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15 Best Songs About Shapes

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15 Best Songs About Shapes

Shapes are often used in popular music to convey a variety of themes, from love to loss.

This article examines some of the best songs about shapes that are currently available.

It looks at the lyrics and musical composition of each song, as well as the themes they explore.

It also examines the impact of each song on popular culture and the influence of shapes in songwriting.

By exploring the use of shapes in these songs, this article hopes to provide a better understanding of how shapes are used in popular music.

Enjoy our list of the best songs about shapes!

1. “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic

The song “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic is a pop ballad that focuses on the idea of counting stars in the night sky as a metaphor for counting blessings.

It explores the idea of finding joy and contentment in the small moments of life.

The lyrics allude to the idea of taking a break from the stress of life and appreciating what one has instead of what one lacks.

The song further emphasizes the need to be thankful for the blessings of life.

Musically, the song features a slow, gentle piano melody that is accompanied by a steady percussion beat.

This creates a peaceful and reflective atmosphere that is supported by the lyrics.

Overall, “Counting Stars” is a song about finding joy and gratitude in life’s simple pleasures.

2. “Circles” by Post Malone

Post Malone’s single, “Circles”, presents a catchy melody and thoughtful lyrics that examine the concept of cyclical life events.

The song is a reflection on the idea that life is a series of events that come around again and again.

It speaks to the feeling of being stuck in a loop of bad decisions and the need to break free from it.

The lyrics are full of imagery, such as circles and spirals, which represent the idea of recurrence.

The production of the single is glossy and modern, giving the track a contemporary feel.

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Overall, “Circles” is an effective and engaging exploration of the concept of cyclical life events.

3. “All of the Stars” by Ed Sheeran

Set against a lush, romantic backdrop, Ed Sheeran‘s single “All of the Stars” offers a heartfelt meditation on the concept of love and connection.

The song speaks of a seemingly unbreakable bond, where two lovers feel no distance between them, even when apart.

Sheeran’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of two people, whose love is symbolized by the stars, which will always be there no matter the circumstances.

The chorus emphasizes the idea of a never-ending union, as it references the idea of two circles seamlessly connecting together.

Ultimately, “All of the Stars” serves as an ode to the power of love and connection, and to the beauty of circles.

4. “All the Stars” by Kendrick Lamar

Inspired by the concept of love and connection, Kendrick Lamar’s single “All the Stars” explores a seemingly unbreakable bond between two lovers, even when apart.

The song uses a metaphor of two stars in the night sky to represent the two lovers, with the idea that the two stars are never really apart, as they are still connected by the night sky.

Lamar’s lyrics capture the sentiment of the lovers’ bond and its strength, creating a strong emotional impact.

The track’s production, which incorporates elements of both hip-hop and R&B, adds to the overall message of the song.

5. “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles

The Buggles’ breakthrough single, “Video Killed the Radio Star,” famously marked the beginning of the music video era.

Its lyrics are filled with references to media technology and the manipulation of sound and images.

With its upbeat tempo and catchy hook, the song is a memorable and timeless classic that still resonates with many today.

Its use of shapes in its music video further adds to its appeal, making it a great song about shapes and an iconic part of pop culture.

6. “Rewrite the Stars” by Zac Efron and Zendaya

In the movie The Greatest Showman, the popular song “Rewrite the Stars” is a romantic duet between Zac Efron and Zendaya.

The song is an inspirational ballad that speaks of how love can achieve the impossible.

The lyrics make references to cosmic shapes, like stars and galaxies, representing the fact that it is possible to achieve the unattainable despite the obstacles.

The upbeat tempo of the song is contrasted by the melancholic lyrics, emphasizing the theme of hope and the power of love.

The song has been praised for its optimistic message, making it one of the most beloved songs from the movie.

7. “Circles” by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s song “Circles” is a powerful ballad that celebrates the beauty and joy of life, while also acknowledging its challenges.

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The song speaks to the idea that life is cyclical, and that one can find comfort in knowing that even when life throws a curveball, it will eventually come back around.

The lyrics provide a sense of hope and optimism, as they remind listeners that no matter how difficult things may seem, life will always be moving forward in a cyclical fashion.

Musically, “Circles” is a catchy, upbeat track that is sure to bring a smile to the listener’s face.

8. “Circle of Love” by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s song “Circle of Love” reflects on the importance of love in the cycle of life.

It emphasizes the significance of love in creating and sustaining relationships.

