David's shows

David's Shows

Known as a composer and collaborator of intelligence, wit and emotional depth, David Friedman has written a wide variety of critically acclaimed musicals that have played to audiences around the country and around the world.

Whether writing a topical medieval comedy in verse (Chasing Nicolette), a country and western adaptation of Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure (Desperate Measures), or an oratorio about an arctic community that overcomes seemingly impossible odds (King Island Christmas), David demonstrates an impressive ability to combine classic musical theater technique with a contemporary and fresh approach.

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David's music

David's Music

From "We Can Be Kind" to "Listen to My Heart," "Help is on the Way", "Trust The Wind", and "I'll Be Here With You," David writes songs of inspiration, love, and hope that take on new emotional meaning in these challenging times.

David's songs have been sung and recorded by luminaries such as Diana Ross ('Your Love' - Quadruple Platinum), Barry Manilow ('We Live on Borrowed Time' and 'You're There') Petula Clark, Laura Branigan, Jason Alexander, Laurie Beechman, Lainie Kazan, Leslie Uggams and the late, great Nancy LaMott.

David produced all of Nancy LaMott’s CDs, and wrote many of his most cherished songs for her. He has made it his mission to keep the Nancy LaMott legacy alive by keeping her catalogue in print and producing CDs and DVDs of her unreleased material on his record label, MIDDER Music Records.

David is also well-known as the conductor/vocal arranger of numerous Broadway shows and many classic Disney Animated Musicals, including Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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Thought Exchange

The Thought Exchange

You’ve tried everything! Books, affirmations, workshops, positive thinking, visualization, goal setting, changing your story. And all that effort has not produced the results you desire. Why not?

Known as “The Smart Bomb,” David Friedman has a reputation for being called in when all else fails. David’s Thought Exchange® technology generates astonishing breakthroughs where none seemed possible before. Whether the issues are corporate, therapeutic, educational, artistic or spiritual, The Thought Exchange® provides the crucial missing piece that other “success” systems miss.

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