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15 Best Songs About Pie

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15 Best Songs About Pie

The taste of pie can evoke a multitude of emotions.

From the sweet satisfaction of a cherry pie to the savory flavor of a shepherd’s pie, there is something special about pie that has caught the attention of many musicians.

This article will explore fifteen of the best songs about pie, ranging from classic rock to modern pop.

Through analysis of the songs’ lyrics and melodies, this article will discuss how the music speaks to the diverse flavors and unique emotions that pie can evoke.

Furthermore, this article will explore how pie-related songs have evolved over the years and the different approaches that musicians have taken to explore the concept of pie.

1. “Honey Pie” by The Beatles

“Honey Pie” by The Beatles is a cheerful song that takes inspiration from the jazz and swing music of the 1960s.

It features a combination of acoustic and electric guitar, piano, and brass instruments.

The lyrics tell a story of a woman longing for the love of a man who does not reciprocate.

The upbeat tempo creates a sense of optimism, suggesting that the narrator’s wish will eventually be fulfilled.

The song also contains various references to pies as a reward for love.

The song is a celebration of the joy of love and the hope for a bright future.

2. “Custard Pie” by Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin’s “Custard Pie” is a hard rock anthem that celebrates the iconic dessert.

The 1975 song, released on the band’s album, Physical Graffiti, is an uptempo electric blues-rocker.

The lyrics are lighthearted and humorous, and the guitar solo is a showcase of Jimmy Page’s virtuosity.

The hard rock sound of the song is reminiscent of the Led Zeppelin of the early 1970s.

As such, “Custard Pie” is an example of the band’s powerful and influential style of rock music.

3. “Cherry Pie” by Warrant

Warrant’s 1990 hit single “Cherry Pie” is an up-tempo hair metal anthem with an infectious chorus.

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The song’s main theme is a sexual metaphor for a woman.

Musically, the song is driven by crunchy electric guitars and melodic bass lines.

The chorus features a memorable vocal hook that is both catchy and energetic.

Lyric-wise, the song is full of double entendres and innuendos.

“Cherry Pie” is a classic example of hair metal music, and its enduring popularity is a testament to its infectious energy and enjoyable melody.

4. “American Pie” by Don McLean

Don McLean’s 1971 folk-rock classic “American Pie” is a sprawling narrative that chronicles the death of the innocence of the 1960s.

Drawing on a variety of symbols and references, the song conveys a sense of loss and nostalgia for the past.

The lyrics can be interpreted to represent the changing societal values and the end of the era of idealism and optimism.

An analysis of the song reveals striking metaphors and allusions to religious and historical themes.

The poetic nature of the track has made it a timeless classic, beloved by generations.

5. “Wild Honey Pie” by The Beatles

The Beatles’ 1968 single “Wild Honey Pie” is an experimental track that utilizes genre-blending elements to create an eclectic soundscape.

Combining elements of folk, rock, blues, and pop, the song is a departure from typical Beatles music.

It features a fast-paced tempo, complex instrumentation, and a plethora of creative vocal harmonies.

The lyrics are simplistic and abstract, forming a surrealistic narrative.

This is a unique and memorable song that is one of the earliest examples of experimental music in the rock genre.

6. “Country Pie” by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan‘s 1969 single “Country Pie” is a classic example of early country-rock fusion.

The song features a catchy melody, featuring steel guitar riffs and fast-paced lyrics.

The lyrics are often interpreted as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the transition of country music to the new rock style of the late 1960s.

Dylan’s vocal delivery has a distinctively laid-back country twang.

The track also features a prominent harmonica solo, an iconic instrument in country music.

Overall, “Country Pie” is a memorable and timeless example of the innovative country-rock genre.

7. “Sweet Potato Pie” by James Taylor

James Taylor’s 1988 song “Sweet Potato Pie” is a soulful mix of country-rock, gospel, and blues elements. It is a lively number with a catchy melody and a bouncy rhythm.

The song’s lyrics reflect the joys of life, with references to home-cooked meals, family, and the simple pleasures of life.

Taylor’s vocals are strong and emotive, bringing a sense of warmth and nostalgia to the song.

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The instrumentation is simple yet effective, with a mix of guitar, drums, and organ.

“Sweet Potato Pie” is a thoughtful and upbeat track that celebrates the joys of life.

8. “Slice Of Your Pie” by Mötley Crüe

Mötley Crüe’s 1989 single “Slice Of Your Pie” is a hard rock anthem celebrating the joys of partying and carefree living.

The song is an uptempo, fast-paced track with catchy riffs and a strong vocal presence from lead singer Vince Neil.

The lyrics of the song are mostly focused on the narrator’s desire to enjoy a night of partying with a woman and share a slice of pie with her.

