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13 Best Songs About Cookies

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13 Best Songs About Cookies

If you’re a fan of cookies, you’ll love this list of the 13 best songs about Cookies.

From classic tunes to more modern genres, there’s something for everyone.

Have a listen to the rousing “Oreo Cookie Blues” from Lonnie Mack and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

And if hip-hop is more your style, you’ll want to check out “Cookie Thumper” by Die Antwoord.

No matter which type of music you prefer, you’re sure to find a cookie-themed song you’ll love.

So grab some milk and cozy up with a few of your favorite cookies – it’s time to get grooving!

1. “Oreo Cookie Blues” by Lonnie Mack And Stevie Ray Vaughan

Lonnie Mack and Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Oreo Cookie Blues” will make your heartache.

The powerful guitar riff and soulful crooning of Mack and Vaughan create an aching atmosphere of longing and loss.

The lyrics tell a story of a lover being compared to an Oreo cookie, with the narrator wanting to find a way to make it work.

The song speaks to the complexities of relationships, and how difficult it can be to make them work.

It serves as a reminder to never give up on love.

2. “Cookie” by NewJeans

Cookie” by NewJeans is a captivating tune that captures the blissful feeling of love and devotion.

The lyrics are simple and sweet, highlighting the joy and security of having a special someone.

The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy chorus convey the joys of being in a relationship.

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Musically, the song is well-crafted, with an infectious bassline and backing vocals that help drive the message home.

The song is sure to bring a smile to the listener’s face.

It’s a perfect example of how music can express emotions and bring happiness.

3. “Christmas Cookies” by George Strait

Put on George Strait’s “Christmas Cookies” and you’ll be filled with the feeling of holiday cheer.

The country artist’s signature twang leads the way for his light-hearted lyrics about baking Christmas cookies and the joy of giving them away.

The upbeat melody is paired with a simple but catchy chorus that will have you humming along.

The song has a nostalgic quality that is sure to bring back memories of childhood Christmases.

Its fun and festive sound is sure to make it a Christmas classic.

4. “Cookie” by Bobby V

Bobby V’s “Cookie” is sure to have you groovin’ with its infectious beat and soulful lyrics.

The upbeat tempo and smooth vocals add a unique flavor to the track, making it an ideal song for any occasion.

Its relatable content and catchy chorus make it a memorable experience for listeners.

The song is full of surprises, from its clever lyrics to its memorable hook.

Its sound and energy are sure to put a smile on your face and get you up and dancing.

Whether you’re in the mood for a dance party or a mellow night in, “Cookie” is sure to hit the spot.

5. “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang

Get ready to get down and boogie to The Sugarhill Gang’s classic hit “Rapper’s Delight”!

Released in 1979, it is widely considered to be the song that introduced hip-hop to mainstream audiences.

The infectious beat and clever rhymes tell the story of a young man who attempts to woo a woman with his rap skills and, of course, delicious cookies.

A unique blend of rap and funk, the song has been sampled and covered numerous times since its release and continues to be the go-to for a good time.

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6. “Cooky Puss” by Beastie Boys

Rock out to the classic Beastie Boys song “Cooky Puss” and let the catchy beat take you away!

Released in 1983, “Cooky Puss” is a fun, upbeat track about the titular ice cream sandwich.

The song is characterized by its unique blend of rap and punk, with the Beastie Boys’ signature wit and humor shining through.

The track’s slightly distorted vocals and guitar riffs add an edgy, energetic feel.

“Cooky Puss” is an irreverent and amusing ode to the beloved snack, and it’s sure to entertain listeners of all ages.

7. “Cookie Jar” by Gym Class Heroes ft. The-Dream

Jump on board the nostalgia train and take a ride with Gym Class Heroes’ “Cookie Jar”.

This fun, upbeat ode to childhood treats explores the joys of indulging in the forbidden.

Through clever metaphors and vivid imagery, the song paints a picture of the sweet treat and its power to take us back to a simpler time.

The song’s infectious beat and hook will have you dancing along and singing along as it celebrates the beauty of cookies.

8. “Batches & Cookies” by Lizzo ft. Sophia Eris

Feel the beats and sweet temptation of Lizzo’s “Batches & Cookies”!

Driven by a danceable beat, this track is a perfect anthem for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Lizzo’s tongue-in-cheek lyrics mesh with a steady, upbeat rhythm – making it an irresistible ode to the joys of indulging in a sweet treat.

With its catchy melodies and witty lyrics, “Batches & Cookies” is an uplifting and fun song that’s sure to put a smile on any listener’s face.

9. “Cookie Jar” by Doja Cat

Treat yourself to the delightful sounds of Doja Cat’s “Cookie Jar”!

With its energetic beat and clever wordplay, this track offers an upbeat take on the joys of cookie-eating.

The catchy chorus emphasizes Doja Cat’s love for her favorite snack, making it an irresistibly fun listening experience.

Plus, the song’s clever lyrics are sure to make you smile.

All in all, it’s an enjoyable and light-hearted ode to the deliciousness of cookies.

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10. “Cookie Thumper” by Die Antwoord

Boasting an infectiously energetic beat, Die Antwoord’s “Cookie Thumper” is a captivating track that celebrates the power of cookies.

Crafted with a unique blend of rap and electro-pop, the song captures the joy of indulging in a tasty treat.

The playful lyrics and dynamic production create an atmosphere of fun and frivolity, allowing listeners to escape from their daily lives and savor the sweetness of life.

Its positive message of embracing the simple pleasures of life makes it a must-listen for any cookie lover.

11. “Cookie Dance” by Chocolate Chip

Bust a move and join in on the fun with Chocolate Chip’s “Cookie Dance”!

With its catchy chorus and peppy rhythm, this upbeat tune will have you tapping your feet and singing along.

The song is a light-hearted take on the joys of baking cookies, with lyrics about mixing dough, sprinkling sugar, and turning up the oven.

Perfect for a family gathering or party, “Cookie Dance” is sure to get everyone in the mood to bake, laugh, and have a good time.

12. “Cookie” by R. Kelly

R. Kelly’s “Cookie” is an ode to the sweet treat.

It boasts an infectious beat and smooth melody that makes it the perfect song to jam out to.

His lyrics reflect his love for the cookie.

He sings about how it’s the one thing that always makes him happy.

With a catchy chorus and a groovy vibe, this song will put you in a good mood.

The production is top-notch, and R. Kelly’s signature style of singing makes it a great track to listen to.

It’s the perfect song for cookie lovers everywhere.

13. “Milk n’ Cookies” by Jah Marley

From the R&B classic to a reggae-inspired jam, the next song to explore in the best songs about cookies is Jah Marley’s “Milk n’ Cookies”.

This mellow tune is a great example of how the cookie metaphor can be used to tell a sweet love story.

With its catchy guitar riff and infectious beat, “Milk n’ Cookies” is sure to have you singing along and feeling the love.

Songs About Cookies – Final Thoughts

You’ve just indulged in the finest collection of songs dedicated to the delectable world of cookies.

Whether you’re in the mood for celebration, a trip down memory lane, or simply seeking a delightful tune, you’re bound to discover a track that caters to your craving for sugary delights within this selection of the top 13 cookie-themed songs.

Now, go ahead and satisfy that cookie craving of yours!

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