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10 Best Songs About Helicopters

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10 Best Songs About Helicopters

Hey there!

Are you a fan of helicopters?

If so, you’re in luck!

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best songs about Helicopters so you can enjoy some tunes that feature this amazing machine.

From Wolfe Tones’ “The Helicopter Song” to Motion City Soundtrack “Hello Helicopter”, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll provide an analysis of each song so you can get an insight into why they are considered some of the best.

So, crank up the volume and spin these tunes as you take a journey through the sky.

1. “The Helicopter Song” by Wolfe Tones

The Wolfe Tones’ “The Helicopter Song” is definitely a bop, with its catchy melody and fun lyrics!

The song tells a story of a person, presumably a soldier, who is waiting for a helicopter to take them away from the battlefield.

The lyrics focus on the anticipation of the person waiting for the helicopter, as well as their sense of relief when it finally arrives.

The instrumentation of the song is light and upbeat, which captures the mood of the lyrics perfectly.

It is a song that portrays the joy of being rescued, and the sense of liberation from oppressive circumstances.

2. “Helicopter” by Bloc Party

Check out Bloc Party’s “Helicopter” to get an adrenaline-pumping beat and some thought-provoking lyrics.

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This track is a great example of the band’s signature post-punk sound, with layered guitar riffs and electronic synths that build up to an energetic chorus.

Lyrically, it touches on the idea of freedom and the need for escape from a life that feels mundane.

The song ends with a powerful message of hope and resilience.

Ultimately, “Helicopter” is a powerful and captivating song that will leave you wanting more.

3. “Helikopter 117 (Mach den Hub Hub Hub)” by Tobee

Feel the power of Tobee’s “Helikopter 117 (Mach den Hub Hub Hub)” as it takes you on an adrenaline-fueled ride.

Its thumping beats and uplifting lyrics carry you away to a world of adventure.

Analyze the song’s structure and it’s clear the artist is a master of his craft.

The perfect blend of melody and emotion creates a euphoric atmosphere, sure to keep you dancing all night long.

Tobee’s masterpiece is sure to be remembered for years to come.

4. “Helicopters In The Sky” by The Flys

With its powerful chorus and driving rhythm, The Flys’ “Helicopters In The Sky” will take you on an exhilarating journey.

This song is built around a catchy guitar riff that carries along with a thumping bass line.

The lyrics are dense and evocative, telling a story of escaping the trappings of everyday life.

The chorus is an anthemic chant that captures the feeling of freedom from the monotony of life.

This song is a perfect anthem for anyone looking to break free from the mundanity of life and take to the skies.

5. “Helicopter Fight Song” by Helicopter Helicopter

Featuring a hard-hitting beat and soaring guitar riffs, Helicopter Helicopter’s “Helicopter Fight Song” is an electrifying anthem that will have you feeling inspired to take on the world.

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The song is an upbeat rock track that pairs aggressive drums and bass with catchy vocal hooks.

It’s a perfect example of the band’s signature sound, which combines elements of punk and alternative rock to create a unique and powerful sound.

The lyrics depict a journey of self-empowerment and determination, as the protagonist overcomes obstacles and finds strength in their own courage.

It’s an inspiring and powerful anthem that will have you ready to take on the world.

6. “Helicopters / Beware” by Jidenna

From rap to R&B, the song “Helicopters / Beware” by Jidenna shows a different side of the helicopter concept.

You can feel the emotion and energy in the song as Jidenna sings of the danger of the helicopters and the need to be aware of what’s going on around you.

The song’s lyrics challenge you to take action and be conscious of your surroundings.

The beat is powerful and intense, making it an exciting and memorable song about helicopters.

7. “Unmarked Helicopters” by Soul Coughing

Feel the vibes of Soul Coughing’s “Unmarked Helicopters” as you experience the intensity of the song’s unique sound.

With an alternative, rock-and-roll sound that blends various influences, the song creates a mysterious atmosphere that captures the listener’s attention.

The steady rhythm of the drums and the intense guitar riffs set the tone for the song, while the lyrics tell a tale of a mysterious helicopter, adding to the intrigue.

The combination of the musical elements and lyrics makes “Unmarked Helicopters” an unforgettable song that stands out from the rest.


Dive into the captivating world of CLC’s “Helicopter”, a song brimming with exuberance, featuring an irresistibly upbeat rhythm and a chorus that sticks in your mind.

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The song’s lyrics delve into the concept of liberation, a theme that finds its resonance in the dynamic pulse and intricate musical arrangement of the track.

With its vibrant and lively nature, “Helicopter” stands as a source of sheer enjoyment, compelling you to dance and join in the melodious verses.

This high-energy offering is bound to ignite your spirits and have you joyfully singing along to its infectious tunes.

9. “Helicopter” by Maisie Peters

Gently embrace Maisie Peters’ “Helicopter”, an energetic and upbeat track with a captivating chorus.

Its lyrics are brimming with symbolism and metaphors, while its production is smooth and crisp.

It’s a song that speaks to the struggles of growing up, yet its message of hope and perseverance is uplifting and inspiring.

Its upbeat tempo keeps you hooked from the beginning, and the chorus provides a feel-good moment.

It’s an honest and captivating piece of music that will stay in your heart for a long time.

10. “Hello Helicopter” by Motion City Soundtrack

Dive into Motion City Soundtrack’s “Hello Helicopter”, an energetic pop-rock anthem with a powerful, anthemic chorus.

The track is driven by an upbeat, upbeat guitar riff that captures the essence of the song.

The chorus is simple yet catchy, and the production is crisp and well-polished.

“Hello Helicopter” is a great song to get you moving and enjoying life.

Songs About Helicopters – Final Thoughts

You’ve heard the best of the best when it comes to songs about helicopters.

From The Wolfe Tones’ classic “The Helicopter Song” to CLC’s upbeat “HELICOPTER”, there’s something for everyone.

Bloc Party’s Helicopter is perfect for a driving beat, while Tobee’s “Helikopter 117 (Mach den Hub Hub Hub)” is an anthem for any situation.

The Flys’ “Helicopters In The Sky” and Helicopter Helicopter’s “Helicopter Fight Song” are great for a party.

Soul Coughing’s “Unmarked Helicopters” and Maisie Peters’ “Helicopter” has a more mellow, reflective tone, and Motion City Soundtrack’s “Hello Helicopter” is perfect for a romantic evening.

The possibilities are endless – make sure to add these tunes to your playlist!

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