Sunday morning.

Through its evocative imagery and melancholic tone, the song details the struggles of an unnamed narrator, who is unemployed and living in poverty.

The lyrics are deeply personal, expressing feelings of desolation and regret.

The song is musically sparse, featuring only Kristofferson’s voice and a simple guitar accompaniment.

Its hauntingly beautiful melody and lyrics perfectly capture the mood of a Sunday morning when one is feeling low and without hope.

Best Songs About The Morning – Final Thoughts

From the upbeat and cheerful melodies of “Walking On Sunshine” to the tranquil and calming tones of “Train Leaves Here This Morning”, the best songs about the morning can provide a wide range of emotions.

The genre-defying “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl”, the soulful “In the Morning”, and the classic “Sunday Morning” are just a few examples of the various types of songs that evoke the feeling of a new day.

Whether it’s a fresh beginning to start the week or the perfect soundtrack to end a night, these songs can bring a sense of joy, peace, and optimism to any morning.

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