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15 Best Songs About Eyes

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15 Best Songs About Eyes

Eyes are one of the most powerful aspects of the human body, and they have been the source of inspiration for many songs throughout the years.

From rock classics to modern pop hits, these 15 best songs about Eyes will take you on an emotional journey.

From Van Morrison’s classic “Brown Eyed Girl” to Coldplay’s “Green Eyes”, these songs will make you appreciate the power of the gaze and the stories that it can tell.

Let’s explore the best songs about Eyes and the stories that they tell.

1. “Brown Eyed Girl” By Van Morrison

Van Morrison’s classic hit, “Brown Eyed Girl”, is saturated with nostalgia, evoking a fondness for the innocence of youth.

The song’s carefree lyrics and cheerful melody capture the feeling of youth and its optimistic outlook on life.

The protagonist longs for the days when life was simpler, symbolized by the brown eyes of the girl in the song.

Van Morrison’s upbeat lyrics perfectly capture the innocence represented by those brown eyes.

Musically, the song has a bright, cheerful feel, further enhancing its nostalgic themes.

It serves as a perfect reminder of the joy of youth and its ability to bring out the best in us.

2. “Behind Blue Eyes” By The Who

You’ll feel your heart break when you hear the heartbreaking lyrics of The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes”.

The song speaks of hidden pain and regret that lie beneath a seemingly calm facade.

The imagery of eyes as a reflection of the soul is strong, making it clear that the protagonist is a person who feels isolated and misunderstood.

It provides a powerful insight into the struggles of feeling alone in the world, and its hauntingly beautiful melody complements the sad lyrics perfectly.

3. “These Eyes” By The Guess Who

Feel the emotion as you listen to The Guess Who’s “These Eyes”, a song that tells the story of a broken heart.

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With lyrics that tug at the heartstrings and a melody that carries a sense of longing, “These Eyes” is a classic break-up song.

Its message of unrequited love resonates with listeners, as it expresses a sense of heartache and regret.

The song talks about the pain of a relationship that does not work out, and how it feels to be left behind.

The sadness and nostalgia that “These Eyes” evokes make it a timeless classic.

4. “Eye of The Tiger” By Survivor

You can’t help but be energized by Survivor’s “Eye of The Tiger”, an iconic song that has become a classic anthem for motivation and perseverance.

Its hard-hitting lyrics and driving beat are a call to arms, urging listeners to face their fears and never give up.

The song’s title speaks to the power of the human spirit – the eye of the tiger symbolizing the strength of determination and courage.

It’s no wonder this song has inspired so many to keep pushing forward in the face of adversity.

5. “In Your Eyes” By Peter Gabriel

Experience the profound emotion of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” as you are enveloped in its mesmerizing mix of lyrics and music.

Set to a unique rhythm, it speaks of the power of love and longing.

The song’s simple lyrics and passionate arrangement evoke a sense of deep longing and desire.

The chorus’ soaring melody provides the perfect backdrop for Gabriel’s impassioned delivery.

The song’s message of yearning and hope is sure to move any listener.

6. “In Your Eyes” By The Weeknd

Listen to The Weeknd’s version of “In Your Eyes” and let its passionate production and lyrics take you on a journey of emotion.

The Weeknd’s distinctive voice soars over the synth-heavy production, as he sings a heartfelt love song about wanting to be seen and understood.

The lyrics are simple and honest, a reflection of the vulnerability of the human heart.

The Weeknd’s version of “In Your Eyes” is a powerful track that will move and inspire you.

7. “Eyes Without A Face” By Billy Idol

Shifting away from The Weeknd’s mesmerizing melodies, let’s venture into a distinct realm of musical expression through Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without A Face”.

Billy Idol’s renowned 80s track delves into the potent realm of eye communication.

“Eyes Without A Face” stands as a compelling journey into the profound capacity of eyes to unveil emotions.

The song intriguingly explores the concept of concealing one’s eyes, a notion that can evoke both a sense of freedom and an unsettling fear.

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Through Idol’s vocals, the song’s lyrics compel us to confront our own susceptibilities.

8. “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” By Frankie Valli

Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” is a timeless classic that captures the feeling of being utterly enamored with someone, unable to look away no matter how hard you try.

The lyrics draw the listener in with their simple, yet meaningful, language, creating a sense of intimacy.

