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14 Best Songs About Lakes

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14 Best Songs About Lakes

Are you a fan of lake-inspired tunes?

Whether you’re relaxing on the shore or cruising on the water, kick back and enjoy these 14 best songs about Lakes.

From Neil Young’s “Deep Forbidden Lake” to Johnny Cash’s “Wabash Cannonball”, this selection of tunes has something for everyone.

Lucinda Williams’ “Lake Charles” and Nirvana’s “Lake of Fire” offer a country twang while The Be Good Tanyas’ “Lakes of Pontchartrain” has a fun, upbeat vibe.

John Prine’s “Lake Marie” is a classic folk tune that will make you feel like you’re right there at the lake.

So put away your worries and enjoy these lake-inspired tunes!

1. “Deep Forbidden Lake” by Neil Young

You won’t want to miss out on Neil Young’s classic tune, “Deep Forbidden Lake”!

An ode to the life-giving power of nature, it paints a vivid picture of a beautiful lake in the middle of winter.

Its lyrics are filled with both admiration and awe for the natural world, and the melody is gentle and alluring.

The song is a reminder of the importance of taking time to appreciate the beauty of the world around us.

2. “Lake Charles” by Lucinda William

Delving into the heart of a Louisiana town, Lucinda Williams’ “Lake Charles” eloquently portrays the soul of a once-vibrant community now cloaked in tranquil isolation.

Williams’ heartfelt rendition infuses the song with a blend of optimism and wistfulness, effectively capturing a nostalgia tinted with hope.

Her lyrical imagery expertly conjures a resilient and unwavering town, standing resolute in the face of challenges.

In “Lake Charles”, Williams weaves a narrative that not only commemorates the town’s past but also paints a poignant portrait of its present character, making the song a testament to the enduring spirit of a place and its people.

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3. “Lakes of Pontchartrain” by Christy Moore

Christy Moore’s “Lakes of Pontchartrain” is a melancholic ode to a once-thriving landscape, now all but forgotten.

A tender ballad, it paints a vivid picture of a place that was once teeming with life and now lies desolate.

The lyrics, sung in a longing lilt, are a reminder of the impermanence of beauty and the fragility of life.

Its heartbreaking melody is a reminder of the power of music to capture an emotion and transport us to a different time and place.

4. “Lake of Fire” by Nirvana

You can feel the intensity of Kurt Cobain’s emotions as he sings “Lake of Fire”.

The song powerfully captures the feeling of being lost and alone.

Cobain’s lyrics describe the lake as a place of darkness and despair, a metaphor for the struggles of life.

His signature grunge guitar licks and powerful drums provide a backdrop for his voice.

It conveys a haunting vulnerability.

The song is a powerful reminder of the importance of looking inward and finding the courage to face our fears.

5. “Lakes of Pontchartrain” by The Be Good Tanyas

Drowning in the “Lakes of Pontchartrain”, you can’t help but feel the sadness of the song.

The Be Good Tanyas’ folk ballad tells the story of two lovers separated by the Louisiana Lake.

The pain and longing of a love that will never be.

The production is sparse, highlighted by fingerpicking and melancholic strings.

It creates a space for the listener to really feel the gravity of the emotional story.

With its heartfelt lyrics and bittersweet melody, the song is sure to leave a lasting impression.

6. “Fishing In The Dark” by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Dive into the playful bluegrass tune “Fishing In The Dark” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and experience the joys of an outdoor summer night.

Capturing the feeling of casting your line into a lake as the sun sets, the song pairs its upbeat tempo with poetic lyrics to emphasize the beauty of nature.

Filled with nostalgia, the song is a reminder of the simple pleasures of life that can be found in the depths of a lake.

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7. “Lake Shore Drive” by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah

Cruise along Chicago’s iconic “Lake Shore Drive” to the nostalgic sounds of Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah’s classic rock song of the same name.

With its unique combination of rock, jazz, and blues, this 1970s anthem captures the beauty of the lakefront view and the vibrant energy of the Windy City.

The song’s signature saxophone solo and cheerful chorus make it perfect for a summertime drive along the lake.

Whether you’re visiting or a life-long resident, this song will bring to life the sights and sounds of “Lake Shore Drive”.

