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10 Best Online Flute Lessons – Apps, Courses & Software

April 28, 2023
best online flute lessons

Looking for a quick answer? We rate ArtistWorks as the best online flute learning platform.

Do you have a wish to learn how to play an instrument but are not sure which one?

Sure, the piano and the guitar are always a good choice, but have you ever considered the flute?

This woodwind instrument has a very gentle yet powerful sound, and it’s a very convenient instrument for beginners. You can easily carry it and practice anywhere you want!

The freedom to choose the place and time to practice is one of the benefits of online flute lessons. There are so many great options out there and it would be a pity not to give it a try.

You can choose from lesson packages and private online lessons. There are many masterclasses for advanced players as well.

We have a list of the 10 best online flute lessons – regardless of your skill level or age, there’s something for everyone!

Different types of flutes are also covered – from the standard to the Indian flute.

These lessons are convenient, effective, affordable, and fun. We hope this article will help you as well as spark your interest in this charming instrument.

Disclosure: We are a professional review website that may receive compensation for the products we reviewAll recommendations are genuine and/or verified by myself!

Best Online Flute Lessons

1. ArtistWorks – Online Flute Lessons with Jeffrey Khaner

ArtistWorks is a popular e-learning website offering some of the best flute lessons online.

ArtistWorks flute lessons are taught by Jeffrey Khaner, one of the most respected names in classical flute.

Features and Benefits

Jeffrey Khaner has worked as a principal flutist of The Philadelphia Orchestra for over 20 years. If anybody has enough experience and professional skills to share, it’s him.

Through the pre-recorded, step-by-step lessons, he’ll teach you how to play the flute or help you improve your skills and your overall musicality.

After you purchase the course, you’ll have unlimited access to hundreds of lessons. There is content both for beginners and experienced players.

The Foundational Skills section covers all the basics – from lessons on how to practice to introductions to dynamics, tonguing, and phrasing.

You can then apply your knowledge to learn how to play easier etudes. There are also many exercises to go through, as well as more complex orchestral excerpts.

You’ll also get access to the video exchange library and find some useful information there.

What Sets ArtistWorks Apart From Other Platforms?

If you want to learn the flute online, why not take the opportunity and learn from one of the best? ArtistWorks offers a unique chance to take lessons from well-known, respected musicians. And when it comes to classical flute, Jeffrey Khaner is a fantastic choice.

Who is ArtistWorks For?

ArtistWorks online lessons with Jeffrey Khaner are an excellent learning source for people of all skill levels.

If you want to improve your flute skills through a well-structured curriculum focused on classical music, then this course is for you.


  • Great teacher
  • Well-structured
  • Archived video exchanges
  • Slow-motion and looping videos


  • No instant feedback

2. Udemy – Online Flute Training

You can always come across great online music classes on Udemy.

The website also offers a variety of flute lessons for all levels of experience.

Udemy online flute lessons

Features and Benefits

More than sixty instructors offer online flute lessons on Udemy.

The amount of material and prices vary, so you need to check the info on the teacher’s profile to know what to expect.

However, each package you purchase contains video lessons and downloadable resources.

There are many targeted lessons focused on a specific technique or style as well as lectures made for beginners or advanced players.

For example, with the course “Learn to Play the Flute: Beginner Basics to Intermediate”, you’ll learn basic stuff like how to care for your flute or read music and eventually form a strong flute embouchure and play dozens of melodies.

The best Udemy lessons include high-quality videos guided by experienced instructors.

What Sets Udemy Apart From Other Platforms?

Udemy is a rather unique platform because it allows you to purchase individual courses focused on a specific style or skill level. And the course description will tell you what to expect.

Who is Udemy For?

As you can purchase an individual flute course on Udemy suitable to your needs, the website is beneficial for all learners regardless of their skill level.

It’s also a great option for intermediate players who want to master a specific style.


  • Specialized courses
  • Easy to follow
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No feedback
  • Udemy certificates are not accredited

3. Fiverr – Freelance Flute Instructors

Fiverr is a freelancing website providing many e-learning opportunities.

Many freelancers on Fiverr also offer online flute training.

Fiverr freelancing website with online flute classes

Features and Benefits

After you’ve put “flute lessons“ in the search bar, you’ll see a list of learning packages offered by different online tutors. Most of them entail private online lessons.

At the first glance, you’ll see a short description of their ‘service’, the price, and rating in stars.

When you click on the particular package, you’ll be able to read more about the tutor and price packages as they often differ depending on your skill level. There are lessons for all levels, but most of the tutors are willing to teach beginners.

Different types of flutes are also covered, so you can learn how to play the Piccolo, Indian flutes, or the alto flute.

