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15 Best Songs About Monday

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15 Best Songs About Monday

The concept of Monday has been explored by various popular music artists over the years, with a number of songs specifically dedicated to this day of the week.

This article will take a look at fifteen of the best songs about Monday.

The songs range from upbeat and motivational to more somber and reflective, providing a well-rounded overview of how the day has been represented in popular music.

Detailed analysis of the songs will be provided, with a particular focus on the lyrics, instrumentation, and production.

Furthermore, the article will consider the wider cultural and historical context of the songs, providing an insight into how the idea of Monday has been interpreted and understood over the years.

1. “Rainy Days And Mondays” by the Carpenters

The 1971 hit single “Rainy Days and Mondays” by the Carpenters was a melodic and melancholic piece that was iconic of its era.

Examining the psychological effects of the start of the workweek, its lyrics conveyed an emotional complexity.

A sense of sadness permeated the track, with its thoughtful and reflective composition.

The song resonated with listeners, who related to its message of unease on a Monday morning.

The Carpenters’ unique sound transformed the mundane into a moving meditation on the power of emotion.

2. “Manic Monday” by The Bangles

Released in 1986, “Manic Monday” by The Bangles is a popular single that captures the feeling of dread and anxiety associated with the start of a new work week.

The song’s lyrics describe the displeasure of having to work on a Monday morning and longing for the weekend.

The guitar-led music is upbeat, yet the vocals and lyrics convey a feeling of exhaustion and melancholy.

The Bangles effectively capture the frustration of modern urban life and its demands on the working individual.

The song’s popularity resonates with many, as it touches on the difficulties of adult life and the desire for a break from the mundane.

3. “I Don’t Like Mondays” by The Boomtown Rats

Drawing upon the common theme of Monday malaise, “I Don’t Like Mondays” by The Boomtown Rats captures the feeling of frustration and boredom associated with the start of the work week.

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Lead singer Bob Geldof’s vocals are full of emotion as he expresses a deep-seated sense of dissatisfaction with the monotony of the work week.

The song’s classic rock instrumentation of electric guitars, bass, and drums lends a feeling of energy to the song, while the lyrics and melody are by turns angry, plaintive, and resigned.

The song’s chorus is a stirring anthem for Monday-haters everywhere.

4. “Monday Morning” Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac’s “Monday Morning” is a bright and cheerful song that captures the feeling of beginning a new week.

Its upbeat melodies and catchy guitar riffs create an atmosphere of optimism and hope.

The song’s lyrics focus on the idea of taking control of one’s life and starting anew.

The bridge of the song is particularly inspiring, as it encourages the listener to take charge and create a better future.

The theme of the song, while simple, is powerful and uplifting, making it a great choice for those who need a positive start to their week.

5. “Monday, Monday” by The Mamas & Papas

The Mamas & Papas’ song “Monday, Monday” is a classic folk-rock tune that captures feelings of nostalgia and longing.

It is characterized by its upbeat tempo and cheery rhythm, with lyrics that speak of a longing for the past and a desire to turn back time.

Its lyrics also express a sense of yearning, as the singer expresses his desire to go back to the past and relive the good times.

This song is a powerful reminder of the fleeting nature of time and the importance of cherishing the moments we have.

6. “Monday Morning Church” by Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson’s “Monday Morning Church” is a reflective country ballad about faith and redemption.

The song covers topics such as the power of faith, the need to find solace in a higher power, and how a person can turn to their faith in difficult times.

Jackson’s lyrics are filled with imagery, portraying a person’s journey to a humble church on a Monday morning.

The music reflects the solemn mood of the lyrics, with the melody and instrumentation combined to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Jackson’s performance is also noteworthy, as he conveys the emotion of the lyrics with a passionate delivery.

Overall, “Monday Morning Church” is a thoughtful song that conveys the power of faith in a meaningful way.

7. “Come Monday” by Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett’s “Come Monday” is a lighthearted song about longing for the weekend to be over and the start of a new week.

The melody is upbeat, with cheerful lyrics that bring to mind the bright, blue sky of a Monday morning.

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The song is a reflection of the feeling of anticipation that comes with the start of a new week and the promise of new opportunities and possibilities.

The lyrics exude optimism, with a focus on looking forward to the new week with excitement.

It is a reminder that one can always start anew on a Monday and make the most of the days ahead.

8. “New Moon On Monday” by Duran Duran

Transitioning from the classic Jimmy Buffett song, “Come Monday,” to Duran Duran‘s “New Moon on Monday,” one can observe the evolution of the musical landscape in the 1980s.

