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15 Best Songs About Miscarriage

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15 Best Songs About Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a difficult experience to cope with for any individual.

While many find comfort in talking with friends and family, some find solace in music.

Music can provide a sense of understanding, healing, and strength.

In this article, we will explore 15 of the best songs about miscarriage and the emotions that come along with it.

By examining the lyrical content, it is possible to gain insight into the feelings of those who have gone through a miscarriage.

We will also discuss the various musical styles and production techniques used in the songs.

This article aims to provide comfort and understanding for anyone who has experienced a miscarriage.

1. “Heartbeat” by Beyoncé

“Heartbeat” by Beyoncé conveys a powerful message of resilience in the face of a miscarriage.

Through her lyrics, Beyoncé expresses feelings of loss, pain, and regret, while also providing hope and strength for those struggling with such a difficult experience.

The song begins with a spoken word piece about the process of grieving and continues with a chorus that speaks to persevering despite the challenges that come with a miscarriage.

Musically, the song is a slow ballad, with a minimal instrumental accompaniment that allows Beyoncé’s emotion-filled vocals to take center stage.

Through her song, Beyoncé conveys a message of hope and strength and provides comfort to those who have experienced a miscarriage.

2. “Small Bump” by Ed Sheeran

The tender acoustic guitar chords of Ed Sheeran‘s “Small Bump” evoke a sense of sadness and loss in listeners.

The song is written from the perspective of a miscarriage, which is immediately made apparent in the lyrics.

Sheeran conveys the grief and sorrow of a parent who has lost their unborn child in a powerful and emotive way.

His use of imagery and similes throughout the song further amplifies the sorrowful atmosphere and allows the audience to connect with the sentiment of the song.

This track is a heartbreaking reminder of the pain of miscarriage and serves as a tribute to lost loved ones.

3. “Something’s Not Right” by Lily Allen

Lily Allen‘s “Something’s Not Right” captures the emotional complexity of miscarriage in a heart-wrenching way.

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The song exposes the feelings of guilt and confusion that surround the loss of a baby, as Allen struggles to make sense of the tragedy that has befallen her.

The song’s melancholic melody and plaintive lyrics further emphasize the emotional impact of the loss.

Allen’s raw and honest expression of grief is a powerful reminder of the pain and loss associated with miscarriage and highlights the need for support and understanding for those going through such a difficult experience.

4. “Gone Too Soon” by Daughtry

Daughtry’s “Gone Too Soon” is a heartfelt tribute to the loss of an unborn baby, capturing the deep sadness and confusion of a mother’s grief.

The song begins with a slow and somber guitar melody that serves as a backdrop for Chris Daughtry’s hauntingly beautiful vocals.

The lyrics are filled with sorrow and despair as he expresses his sadness for the loss of a child who was never able to experience life.

The chorus, sung with emotion and candor, conveys the pain and helplessness experienced by the mother.

The song is a melancholic reminder of the fragility of life and the power of grief.

5. “Winter Bear” by Coby Grant

Coby Grant’s “Winter Bear” is an atmospheric, melancholic song that invites listeners to reflect on the cycle of life and death.

The song features a sorrowful piano melody and hauntingly beautiful vocals.

The lyrics explore themes of grief, hope, and resilience in the face of tragedy.

Grant speaks of the pain of loss, but also of the comfort and strength found in remembering and cherishing the memories of loved ones who have gone too soon.

The song’s tenderness and poignancy make it an ideal anthem for those grieving a miscarriage.

6. “I Would Die For That” by Kellie Coffey

Kellie Coffey’s “I Would Die For That” is a passionate love song that speaks of a deep and unconditional love for one another.

Written from the perspective of a mother mourning the loss of her unborn baby, the lyrics highlight the depth of the pain she feels and her desire to protect her child.

The music is soft and melodic, with a beautiful guitar accompaniment that adds to the emotion of the song.

The lyrics capture the raw emotion of the love and pain of the mother, making it one of the best songs about miscarriage.

7. “More” by Halsey

Halsey’s “More” is a powerful ballad of grief and loss, exploring the complicated emotions of mourning and acceptance.

The song’s lyrics touch on the pain of losing a loved one, but also the difficult process of learning to cope with the absence.

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Halsey’s heartfelt delivery of the song’s lyrics emphasizes the impact of the loss, while musically, the song incorporates a steady beat and a soft piano melody to create a gentle atmosphere.

The song’s chorus symbolizes the acceptance of loss and the need to move on from the sadness.

8. “4:44” by Jay Z

The next song to discuss is “4:44” by Jay-Z.

This song explores a miscarriage from the perspective of a father who is reflecting on the loss of his unborn child.

The song is a somber and reflective piece, with Jay-Z delivering a painful account of the miscarriage, and his struggles to cope with the loss of a potentially life-changing moment.