Other students’ reviews will be very helpful in choosing your tutor.

Many freelancers encourage their students to message them about their goals, wishes, and music preferences before starting the first lesson. So, you’ll not only get a chance to ask questions and receive feedback but also learn about the things you want.

And even if you’re not sure about your goals, tutors will be glad to help you out. You just need to find a good one, and with the number of people active on Fiverr, we doubt that’s gonna be a problem.

What Sets Fiverr Apart From Other Platforms?

With so many freelancers/teachers on Fiverr, there’s a good chance you’ll find someone who fits your learning style perfectly. And even if you don’t like your lessons, you can find another teacher.

Who is Fiverr For?

Fiverr offers great flute lessons for beginners. Having live virtual lessons with your tutor can be very helpful if you’re just starting out.

Intermediate players will also find Fiverr useful as tutors also offer advanced lessons.


  • Convenient
  • Individual approach
  • A lot of teachers


  • It might be confusing to choose a teacher (at first)
  • Lack of extra resources

4. First Flute with Sir James Galway

This flute course offers an interactive series of online lessons which will lead you from the foundations to the more complex techniques.

You’ll be learning from Sir James Galway, commonly called “The Man with the Golden Flute”.

Online flute lessons with James Galway

Features and Benefits

Sir James is the living legend of the flute with years of experience in recording, touring, and teaching. He had a chance to share the stage and collaborate with many big names.

On his flute learning website, he provides the 15-lesson Foundations Course. You can sign up for 1-year course access.

Pre-recorded lessons are very easy to follow and created to bring your flute skills to another level.

Sir James will guide you and teach you about the embouchure technique, breathing exercises, and finger techniques. You’ll also learn about scales, arpeggios, and other important musical concepts.

You’ll also get a chance to enter The Practice Room, a virtual room where each new concept is reviewed and practiced.

Lessons come with downloadable sheet music, a complete fingering chart with photos of Sir James holding the flute, and a brief history of the composers who wrote the music you’re playing.

What Sets First Flute with Sir James Galway Apart From Other Platforms?

“This is my goal – to pass on all I have experienced throughout my many years”, says Mr. Galway. And his passion and dedication to teaching are exactly what sets this website apart from other platforms. It’s the art of flute teaching.  

Who is First Flute with Sir James Galway For?

These online flute classes are best for beginners searching for a structured, guided curriculum that will help them build a well-rounded musical foundation.


  • Good approach
  • Well-rounded
  • Printable sheet music


  • The website could be easier to navigate
  • No instant feedback

5. Learn Flute Online

This fresh e-learning website offers step-by-step flute lessons for all ages and levels.

It was created by Rebecca Fuller, an experienced and talented flutist.

Learn Flute Online with Rebecca Fuller

Features and Benefits

You don’t need to have previous music experience in order to engage in this program.

In fact, the platform offers free flute lessons for beginners. The Silver Level Flute Lessons include simplified video lessons for first-time beginners. As you go through these videos, you’ll be learning in a fun and easy way.

You’ll learn the correct posture, notation, and how to play the flute by ear.

Once you master the basics, you can become a member and get access to more advanced content. Premium levels also include the private support group and live group classes.

As a member, you’ll also get genre-based mini-courses. They will extend your musical knowledge and specialize you in the field of jazz and Irish music as well as polish your tone and vibrato.

In addition, you’ll get a lot of learning material with tips and tricks on how to make your flute playing better.

What Sets Learn Flute Online Apart From Other Platforms?

If you’re a beginner, Learn Flute Online will provide you with free introductory flute lessons. That’s a great way to begin your learning journey and see if you like the platform’s approach and methods.

Who is Learn Flute Online For?

Learn Flute Online is great for children, adults, beginners, and players with some experience. So, basically, everyone is eager to learn how to play the flute.

As the platform’s instructor also helps students to prepare for exams or auditions, this course is also excellent for advanced students with similar goals.


  • Free beginner lessons
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Live classes


  • No direct feedback
  • Lack of useful online tools

6. The Flute Coach

The Flute Coach offers effective online flute lessons for beginners and intermediate players.

You can choose from different learning packages and learn with guided practice.

Flute Coach online flute learning website layout

Features and Benefits

Each package includes a certain number of private lessons with flexible and fast online lesson scheduling. You’ll also get personalized lesson notes, learning resources, and a curriculum.

The Jump Start Package is an excellent flute course for beginners. As there is no recurring subscription, it’s ideal for people who want an introduction to flute without a long-term commitment.

Momentum Builder Package is made as a refresher after a break from playing. You can use these lessons at any time within 3 months.