8. “Small Town Saturday Night” by Hal Ketchum

Experience the charm of small-town life with Hal Ketchum’s “Small Town Saturday Night”, an upbeat country-rock anthem.

It captures the joy of spending time with family and friends on a Saturday night, surrounded by the peace and tranquility of a lake.

Ketchum’s vivid lyrics, combined with his harmonious vocals, make this song an uplifting and memorable experience.

It brings to life the beauty of a small-town lake, reminding us of the importance of spending time with those we love.

9. “The Lakes” by Taylor Swift

Immerse yourself in Taylor Swift’s romantic ode to love, “The Lakes”.

This gentle, piano-driven ballad is an exploration of the idea that love can last through even the toughest trials.

Swift’s emotive vocals are complemented by a reflective and evocative arrangement, as well as poetic, heartfelt lyrics.

With its soaring melodies and delicate production, “The Lakes” is a celebration of the beauty of a lasting relationship.

10. “Tupelo Honey” by Van Morrison

Immerse yourself in Van Morrison’s “Tupelo Honey”, a romantic and soulful track that captures the joy and beauty of love.

An acoustic guitar and strings set the backdrop for a heartfelt track that speaks of the beauty of nature.

He lyrically paints a picture of a lake surrounded by tupelo trees, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

The imagery of the lake and the tupelo trees add a dreamy quality to the track, giving it a romantic and ethereal feel.

The song is a perfect choice for anyone looking to add a touch of romanticism to their music collection.

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11. “Lakes of Mexico” by Waylon Jennings

From Van Morrison’s “Tupelo Honey”, we move on to Waylon Jennings’ “Lakes of Mexico”.

This country classic speaks of the beauty of the Mexican landscape, as Jennings sings of the beauty of the lakes and the surrounding area.

You can almost feel the warmth of the sun on your skin as you listen to this memorable tune.

With its traditional sound and timeless lyrics, “Lakes of Mexico” is sure to become a beloved ode to the beauty of the Mexican lakes.

12. “The Lake by Wrabel” & Galantis

Take a moment to listen to Wrabel and Galantis’ emotive collaboration, “The Lake”.

This powerful duet’s lyrics are inspired by the artist’s personal relationship with a lake, making it a unique and meaningful song.

The song begins with a slow and melancholic melody, gradually transitioning to a more upbeat sound.

Its strong vocal performance and memorable lyrics capture the beauty of the lake, as well as the hardships of saying goodbye.

“The Lake” is an emotional and powerful song, sure to resonate with listeners.

13. “Wabash Cannonball” by Johnny Cash

Bid farewell to the tranquil waters of “The Lake by Wrabel” and embark on a melodic expedition through the timeless melodies of Johnny Cash’s renowned track, “Wabash Cannonball”.

With a spirited rhythm that sets your toes tapping and a chorus that effortlessly stays with you, this song emerges as an ideal companion for a sun-soaked summer day graced by the presence of the lake.

The verses weave a narrative of a voyage on a far-reaching train, conjuring up a panorama of adventure and unshackled liberation.

14. “Lake Marie” by John Prine

Allow yourself to be transported to the serene shores of Lake Marie through the soulful melodies of John Prine’s cherished composition, “Lake Marie”.

Within this melodic masterpiece lies a poignant narrative of a man’s yearning to reunite with the tranquil embrace of the lake and the profound recollections it cradles.

Through his lyrics, Prine intricately weaves a tapestry of imagery that vividly captures the serenity of this untouched haven, brimming with waves of nostalgia and an ache for what once was.

With a mastery that only he possesses, Prine employs delicate strokes of imagery and genuine sentiment, crafting “Lake Marie” into an enduring gem that transcends time itself.

Songs About Lakes – Final Thoughts

You’ve just heard some of the best songs about lakes.

From Lucinda Williams’ hauntingly beautiful “Lake Charles” to the toe-tapping “Lakes of Pontchartrain” by The Be Good Tanyas, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for something to take you back to your childhood memories of the lake, or you just want a great song to soundtrack your summer days, these songs will do the trick.

So grab your rod and reel, your favorite beverage, and turn up the tunes!

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