The instrumentation is upbeat and energetic, perfectly matching the uplifting feelings of the lyrics.

The song is a perfect example of how powerful music can be in expressing the depth of emotions that come with admiration.

9. “Ocean Eyes” By Billie Eilish

Transitioning from the classic love song, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”, to the modern ballad “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish, you can feel the difference in emotions.

With a soft guitar line and mesmerizing vocals, Eilish’s song speaks of a love that is much deeper than the one expressed in Valli’s.

She croons of a love that is rooted in the depths of the ocean, and the lyrics portray a heart that is in complete and utter surrender to this love.

The music has a calming effect, making the listener feel at peace while reflecting on the intensity of the emotion.

10. “Hungry Eyes” By Eric Carmen

Eric Carmen’s “Hungry Eyes” is a passionate and intense love song.

It is filled with longing and desire for a love that can never be.

The longing nature of the song is particularly highlighted by the use of eyes as a metaphor for the narrator’s longing and desire.

This song is a classic example of how powerful and evocative the use of imagery can be in conveying emotion.

11. “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” By Crystal Gayle

Doesn’t it make your heart ache when you hear Crystal Gayle’s country classic, “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue”?

This heartfelt song tells the story of a woman who is sad and longing for her lost love.

The lyrics are full of emotion and pain, yet the melody is gentle and sweet.

Gayle’s voice is light and airy, adding to the song’s sadness and making it an emotional journey.

This song is a reminder that love can be bittersweet and that sometimes you just have to accept the sadness and move on.

12. “Pale Blue Eyes” By The Velvet Underground

Transitioning from Crystal Gayle’s heartfelt tribute to her captivating brown eyes, let’s delve into the somber yet profoundly moving verses of The Velvet Underground’s “Pale Blue Eyes”.

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Within this soul-stirring composition, Lou Reed’s lyrics eloquently articulate the enduring ache of a love lost.

His emotive crooning beautifully captures the allure of a former lover’s eyes while lamenting the relentless passage of time, which fails to diminish the heartache.

This haunting melody serves as a poignant reminder that the sting of losing something profoundly cherished can persist across the years, etching its imprint on the soul.

“Pale Blue Eyes” resonates as a melancholic masterpiece, acknowledging the enduring power of love’s memory, even amidst the weight of time’s passage.

13. “Behind These Hazel Eyes” By Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s hit single “Behind These Hazel Eyes” is a powerful anthem of heartbreak and resilience.

The song explores the pain of a broken relationship and the power of moving on.

The song’s catchy melody and Clarkson’s powerful vocals drive home the message of hope and strength even in the midst of pain.

It serves as a reminder of the power of love and the importance of allowing oneself to feel the pain of heartbreak in order to heal and grow.

Overall, “Behind These Hazel Eyes” by Kelly Clarkson is a heartfelt and empowering song that resonates with listeners who have experienced the pain of a broken relationship.

14. “My Eyes Have Seen You” By The Doors

The Doors’ classic hit “My Eyes Have Seen You” is a poetic and haunting track about the power of love and the mysteries of life.

Lyrically, the song is full of symbolism and metaphor, as singer Jim Morrison speaks of love being a rediscovery of something that was always there.

The song captures the intensity of the moment when two people look into each other’s eyes and recognize the connection between them.

The Doors have crafted a powerful piece of music that speaks to the strength and intensity of love and speaks to its ability to change and shape our lives.

15. “Green Eyes” By Coldplay

You’ll fall in love with the heartfelt lyrics of Coldplay’s “Green Eyes” as you listen to a tale of unrequited love.

It’s a song of longing and yearning, as the singer is left with only memories of his beloved.

The music is beautifully crafted, with a slow and gentle melody that perfectly captures the melancholic mood of the lyrics.

The chorus, with its passionate plea for the one who got away, resonates with the listener and will stay with them long after the song has ended.

“Green Eyes” is a timeless classic that will never cease to inspire and move.

Songs About Eyes – Final Thoughts

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and these 15 songs have opened those windows to let us peek inside.

From the nostalgia of Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” to the heart-wrenching regret of The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes”, these songs have captivated us with their stories.

Whether you’re swaying to the upbeat rhythm of Survivor’s “Eye of The Tiger” or getting lost in the emotion of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”, these songs will take you on an unforgettable journey.

Let these tunes be the soundtrack to your life as you explore the depths of the human eye.

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