Immerse+Excel Package is perfect for advancing players who seek a mentor to partner with them to achieve goals over the longer term.

You’ll be learning from different coaches, all of them experienced and approachable flutists.

Apart from packages, the website also has an extensive song library with over 1,000 songs available for members to download.

What Sets The Flute Coach Apart From Other Platforms?

The Flute Coach offers different packages – you can choose a package without a long-term commitment, a package for experienced players, and so on. That way, you can take lessons tailored to your level, goals, and time commitment.

Who is The Flute Coach For?

The Flute Coach is an excellent course for beginners because it offers private lessons tailored for beginners.

Intermediate flutists will also benefit from some courses and the song library.


  • Lifetime access to lessons
  • Printable workbook
  • Flexible scheduling


  • Might be pricey
  • No instant feedback

7. Flute Land

Flute Land is a website featuring on-demand video flute lessons taught by professional flute teachers.

If you become a member, you’ll have access to a large amount of learning material.

Flute Land online flute learning lessons website layout

Features and Benefits

Flute Land provides content both for beginners and professionals.

On the website, you can find some free flute video lessons, as well as fingering charts and other useful tools.

However, the best part of this online program is the private online lessons. The content is delivered by teachers through reliable video conferencing platforms.

It’s a great chance to get clear guidance and work on the things you want to improve.

Other Flute Land features include the news section and the forum where you can communicate with fellow students.

Although the website can seem a little basic at first, it offers the opportunity to have live private lessons with skilled teachers who can help you achieve your goals.

What Sets Flute Land Apart From Other Platforms?

If you’re searching for private online flute lessons, you can rely on Flute Land. Their teachers are qualified and experienced, and you’ll get a study plan adjusted to your needs.

Who is Flute Land For?

Flute Land is a great learning option for beginners as well as advanced flutists seeking reliable private online lessons.


  • Private lessons option
  • Useful resources
  • Simple


  • The website could be more engaging
  • Could be more structured

8) Chalkstreet Online Flute Lessons

This website offers a comprehensive beginner’s course for the Indian flute.

It’s a great guide for beginners who want to gain basic flute skills.

Flute Chalk with Shashank Giri online Indian flute lessons with

Features and Benefits

The lessons on this website are created and taught by Shashank Giri, a master flute player from Bangalore.

With this online tutorial, you’ll learn the fundamentals such as how to choose the right instrument and how to hold the flute. With three sections of the program, you’ll progress to slightly advanced concepts of Alankaar and combinations of notes.

With this course and its unique approach, you’ll master tone production, breath control, dynamic control, vibrato, and fingering.

You’ll also learn how to fully appreciate this traditional instrument because as the course introduction states, ‘music is present everywhere and it is the fuel which drives nature’s harmony.’

What Sets Chalkstreet Online Flute Lessons From Other Platforms?

Shashank Giri has a rather unique approach to online flute lessons. Without a doubt, you’ll have an interesting experience and learn a lot about this charming instrument.

Who are Chalkstreet Online Flute Lessons For?

This online flute course is for beginners who want to learn how to play the flute in a quick and relaxed way.


  • Comprehensive
  • Clear structure
  • Concise


  • Not a long-term learning option
  • Lack of features

9. Jolene Madewell Online Flute Lessons

Jolene Madewell is an educated flutist and teacher enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge with students around the world.

She offers private flute lessons for intermediate and advanced flutists via Skype or FaceTime.

Jolene Madewell private online flute lessons

Features and Benefits

Jolene has a degree in Flute Performance from Florida State University, and she has performed with many renowned artists. Her passion is the study and application of somatic and self-awareness techniques to improve music performance.

In her private lessons, Jolene applies the principles based on addressing performance anxiety and unlocking natural artistic expression.

However, if you want to apply for private Skype lessons, you need to have 2 or 3 years of experience. Adult students revisiting flute after a break are welcome too.

Lessons are customized to the needs of every student, and they will help you develop a supple, flexible tone, clean articulation, and a good sense of musicality, phrasing, and interpretation.

Jolene is also motivated to help students prepare for their auditions or competitions.

What Sets Jolene Madewell Flute Lessons From Other Platforms?

This website is worth exploring because of its teacher. Jolene’s lessons won’t only improve your skills but also help you work on your musicality, creativity, and expression.   

Who are Jolene Madewell Online Flute Lessons For?

Jolene’s online flute lessons are for students with at least several years of experience.

She has a very professional approach that will undoubtedly help aspiring flutists achieve their specific goals or improve their skills and overall musicality.