The lyrics are insightful and honest, as Jay-Z recounts his feelings of guilt, regret, and sadness.

The song is a powerful and emotional reflection on the pain of miscarriage, and the effects it can have on a family.

9. “Let Me Go” by Gary Barlow

Written by Gary Barlow, “Let Me Go” is a reflective ballad that conveys a powerful message about the importance of letting go of past pain.

It speaks to those who have suffered a miscarriage, encouraging them to find the strength to accept their loss and move on.

The lyrics are poetic and emotive and the melody is melodic and comforting.

Barlow’s unique vocal style adds a layer of intimacy, furthering the song’s impact.

The production is sparse and understated, giving the lyrics a sense of gravity and poignancy.

“Let Me Go” is a heartfelt and touching tribute to those who have experienced miscarriage.

10. “Glory Baby” by Watermark

A tender and heartwarming tribute, Watermark’s “Glory Baby” is a song that celebrates the strength of those who have experienced miscarriage.

The lyrics of this song convey a message of hope and healing, offering encouragement and comfort to those who have gone through this painful experience.

The song also acknowledges the grief that accompanies a miscarriage, acknowledging the deep sorrow and sadness that comes with it.

The melody of the song is gentle and uplifting, with an acoustic guitar and strings accompanying the beautiful vocals.

The message of the song is that although the loss of a baby is a devastating experience, it is possible to find strength and hope in the midst of pain.

11. “You Wouldn’t Cry” by Mandisa

Mandisa’s song “You Wouldn’t Cry” offers a poignant reflection on miscarriage and the emotions that come with it.

The song’s lyrics express the grief and guilt of the singer who feels like they have failed to protect the unborn child that has been lost.

The sorrowful melody and mournful lyrics convey the sense of loss and longing for the unborn child that will never be.

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The song’s powerful message of hope and perseverance in the face of adversity resonates with many who have experienced similar losses.

12. “Light As A Feather” by Alyse Maree

Alyse Maree’s song “Light As A Feather” encourages listeners to remain hopeful in difficult times.

The uplifting song explores themes of faith, resilience, and strength, providing words of comfort to those struggling with the emotional pain of miscarriage.

Maree’s lyrics focus on the spiritual aspect of the healing process, emphasizing the importance of trusting God’s plan and relying on faith to get through challenging times.

Her gentle vocals and soothing melodies serve to remind listeners that things will eventually get better.

13. “Baby Birch” by Joanna Newsom

Joanna Newsom’s song “Baby Birch” is an exploration of motherhood, depicting both the joy and pain associated with the experience.

The lyrics are intricately detailed, conveying a sense of beauty and vulnerability.

The narrative follows a mother and her baby birch, whom she cares for and loves but ultimately must let go of.

Newsom’s poignant lyrics capture the emotions of loss and longing while also expressing the beauty of the experience.

The song speaks to the complexity of the human experience, illustrating how the beauty and pain of motherhood can exist side by side.

14. “Heaven Someday (Song For Our Baby)” by Shelly E. Johnson

Shelly E. Johnson’s song “Heaven Someday (Song For Our Baby)” is a heartfelt tribute to a baby lost due to a miscarriage.

It is a gentle, yet powerful song that is composed of a simple piano melody, accompanied by Johnson’s angelic voice.

The lyrics provide comfort to those who have experienced a miscarriage, expressing hope for a connection with the child in the afterlife.

Johnson’s voice conveys a deep sense of loss, yet her lyrics also express joy in the thought of reuniting with her beloved baby someday.

The song is a beautiful and tender tribute to a heartbreaking loss.

15. “Perfect Way To Start” by Craig Aven

Craig Aven’s song “Perfect Way To Start” is a lighthearted and uplifting anthem of optimism and hope for the future.

A slow and steady melody, accompanied by soft guitar and piano, serves as a backdrop for the lyrics which discuss the pain of losing a baby, yet focus on the possibility of a brighter tomorrow.

The chorus speaks of the hope of finding joy in the future and of finding strength in the memories of the lost child.

The song’s message is one of healing and finding hope in the midst of pain.

The combination of optimistic lyrics and gentle music makes it an uplifting and comforting song for those dealing with the loss of a baby.

Best Songs About Miscarriage – Final Thoughts

Miscarriage is a tragic event that can leave a lasting emotional impact on those affected.

Music can provide a powerful outlet to express grief and feelings of sadness, while also helping to heal.

The 15 songs discussed above are some of the best musical expressions of the pain and grief associated with miscarriage.

They provide comfort, hope, and a feeling of validation to those who have suffered the loss of a child.

By listening to these songs, individuals can connect with others and find solace in their shared experiences.

Music can be a source of strength and healing during a difficult time.

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