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15 Best Songs About Greed

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15 Best Songs About Greed

Greed is a powerful emotion, and it has been the subject of many iconic songs throughout the years.

From Pink Floyd’s legendary “Money” to Queen’s “I Want It All”, and Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” to Madonna’s “Material Girl”, these songs have all made a lasting impression on our culture.

But these are only a few of the great songs about greed that have been released over the years.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 15 of the best songs about greed, and explore the themes, lyrics, and musical elements that make them so powerful.

We’ll examine how they capture the allure of greed, as well as the consequences it can have.

So come with us on a journey through the music and lyrics of some of the greatest songs about greed.

1. “Money” By Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s iconic song, “Money”, is a searing indictment of greed and its consequences.

The song paints a vivid picture of wealth as a source of power and corruption.

The lyrics are cynical and dark, highlighting how money can bring out the worst in people and lead to a sense of emptiness.

The song’s memorable guitar riff and hypnotic rhythm drive the point home that there can be too much of a good thing.

A masterpiece of songwriting, “Money” is a cautionary tale about the dangers of greed.

2. “I Want It All” By Queen

Queen’s anthem of ambition and excess, “I Want It All”, is a powerful testament to the dangers of unchecked greed.

The song’s lyrics describe a character whose ambition is so great they are willing to stop at nothing to get what they desire.

With a driving beat and powerful guitar riffs, the song conveys the intensity of the character’s desire and the consequences of their relentless pursuit of wealth.

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By conveying this message, Queen’s “I Want It All” serves as a cautionary tale against the dangers of greed.

3. “Gold Digger” By Kanye West

Gold Digger” by Kanye West takes a humorous look at the dangers of greed from a different perspective.

The song portrays a man who is taken advantage of by a woman who is only interested in his money.

The lyrics are filled with sarcasm and irony, highlighting how the woman’s gold digger behavior is wrong.

West’s clever wordplay and catchy beat make the song an enjoyable listen, despite its cautionary message.

The song serves as a reminder of the dangers of greed while providing a fun and entertaining listen.

4. “Material Girl” By Madonna

You can’t help but feel the “Material Girl” vibes when listening to Madonna’s hit song.

The lyrics are a modern and brash take on the idea of greed and materialism as the singer unabashedly proclaims her love for money and the finer things in life.

Madonna’s catchy and grandiose delivery of the lyrics is meant to be a celebration of ambition and the pursuit of wealth, rather than a condemnation of it.

The song is an anthem for those who seek success and financial security, and its lyrics can be seen as a reminder to seize opportunities and make the most of them.

5. “Greedy Fly” By Bush

Bush’s hit song “Greedy Fly” offers an innovative take on the idea of greed and ambition.

The singer reflects on the consequences of striving for wealth and success.

Lyrically, the song is a cautionary tale, warning of the dangers of being too driven by ambition.

Musically, it has a driving, rock-style beat with layered guitars and vocals.

The chorus is upbeat and powerful, with a catchy, anthemic melody.

The song is a great example of how greed can be explored in a creative, thought-provoking way.

6. “Money (That’s What I Want)” By Barrett Strong

You’ve probably heard Barrett Strong’s seminal classic, “Money (That’s What I Want)”.

The song might not be as iconic as other material from Motown’s golden era, but it’s a perfect example of how greed and money can be explored in music.

The lyrics are cleverly written, with a catchy chorus that speaks to the listener’s inner desire for material wealth.

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The arrangement of the song is also incredibly catchy and upbeat, making it easy to listen to and relate to.

It’s a perfect example of how greed can be explored through music and has withstood the test of time.

7. “I Wanted Everything” By The Ramones

Exploring greed from a different perspective, The Ramones’ classic hit “I Wanted Everything” is a powerful anthem about wanting more and never being satisfied.

It talks about the consequences of unbridled ambition and the futility of chasing after material possessions.

The song’s lyrics suggest that no matter how much wealth is acquired, it will never be enough and it will never bring true happiness.