  • Individual approach
  • Covers different topics
  • Focused on performance


  • Not suitable for absolute beginners
  • Pricier than some other options

10. JQ Flute Online Lessons

JQ Flute Online Lessons are created by Dr. Jessica Quinones, an international flutist with over 27 years of experience in performing and teaching.

She holds private Skype lessons for students of all skill levels.

JQ Flute Online Lessons by Dr. Jessica Quinones

Features and Benefits

With a Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology and Flute Performance, Jessica Quinones is undeniably a competent teacher with an abundance of knowledge.

With her effective online teaching techniques, she will help you improve your flute skills in an easy way. Her lessons cover breath control, mastering scales, combining scales, and much more.

However, she adjusts her lessons to every student so you’ll get a quality course with a personalized approach.

Jolene is a classically trained flutist but she is also specialized in styles such as tango, choro, bossa nova, maxixe, frevo, and samba. So, if you already have some skills and want to get to know some of these styles, you’re free to suggest that to your teacher.

And after each lesson you’ll get notes and musical recordings – you’ll have your own personalized online folder with shared notes, scores, and audio files.

Moreover, Jolene offers a free 35-minute ‘taster’ lesson to see if these types of lessons are for you.

What Sets JQ Flute Online Lessons From Other Platforms?

Jessia Quinones will teach you how to play flute and improve your musicality. But she will also help you find your tone and work on your authentic sound – and that’s essential for every aspiring flutist.

Who are JQ Flute Online Lessons For?

Private virtual lessons with Jessia Quinones are suitable both for beginners and advanced players.

She also welcomes students preparing for auditions or recitals.


  • Private lessons
  • Direct feedback
  • Great teacher


  • Might be challenging for some people
  • Pricier than some other options

Factors to Consider When Deciding Which Online Flute Program is Right For You

If you’re not sure how to choose the best online flute program for you, let’s take a look at some of the factors that can affect your decision.

Lesson quality

If your flute program is based on video lessons, make sure they’re recorded with good quality. Customizable features, multiple camera angles, and on-screen notation can be extremely helpful, especially if you’re a beginner.

Another important thing to factor in is a roster of teachers. With a platform like ArtistWorks, you don’t have to worry about that. Their flute teacher is a renowned flutist with years of experience. And on platforms like Fiverr, you can choose from a variety of qualified teachers.

Learning structure, methods & curriculum

Your online flute lessons should fit your learning style and goals. Some courses are more flexible, and others provide linear lessons. So, it all depends on your learning style and preferences.

Also, different programs use different teaching methods. For example, ArtistWorks is based on pre-recorded lessons and a video exchange library, and some websites provide online learning tools and additional resources.

Either way, it’s good to add structure to your learning process, especially if you’re a beginner. And if you want to gain intricate flute skills, a thorough, well-rounded curriculum is a must.  


The learning platform you choose should also yield good results. You can first see if the curriculum aligns with your goals, and you can also read other users’ reviews. You should be careful, however, but reviews can give you a hint if people are generally satisfied and if the program delivers what it promises.


The program you choose should also be available on the device you want to use. And it’s always good to have multiple devices at your disposal, especially if you want to learn on the go. Since the flute is a portable instrument, being able to take your lessons via your smartphone or tablet would be very convenient.

For example, Udemy also has an app, so you can access Udemy flute courses on your phone as well.

Songs and styles

A good online music program should have an extensive song library. That way, you can expand your repertoire but also choose songs that you personally like. Plus, the best way to learn new tricks is by playing different songs.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in a specific style, you can also take a genre-specific course. For example, the ArtistWorks flute course with Jeffrey Khaner is focused on classical music and techniques.  


When it comes to pricing, taking online flute lessons is much more affordable than hiring a private teacher or taking traditional lessons. Most online programs offer memberships, and some can be purchased in a one-time payment.

It’s also good if the program offers a free trial period or a sample lesson. That way, you can test it out before making a purchase.

Skill level focus

One of the most important things about your course is that it’s suitable for your level. Some platforms claim they offer content for all levels when, in fact, they’re only good for beginners. Therefore, if you’re an intermediate player or you want to make significant progress, make sure that the program you choose also offers advanced lessons.

Extra features

If you don’t have a flute teacher by your side, it’s important to have good online tools and learning resources at your disposal. Additional features can include tools like a metronome, charts, downloadable sheet music, feedback option, and so on.

For example, ArtistWorks provides access to a video exchange library and offers the possibility to get personalized feedback. Lessons also have slow-motion and looping options.

How to Choose the Best Flute Lessons Online?

Before choosing the best online flute course for you, you need to set your goals and preferences. Each online program has its own targeted learners.