The song is composed of a slow and steady beat, with the lyrics describing the unifying power of love.

The song’s chorus includes the lyrics which symbolize the power of love to keep relationships strong.

Parton’s song is a reminder of the importance of love in the cycle of life.

9. “City of Stars” by Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling‘s song “City of Stars” is an upbeat and romantic track that celebrates the power of love.

The song contains a whimsical, catchy melody that evokes a sense of joy and lightheartedness.

Lyrically, the song is about two lovers dreaming of a city made of stars.

The lyrics demonstrate the power of love to create a world of beauty and joy.

Musically, the song has a bright and airy feel, further emphasizing the feeling of joy and love.

Overall, “City of Stars” is an uplifting and beautiful song about the power of love to create a world of beauty and joy.

10. “Shining Star” by Earth, Wind & Fire

The disco classic “Shining Star” by Earth, Wind & Fire follows Ryan Gosling’s “City of Stars” in exploring the concept of shapes in song.

This upbeat song tells of a shining star that is seen in the night sky.

According to the lyrics, the star is a source of light and joy, providing guidance and direction.

The star is also described as being both perfect and round.

This use of shape language helps to reinforce the uplifting message of the song.

The concept of a perfect and round star serves as a metaphor for hope and happiness.

11. “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” by David Bowie

David Bowie’s song “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” examines the connection between the human experience and the stars.

It reflects on the mystery and beauty of the stars and the way in which they continue to inspire and fascinate us.

The song’s lyrics speak to the power of the stars, which remain a symbol of hope and potential, no matter what life throws at us.

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Bowie uses a range of poetic imagery to explore this theme, making it an ideal song to consider when examining the power of shapes in music.

12. “Square and Triangles” by Thompson Twins

Drawing on a range of musical styles, the Thompson Twins’ song “Square and Triangles” examines the power of shapes in music and how they can be used to create unique and interesting sounds.

The song features a combination of square and triangle-shaped notes which, when played together, create a unique and often mesmerizing effect.

The use of these shapes allows for a variety of tempo and pitch changes, making the song both sonically and visually interesting to the listener.

By combining these shapes with a strong melody, the Thompson Twins successfully demonstrate the power of shapes in music.

13. “Bermuda Triangle” by Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow’s song “Bermuda Triangle” uses the mythical area’s reputation to create an enthralling musical experience.

The song’s lyrics explore the unknown, conjuring imagery of mysterious ships and planes that have gone missing in the area.

The music furthers the sense of mystery, with a driving beat that builds suspense.

Manilow’s vocal delivery is powerful and emotive, adding a haunting atmosphere to the song.

Overall, “Bermuda Triangle” is a powerful and captivating track that brings the area’s mysterious nature to life in a thrilling and mesmerizing way.

14. “Like a Star” by Corinne Bailey Rae

Multi-platinum-selling British singer-songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae transports listeners to a dreamy landscape with her hit single “Like a Star”.

A slow-tempo R&B ballad, the song speaks of a deep connection with someone, likening it to the twinkling of a star in the night sky.

Lyrically, the song uses a star shape as a metaphor for the beauty and mystery of this special relationship.

The song’s chorus and bridge feature a melodic pattern which creates a sparkling, shimmering soundscape, furthering the star imagery.

Rae’s warm and tender vocal delivery further adds to the dreamy atmosphere of the track.

The song is a perfect example of how the shape of a star can be used to express feelings of love and connection.

15. “The World Ain’t Round, It’s Square” by The Savages

The Savages’ single “The World Ain’t Round, It’s Square” provides a unique perspective on the concept of a star shape being a metaphor for a special relationship.

The song speaks to the idea that relationships, like stars, are not always perfect, but they can still be beautiful and meaningful.

The lyrics reference the idea that a relationship is a square that can never be a perfect circle.

The song further explores the idea of imperfection in relationships and how these imperfections can actually make them more special.

This track speaks to the idea that relationships don’t have to be perfect to be meaningful and that they can still be special even when they are imperfect.

Best Songs About Shapes – Final Thoughts

The selection of songs about shapes is vast, ranging from the more literal to the symbolic.

From classic hits like “Video Killed the Radio Star” to more modern interpretations like Post Malone’s “Circles”, each artist offers a unique perspective on the shapes that pervade our lives.

Through their lyrics and melodies, these artists explore how shapes are a part of our lives in both physical and metaphorical ways.

As a result, these songs offer listeners the opportunity to think more deeply about how shapes deeply influence our lives.

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