Released in 1984, “New Moon on Monday” is a synthpop song with a deep bass line and handclaps that create a sense of urgency.

The lyrics are about a relationship in transition, with the protagonist declaring that the new moon on Monday will be the start of a new life.

The song also features a memorable guitar solo that adds to the urgency of the track.

While not as popular as many of Duran Duran’s other songs, “New Moon on Monday” still stands as a solid representation of the synthpop genre.

9. “Blue Monday” by Fats Domino

Considered one of Fats Domino’s most popular songs, “Blue Monday” was released in 1956 and became a staple in the rock and roll genre.

The song follows a 12-bar verse structure, with a piano-driven melody backed by a tight rhythm section.

Domino’s signature vocal delivery and boogie-woogie style give the song an upbeat feel, and the lyrics focus on the desire to start the week off with a positive attitude.

The song has been covered by many different artists and continues to be a popular choice for Monday-themed playlists.

10. “Except For Monday” by Lorrie Morgan

Released in 1991, “Except For Monday” by Lorrie Morgan is a country-pop crossover hit that gained traction on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

The song details the narrator’s sadness over a lost love, emphasizing the loneliness and despair felt on Mondays without that person by their side.

The sorrowful lyrics are contrasted by the upbeat tempo and melody of the song, creating a cheerful yet melancholic atmosphere.

The song is a complex exploration of unrequited love and its lingering effects.

11. “Blue Monday” by New Order

An iconic single from the 1980s, “Blue Monday” by New Order is an electronic dance-pop track that continues to be celebrated today.

As the name suggests, the song is about the struggles of Monday and how it can be a difficult day of the week.

The song has a catchy, upbeat melody that contrasts with the lyrical content, which speaks of depression and loneliness.

The robotic, synthesized sound of the track has been widely acclaimed and has become an emblematic part of the ’80s music scene.

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The song is a reminder that even on the most difficult days, there is a sense of hope and joy that music can bring.

12. “Long Monday” by John Prine

John Prine’s “Long Monday” is an anthem of perseverance and resilience, offering an inspiring message of hope and optimism.

The song opens with a sorrowful acoustic guitar that sets the tone of weariness and regret.

Prine’s lyrics are filled with sentimental imagery of days gone by, creating a sense of nostalgia.

The chorus is upbeat and uplifting with a powerful call for resilience in the face of adversity.

The lyrics create an atmosphere of strength and courage in the face of life’s struggles.

Prine’s “Long Monday” is a song of hope and positivity in difficult times.

13. “Monday Comes Around” by Switchfoot

Switchfoot’s “Monday Comes Around” is a melancholic song that captures the struggles of modern life with thought-provoking lyrics and a contemplative melody.

It paints a vivid picture of the days when Mondays come around, with its lyrics exploring the feelings of anxiety, dread, and the desire to escape the monotony of life.

The song’s chorus offers a sense of catharsis, with its melodic guitar and vocal harmonies conveying a sense of hope and optimism.

Its message is one that is both relatable and inspiring, providing an emotional outlet to those who are struggling with the day-to-day demands of life.

14. “Monday” by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons’ “Monday” is an emotionally charged anthem that speaks of the struggles of everyday life and the importance of finding strength and resilience.

The song is composed of a melancholic yet hopeful melody, with the lyrics capturing the duality between the desire to stay in bed and the need to keep going.

The powerful vocal delivery of the chorus emphasizes the importance of embracing the challenges of Monday and learning to be resilient.

The song’s message is both encouraging and inspiring, reminding listeners that we all have the capacity to rise to any challenge.

15. “Monday Morning” by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera’s “Monday Morning” is an upbeat pop song that offers a more encouraging outlook on the start of the week than ‘Monday’ by Imagine Dragons.

Musically, the track includes a strong, danceable beat and a prominent piano riff that create a dynamic and uplifting atmosphere.

The lyrics feature an optimistic message, encouraging the listener to forget their worries and embrace the start of the week with positivity and hope.

The chorus in particular emphasizes the idea of embracing the new week with joy and excitement.

Overall, the song provides a refreshing take on the topic of Mondays.

Best Songs About Monday – Final Thoughts

Mondays can be a drag, but the best songs about them can make the day go by much faster.

From the classic hits of The Carpenters and The Bangles to the more recent tunes of Imagine Dragons and Switchfoot, there are plenty of Monday songs to get you through the day.

These songs can be upbeat and cheerful, or they can be reflective and somber.

No matter what mood you’re in, there is sure to be a Monday song to fit your needs.

With these 15 songs to choose from, there’s no reason to dread Mondays.

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