And if you’re not sure what your abilities or wishes are, there’s always a way to figure it out. Contact your tutor or the creator of the website and tell them your story. They might help you determine your skill level or a teaching style that would work best for you.

Also, a lot of online flute programs include private lessons. That’s a great way to learn flute online if, of course, you find the right tutor. Look for someone who’s flexible and willing to take your wishes into consideration but also ready to guide you through the process.

Girl playing flute

What Are the Benefits of Online Flute Lessons?

The benefits of online flute lessons, as with other instruments as well, are numerous.

Learning flute online comes with the freedom to choose your own practice time and do it wherever you want. That’s especially the case with the flute since it’s a convenient instrument that you can easily carry around.

However, as you’ll be learning by yourself, online lessons also come with a responsibility to stick to your schedule and follow the suggested curriculum. Otherwise, the results just won’t come. But that’s a great way to practice self-discipline, so this does count as a benefit.

On top of that, you’ll get all the general benefits of playing a woodwind instrument like the flute. Among many health benefits, playing the flute improves your posture, breathing, and coordination.

It’s also a perfect way to relax and relieve stress. Once you establish a practice routine, you’ll realize how good that session can make you feel.  

Flautist on a concert

How We Test Online Flute Lessons

MidderMusic produces accurate, honest reviews based on personal experience and research. The MidderMusic online flute lessons review process is fully editorially independent. We are either supplied with free subscriptions by the platforms or we purchase our own subscriptions.

When evaluating a flute learning platform, we take into account the following factors:

  • Simplicity in setup and use – How easy is it to register? Is the website user-friendly? Is the content easy to navigate?
  • Quality of content/tutors – Are the lessons easy to follow? What is the quality of the video? Are teachers easy to understand? Do they communicate information in a friendly manner?
  • Range of content – What areas or skills is the platform focused on? Does it contain lessons for advanced flute players? If it’s aimed at beginners, does it have enough material and songs/tutorials?
  • Useful features – Is the service customizable? Can you use it on multiple devices? Is there a possibility to get feedback on your playing? Are there features such as the ability to slow down or loop video?

We approach every platform with these same four categories in mind.

Our testing team includes:

  • Reviewers experienced in testing and owning musical instruments, equipment, and services
  • Professionals who work in the music industry
  • Writers experienced in creating content for music magazines and websites

Final Thoughts

The flute is a convenient instrument to purchase and carry around, and it’s not very difficult to learn, which makes it a great instrument for beginners.

Online lessons are a great way of learning how to play the flute. There are many websites offering private virtual classes, but you can also choose pre-recorded video lessons.

With a skilled tutor and a well-structured curriculum, you’ll be learning in a relaxed yet productive environment.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn music in such an easy way and start with your lessons today!


Can I learn flute online?

Yes, you can learn flute online. The best online flute lessons provide quality courses tailored for beginners. With the right online teacher and modern learning tools, you’ll easily learn how to play the flute by yourself.

How much do online flute lessons cost?

Prices for online flute lessons depend on the type of lessons. Private virtual lessons can cost you from $20 to $80 or more per hour. You can find very affordable lessons on freelancing websites. Platforms offering pre-recorded video lessons and subscription packages are usually cheaper.

Can I learn the flute by myself?

Yes, you can learn flute by yourself with the help of a proper e-learning program. If you follow the suggested curriculum and practice regularly, you’ll be able to develop basic flute skills very quickly.

Which is the best app to learn flute?

The best app to learn the flute is Udemy. Udemy is a popular learning website that can also be accessed through an app for iOS and Android devices. Udemy offers a wide range of online flute courses, so you can find a course that fits your level and goals.

What are the best online flute lessons for beginners?

The best online flute lessons for beginners are provided by ArtistWorks. ArtistWorks is a learning platform known for famous instructors and quality content. ArtistWorks flute lessons are well-structured and effective, and they are taught by Jeffrey Khaner, one of the most respected names in classical flute.

What are the best online flute lessons for intermediate?

The best online flute lessons for intermediate learners are offered by ArtistWorks. ArtistWorks flute course is suitable for beginners as well as experienced students. The platform also gives you a chance to get personalized feedback. You can also check out Udemy, a platform that offers a variety of online lessons for all levels.

What are the best free online flute lessons?

The best free online flute lessons can be found on the Learn Flute Online website. The platform offers free video lessons for beginners. You’ll learn the correct posture, notation, and how to play the flute by ear.
You can also search for free Youtube tutorials uploaded by reliable platforms or tutors.

Are there any flute lessons near me?

Visit the TakeLessons website to find flute lessons near you. This popular platform allows you to connect with a tutor online or in person. You can browse a wide selection of flute teachers and see if anyone is in your area.

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