The song serves as a warning that the pursuit of greed can be a never-ending cycle of disappointment.

8. “Have A Cigar” By Pink Floyd

Moving on to another song about greed, “Have A Cigar” by Pink Floyd is a scathing critique of the corporate world.

The song’s lyrics depict how shallow and vain the corporate world is, and how easy it is to be consumed by greed.

The song warns the listener to be aware of the dangers of being too focused on money and power.

The message is clear: if you aren’t careful, greed will take over your life.

9. “Society” By Eddie Vedder

You can hear Eddie Vedder’s frustration in his song “Society” as he sings about the disturbing consequences of unchecked greed.

The lyrics speak to the tolls of greed on the individual, society, and the environment.

Vedder’s delivery of the song is highly emotive as he laments the costs of selfishness.

The song highlights the need for understanding and compassion in order to prevent further damage caused by greed.

It serves as a reminder of our shared responsibilities in preserving the planet and the people living on it.

10. “The Endless Plain of Fortune” By John Cale

John Cale’s “The Endless Plain of Fortune” paints a vivid picture of the human condition.

It encapsulates the desire for wealth and power, along with the consequences of chasing these materialistic goals.

His lyrics and arrangement evoke a sense of sadness and desperation, as the singer struggles to find fulfillment in a world of greed.

The song paints a bleak picture of a life without purpose, in the wake of a society obsessed with money and power.

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Cale’s powerful delivery conveys the futile nature of such pursuits, leaving listeners with an uneasy feeling of emptiness.

11. “Greedy” By Ariana Grande

Continuing with our exploration of songs about greed, you can’t go wrong with Ariana Grande’s 2016 hit “Greedy”.

The song is a cleverly-crafted look into the dangers of being too focused on material possessions.

Grande’s catchy chorus and up-tempo beat are delivered with a warning: sometimes it’s better to just let go.

12. “Déjà Vu” By Roger Waters

Roger Waters’ classic single “Déjà Vu” provides a unique look into the experience of feeling as though you’ve lived something before.

He implies that greed is a destructive force, leading to a cycle of wanting more, getting it, and then needing more.

The chorus warns of the consequences of not learning from one’s past, creating a powerful reminder of the dangers of greed.

13. “Love Is Greed” By Passion Pit

Passion Pit’s hit single, “Love is Greed”, explores the idea that love can be just as destructive and powerful as greed.

Lead singer Michael Angelakos’ passionate vocals emphasize the song’s underlying message.

The musical accompaniment of synth and guitars give it a driving force.

The lyrics draw attention to the destructive effects of greed and emphasize the need for compassion and understanding.

The song is a reminder of how powerful love can be and how it can be just as damaging as greed if not handled with care.

14. “Greed Killing” by Napalm Death

Experience Napalm Death’s powerful ode to greed in their song, “Greed Killing”.

They explore how greed can lead to one’s downfall, with heavy riffs and aggressive lyrics.

The song’s message is clear: when we allow greed to take over, it can lead to destruction and pain.

The intense instrumentals and powerful vocals combine to create a sonic fury that drives home the consequences of greed.

Napalm Death’s “Greed Killing” is a relentless reminder of the danger that greed can bring.

15. “Fools Gold” By The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses’ “Fools Gold” is an infectious dance-floor banger that explores the false promises of wealth and fame.

The song’s high-energy beat and upbeat sound mask the cynical lyrics and make it easy to forget that it’s about greed and its consequences.

Its message of caution is a powerful reminder of the pitfalls of materialism.

Songs About Greed – Final Thoughts

When it comes to greed, there’s no shortage of songs that capture the emotion.

These 15 songs about greed showcase just how powerful and sometimes destructive the feeling can be.

From Pink Floyd’s classic “Money” to Queen’s anthemic “I Want It All” to Madonna’s iconic “Material Girl”, these tunes provide an insightful look into the mindset of those driven by greed.

Whether you’re an admirer or a critic of the emotion, these songs about greed offer a diverse range of perspectives.

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