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15 Best Songs About Evil

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15 Best Songs About Evil

Are you looking for some evil songs to get your heart racing?

Look no further!

We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best songs about Evil.

From classics like “Evil Woman” by Black Sabbath to modern hits like “Necessary Evil” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, there’s something for everyone.

Even if you’re not a fan of evil, these songs are sure to get you in the mood for something dark and mysterious.

We’ll take you through each song, exploring the lyrics and analyzing the way they capture the essence of evil.

So, get ready to be taken on a journey of evil-inspired songs!

1. “Evil Woman” by Black Sabbath

“Evil Woman” by Black Sabbath is a classic rock anthem that speaks to the sinister nature of the evil woman.

Oozing with dark, bluesy riffs and signature vocal crooning from Ozzy Osbourne, the song captures the insidiousness of an evil woman.

It’s a timeless classic that gives us insight into the male perspective of malicious women.

The lyrics, vocals, and instrumentation are perfectly combined to deliver a powerful, emotional experience.

2. “Evil And A Heathen” by Franz Ferdinand

A heathen’s cry rings out as Franz Ferdinand’s “Evil And A Heathen” paints a vivid picture of a battle between good and evil.

The song’s lyrics express the struggle between one’s darker nature and their higher self, with a sense of defiance and determination.

The verses explore the idea of immortality, while the chorus offers a sense of hope and perseverance.

The guitar riffs and beats create an interesting contrast between the light and dark elements of the track, further emphasizing the duality of the subject.

The song is a powerful reminder of the ongoing battle between good and evil and the human capacity to choose our own destiny.

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3. “Evil Ways” by Santana

You can feel the power of the devil in Santana’s “Evil Ways”.

The song is an upbeat and funky track that tells the story of temptation and the path of destruction it can lead to.

With its driving rhythm and sultry lyrics, “Evil Ways” captures the essence of evil in a way that is both chilling and irresistible.

The song serves as a cautionary tale, warning us of the danger of giving in to our darker desires.

“Evil Ways” is a thrilling and thought-provoking reminder that evil is ever-present and must be confronted head-on.

4. “Necessary Evil” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

With its distorted, low-fi sound and psychedelic-inspired lyrics, Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Necessary Evil” is an exploration of the idea that sometimes doing what is right requires making a difficult decision.

The song paints a picture of a protagonist struggling with this concept, as they grapple with the ethical implications of their actions.

The track builds to an epic climax, blending powerful guitar riffs and swirling synths to express the intensity of this inner struggle, and ultimately leave the listener with a sense of resolution.

5. “He’s Evil” by The Kinks

You’ll feel the chill of The Kinks’ “He’s Evil” as it tells the story of a man who is living a life of sin and debauchery.

Ray Davies’ haunting vocals convey the darkness and despair of the character’s choices, while the instrumentals provide an eerie backdrop.

The protagonist’s eventual realization of the cost of his actions adds to the song’s power and poignancy.

“He’s Evil” is a stark reminder of the consequences of bad decisions and the darkness that can lurk in the shadows of life.

6. “Evil Fantasy” by Freddie Dredd

Freddie Dredd’s “Evil Fantasy” is a dark and twisted trap-metal banger, the perfect soundtrack to a late night of sinister mischief.

With its murky synth lines and distorted vocal samples, the track creates a haunting atmosphere that draws you in.

The song’s menacing beat and intense lyrics make it a powerful anthem of dark and destructive ambition.

Despite its grim subject matter, “Evil Fantasy” is an electrifying and captivating track that will have you hooked from the first listen.

7. “Evil Woman” by Electric Light Orchestra

Electric Light Orchestra’s “Evil Woman” is an iconic, hard-rocking classic that will have you singing along and rocking out in no time.

The song begins with a classic, dark bluesy riff that immediately draws the listener in and sets the tone.

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Jeff Lynne’s powerful vocals tell the story of a woman who is pure evil, but he is still inexplicably drawn to her.

The song builds into a powerful rock anthem, with the driving guitar riffs and steady beat driving the story home.

This classic is sure to have you head-banging and singing along in no time.

8. “Evil Has No Boundaries” by Slayer

Slayer’s “Evil Has No Boundaries” is a hard-hitting thrash metal anthem that pulls no punches as it explores the depths of human depravity.

