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15 Best Songs About Fear

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15 Best Songs About Fear

Are you feeling scared and uncertain?

Music is often an outlet for those feelings, and you’re in luck: There are plenty of great songs that capture the range of emotions that come with fear.

From Sade’s classic “Fear” to Kendrick Lamar’s “FEAR.”, here are 15 of the best songs about fear that are sure to capture the feelings you’re experiencing.

Whether you’re feeling anxious, worried, or paranoid, these songs will provide a powerful soundtrack to your emotions.

Dive in and find the perfect song to express your fear and give you the courage to face it.

1. “Fear” by Sade

You can feel the fear in Sade’s lyrics like she’s talking directly to you.

Her song “Fear” is a powerful exploration of the emotions that arise from a broken relationship.

The song is about accepting that fear is a part of life and learning to move on.

Sade’s hauntingly beautiful voice conveys the turmoil of the situation with an air of wisdom and experience.

Her lyrics are honest and direct, yet still manage to bring a sense of tranquility and hope.

“Fear” is a timeless classic that speaks to the fragility of human relationships and our capacity to overcome fear.

2. “Fear The Future” by St. Vincent

Amidst the anxiety of an uncertain future, St. Vincent’s “Fear The Future” captures the sentiment of trepidation and hope.

A mix of heavy guitar riffs and lyrics, the song conveys a sense of urgency while also speaking to the hope for a better future.

Its lyrics are raw and honest, painting a vivid picture of the fear of the unknown and the courage to keep going in spite of it.

The song is a perfect representation of the current state of the world, giving voice to feelings of fear and hope.

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3. “Never Scared” by Bone Crusher ft. Killer Mike, T.I.

Inspired by the sentiment of bravery and strength, Bone Crusher’s “Never Scared” is a powerful anthem for those facing fear and adversity.

The 2003 single from his debut album AttenCHUN! is an assertive, unapologetic track encouraging listeners to confront fear as a means of overcoming it.

Lyrically, the song is full of braggadocious rhymes and metaphors, combined with an irresistible beat and memorable hook.

As one of the most popular hip-hop songs of its time, “Never Scared” has become an iconic anthem of defiance for those who choose to take on fear and uncertainty.

4. “Scared of Beautiful” by Brandy

Brandy’s “Scared of Beautiful” expresses a powerful sentiment of struggling with self-doubt despite personal strength and beauty.

In this mid-tempo R&B ballad, Brandy reflects on the conflict of being both scared and proud of her beauty.

She’s aware that her beauty can be intimidating to others, yet she also acknowledges her strength and resilience.

The song speaks to the fear of being judged and how it can be difficult to accept one’s own beauty.

Brandy’s powerful lyrics convey a message of self-acceptance, urging the listener to embrace their own beauty and not be scared of it.

5. “FEAR.” by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar’s “FEAR.” is a powerful rap song that speaks directly to the listener, urging them to bravely confront their own fears.

His lyrics are raw and honest, addressing our collective anxieties and insecurities in a way that is both relatable and inspiring.

In a world filled with fear, Lamar’s song offers a message of hope, reminding us that we can overcome our fears and find strength in ourselves.

This song is a powerful anthem to the courage to face our fears and be the people we want to be.

6. “Fear” by X Ambassadors

Feel the emotion of the “Fear” by X Ambassadors as they invite you to face your own fears and take control of your life.

This powerful song is an anthem of liberation from the anxieties and insecurities that can so often paralyze us.

It’s a call to action, a reminder that the only way to overcome fear is to embrace it.

The song’s lyrics and instrumentation work together to create a powerful, uplifting message that encourages us to face our fears and take control of our lives.

7. “Fearmonger” by Saba ft. Daoud

Saba’s “Fearmonger” is a thought-provoking exploration of the ways fear can be used to manipulate and control.

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Saba paints a vivid picture of the power of fear, describing it as an enemy that can be used as a weapon to oppress and control.

Through his lyrics, he shows how fear can be used to keep people from speaking out and rising up.

His words are powerful and thought-provoking, offering an insightful look at the dangers of living in fear.

8. “Save Myself” by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s “Save Myself” is a powerful anthem about overcoming fear and adversity.

With its uplifting lyrics and inspiring message, it’s sure to put you in the right mindset to take on life’s challenges.