Musically, the song is driven by electric guitars, drums, and bass, with a strong emphasis on the rhythm section.

Overall, “Slice Of Your Pie” is a classic example of 80s hard rock, providing an energetic and energizing listening experience.

9. “Easy As Pie” by Peaches & Herb

Peaches & Herb’s “Easy As Pie” is an upbeat, soulful track featuring strong vocal harmonies and instrumentation.

The song’s prominent electric guitar and horns create a bright, danceable sound, while its bassline and drums keep it firmly rooted in the soul genre.

The lyrics are simple and catchy, emphasizing the simplicity of living life ‘easy as pie.’

The chorus has a lighthearted feel, while the bridge has a more reflective tone.

The overall effect is an uplifting, positive message that encourages its listeners to appreciate the joys of life.

10. “Flaming Pie” by Paul McCartney

Moving from the upbeat, positive “Easy As Pie” by Peaches & Herb, “Flaming Pie” by Paul McCartney is a pop-rock track from the 1997 album of the same name.

The song is notable for its mellow, melodic feel and its use of light instrumentation.

McCartney’s vocal performance is particularly noteworthy, as he is able to convey a dreamy, romantic atmosphere through his emotive delivery.

The lyrics are philosophical and thought-provoking, discussing the deep connection between a person and their dreams.

The song’s overall effect is one of optimism and joy, making it a timeless classic.

11. “Magic Pie” by Oasis

Drawing upon elements of rock and roll, “Magic Pie” by Oasis is an upbeat, high-energy track off their 1997 album Be Here Now.

It features a blend of melodic, electric guitar riffs and a catchy chorus.

The lyrics explore themes of optimism and joy, with the narrator expressing their desire to be reunited with a lost love.

Musically, the track is marked by its creative use of dynamics and tempo shifts.

Despite its up-tempo nature, Oasis provides a reflective moment in the bridge.

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The song is a joyful exploration of life and love, making it a fitting anthem for the joys of pie.

12. “Piece Of Pie” by Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots’ “Piece of Pie” is a reflective rock ballad released on their 1992 album Core.

The lyrics revolve around the singer’s struggle to find meaning in life and the search for a sense of belonging.

The song begins with an ethereal guitar riff that sets the tone for the heartfelt lyrics.

The instrumentation is simple yet effective, consisting of acoustic and electric guitars, bass, and drums.

The lead vocals are melancholic and passionate, expressing the singer’s longing for a better life.

The chorus is catchy and memorable, emphasizing the singer’s desire to find a piece of pie in the sky.

Overall, “Piece of Pie” is a thoughtful reflection on the search for meaning and purpose in life.

13. “Blueberry Pies” by Prefab Sprout

Prefab Sprout’s “Blueberry Pies” is a delightful pop-rock song released on their 1985 album Steve McQueen.

The track features a catchy melody, driven by an upbeat rhythm and an intricate guitar solo.

Lyrically, the song is an ode to the joy of blueberry pies, describing the narrator’s pleasure in eating the dessert and the way it brings back childhood memories.

The lighthearted lyrics and the bouncy arrangement make “Blueberry Pies” an enjoyable listening experience.

14. “PIE” by Future

Transitioning to the next song in the discussion of best songs about pies, Future’s “PIE” offers a unique approach to the topic.

The lyrics are delivered in an unconventional, yet effective way, with the artist repeating the word ‘pie’ several times throughout the song.

The repetition of the nursery rhyme and the word ‘pie’ creates a catchy hook.

The verses of the song are delivered in a rap/sung format and feature a catchy beat.

The lyrics are cleverly written, using double entendres to convey the artist’s love for pies.

The song is an ode to the joy of indulging in pies, and the production is captivating, creating an enjoyable listening experience.

15. “Sweetest Pie” by Megan Thee Stallion & Dua Lipa

Megan Thee Stallion & Dua Lipa’s track “Sweetest Pie” is a soulful tune exploring the sweet indulgence of pies.

Their smooth vocal delivery and upbeat rhythm draw listeners in, while the lyrics tell a story of savoring the best pies.

The track is an ode to the joys of eating pies and reflects the singers’ own appreciation for the dessert.

The song is a reminder to enjoy life’s little pleasures, while also encouraging listeners to explore their own relationship with pies.

Overall, “Sweetest Pie” is an upbeat, thoughtful track that celebrates the joy of eating pies.

Best Songs About Pie – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, pie has been a popular topic for songs throughout the decades.

From The Beatles’ classic “Honey Pie” to Future’s “PIE”, musicians have explored the joys of pie in many different ways.

From sweet to savory, these fifteen songs have captured the essence of pie in an enjoyable and memorable way.

While each song has its own unique flavor, they all have one thing in common—they all celebrate the deliciousness of pie.

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