The song’s lyrics focus on the idea that evil knows no limits and that no person is immune from its influence.

Musically, the song features a relentless guitar riff and pounding drums, creating an atmosphere of unrelenting darkness and despair.

Through its powerful lyrics and intense sound, “Evil Has No Boundaries” is a chilling reminder of the omnipresence of evil in our lives.

9. “Evil On My Mind” by Johnny Winter

Johnny Winter’s “Evil On My Mind” is an electrifying blues-rock anthem that captures the sinister emotions of a criminal’s life.

The song’s fiery guitar riffs and gritty lyrics provide a stark contrast between the consequences of evil and the pleasure of it.

Winter’s powerful vocal delivery conveys the gravity of the situation, as he sings of the consequences of living a life of crime.

His passionate performance and vivid lyrics make this song a powerful statement on the dangers of evil.

10. “Evil Deeds” by Eminem

Eminem’s “Evil Deeds” paints a vivid picture of a life of crime.

Its hard-hitting beats and raw rhymes capture the realities of being a criminal.

The song’s lyrics are filled with dark imagery and themes that explore the power of evil.

Eminem’s aggressive delivery conveys a sense of urgency and desperation as he struggles to understand the consequences of his actions.

The song is a powerful reminder of how quickly evil can take over one’s life and how important it is to stay aware of the darkness that lies within.

11. “Evil Walks” by AC/DC

AC/DC’s “Evil Walks” is a dark and gritty ode to the dangers of living a life of crime.

It shows the powerful temptation of evil and the consequences of succumbing to it.

The song paints a vivid picture of a criminal underworld, one that’s both enticing and frightening.

Lyrically, “Evil Walks” speaks to the allure of power and the consequences of giving in to it.

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The song’s heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums drive home its message of warning and caution.

Ultimately, “Evil Walks” serves as a warning about the dangers of straying from the path of righteousness.

12. “The Whistler” by The White Buffalo

“The Whistler” by The White Buffalo is a haunting portrait of a man driven to desperation and despair.

The lyrics vividly depict a life consumed by evil, as the man whistles a haunting tune in an attempt to mask his fear.

This cautionary tale serves as a powerful reminder of the consequences of succumbing to evil and the importance of staying on the right side of the line.

13. “Lady Evil” by Black Sabbath

Listen up, “Lady Evil” is Black Sabbath’s song about a woman corrupted by evil and possessing a sinister agenda.

Its heavy riffs and pounding drums lend a sense of fear and dread to the song.

Ozzy Osbourne’s haunting vocals create a chilling atmosphere.

The lyrics tell a story of one falling prey to temptation and greed.

The listener is left to wonder if the woman will be able to resist the power of evil and reclaim her innocence.

14. “Delia’s Gone” by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash’s haunting “Delia’s Gone” tells the tragic story of a doomed woman and her ultimate demise.

The song paints a vivid picture of a woman’s descent into darkness.

Cash’s crooning voice paints a picture of her life, from her criminal activity to her ultimate fate.

His lyrics, combined with the bluesy instrumentation, create a dark and brooding atmosphere that serves to highlight the plight of the woman in the song.

“Delia’s Gone” is a powerful song that speaks to the darkness that can befall anyone, and serves as a reminder of the fragility of human life.

15. “A Touch of Evil” by Judas Priest

Close your eyes and feel Judas Priest’s “A Touch of Evil” – a song that captures the fear and dread of facing the unknown.

It starts with a slow, heavy beat and a menacing guitar riff that sets the tone for the rest of the song.

Rob Halford’s powerful vocals take centerstage as he sings about the darkness that can lurk in the shadows and the importance of being brave enough to confront it.

The chorus is especially intense, as Halford and the band emphasize the sense of evil lurking around the corner.

It’s an intense, powerful song that conveys the fear of evil and the need to face it head-on.

Songs About Evil – Final Thoughts

From the dark and brooding to the light and playful, this list of the 15 best songs about Evil is sure to have something to fit your mood.

Whether you’re looking to explore the depths of evil or just want to have a bit of fun with it, these songs offer a unique perspective on a fascinating subject.

So crank up the volume and get ready for a journey into the darker side of music.

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