Sheeran expertly conveys the idea that we are our own best saviors in life and that we have the strength within to overcome the fear and anxiety that hold us back.

His empowering lyrics and passionate delivery make “Save Myself” an inspiring reminder of our own resilience.

9. “Doubt” by Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots’ “Doubt” is an anthemic, energetic track that speaks to the power of believing in yourself.

Through its infectious beat and catchy chorus, it encourages us to push through our self-doubt and trust our inner strength.

With upbeat instruments and thoughtful lyrics, this song celebrates the courage to overcome fear.

It offers a powerful reminder that our doubts can be conquered through determination and faith in ourselves.

An uplifting anthem, “Doubt” serves as a reminder to keep fighting and never give up.

10. “No More Teardrops” by Vic Mensa

Shifting away from the hip hop/pop fusion of Twenty One Pilots, let’s delve into the realm of soulful rap with Vic Mensa’s profound track, “No More Teardrops”.

Within this lyrical masterpiece, Mensa delves deep into the concept of fear, painting a vivid portrait through the lens of personal challenges and the triumphant conquest of these inner demons.

His verses serve as a resounding anthem, empowering us with a poignant reminder of our innate resilience and unwavering strength when confronted by fear.

“No More Teardrops” stands as a powerful testament to the transformative potential of self-reflection and personal growth, echoing the enduring capacity within each of us to rise above our deepest fears.

11. “Only Fear of Death” by 2Pac

You can feel 2Pac’s raw emotion in “Only Fear of Death”.

He reflects on his mortality and uses his lyrics to confront his own fears.

His powerful words speak to the fear of death that is deeply rooted in the human experience.

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His words are filled with anguish and desperation as he grapples with the unknown.

His delivery is masterful, skillfully conveying the emotion of the song.

“Only Fear of Death” is an anthem for all those who fear the unknown.

12. “Paranoia” by Chance The Rapper

Exploring the depths of paranoia, Chance The Rapper’s “Paranoia” is an emotionally charged track that confronts the fear of the unknown in a captivating way.

Delivering an introspective plea, Chance The Rapper’s rap speaks of the paralyzing fear of the future and the angst of the unknown.

The song is thoughtfully constructed to illustrate the oppressive nature of paranoia and the feelings of helplessness that come with it.

With its powerful and cleverly crafted lyrics, “Paranoia” is a provocative and thought-provoking song that speaks to its listeners about confronting fear.

13. “Pretty Little Fears” by 6lack

Fear has consistently served as a compelling muse for hip-hop artists, as evidenced by the shift from Chance The Rapper’s “Paranoia” to 6lack’s poignant creation, “Pretty Little Fears”.

In 6lack’s musical offering, we embark on a contemplative voyage into the intricate realms of fear and self-doubt.

The song’s melancholic production, coupled with 6lack’s compelling vocal delivery, elevates it to essential listening for those seeking to explore the multifaceted facets of fear in a profound manner.

14. “What, Me Worry?” by Portugal. The Man

The Man’s “What, Me Worry?”, a hip-hop anthem that celebrates a life without fear.

The catchy beat and infectious chorus emphasize the message that life shouldn’t be lived in fear, but rather with courage and confidence.

The song speaks to listeners of all ages, letting them know that they can overcome fear and lead a fulfilled life.

With its empowering lyrics and upbeat rhythms, “What, Me Worry?” is the perfect song to get people out of their fear-filled funk.

15. “Runnin'” by Blood Orange

Inspired by his own life experiences, Blood Orange’s “Runnin'” is an uplifting track that encourages listeners to keep their heads up and keep going, no matter what challenges they may face.

With its catchy beat and soulful lyrics, “Runnin'” conveys an important message of not letting fear and doubt get in the way of striving for one’s goals.

The song has become an anthem for those who refuse to be held back by their fears, inspiring them to keep running and never give up.

Songs About Fear – Final Thoughts

You’ve just explored some of the best and most powerful songs about Fear.

Whether you’re feeling scared of the future, paranoid, or just need a reminder to not worry, these songs perfectly capture the raw emotion of fear.

From Sade to 6lack, these artists have all expressed their own fears in unique and meaningful ways that can help us all understand our own fears and find the strength to keep going.

So next time you feel scared, let these songs be your companion and know that you’re not alone.

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